Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year end post~

Its going to the end for 2009; yet im not ready for 2010!!
i should be more responsible and more hardworking and more mature from 2010 onwards! hopefully i can make it! I will try for sure..but maybe india's life was too bored and i just can't stop or control myself to have fun in Malaysia!! Melacca is a sienzz place if compared to KL or penang~

I will be leaving to penang tonight at 10pm.
Yeah..i will be spending my time in the bus and wish those san hmm sek cak punya orang happy new year in the bus later. How many people will stay awake at that moment later?
No idea..simply no idea..!

obviously, im 'emo' again. I was very excited and happy to go back until 1 hour ago.
i wish she never remind me or said those things to me just now!
if you never said that i treat you nice,i wouldn't be so sad now....
if you never said you want to go out, i wouldn't plan, i wouldn't expect anything tonight and i will not be so down now!

Perhaps im too greedy...perhaps, im always surrounded by friends..perhaps, i always wish that people will at least treat me the same as how i treat them.. perhaps, i had overestimated myself--im still not get used to be left behind by others!!
haiz... i know i shouldn't be selfish, but do you know that i feel like crying when i sms you saying its fine,some more have to be in a 'happy' tone??

its not easy to be generous, its not easy be a polite lady, its not easy tolerate everybody especially the closed one, its not easy to manage relationship with others!! the toughest things i ever met!

How i wish i can go back to the time when i can voice out everyhting to everyone?! either to my best friend or just a passed by one???
why is it so difficult to keep everything to myself now??
why must everyone be so polite to others?!
why am i looked so strong?!
for a same situation, no one will ever bother one will ever think that i can't overcome or solve it!!! When is these all insane things started?!

when i tend to be mysterious, someone taught me to SHARE~
when i learn to share, people said i never stopped talking!
when i stop talking, someone said im angry~


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flashback *updated

Seeing that i'll be leaving adelaide very soon, i think i'll just post a few entries (or i might combine all at one, haha, laziness =P) this post is to summarize briefly about my life in australia. it's probably my last post from adelaide...and hopefully i can finish it on time i've finished it!

the who, what, when
too many stuff to add, hence they'll not be in chronological order =P

she was one of my few closest friends in adelaide.
we took biochemistry for both semester and she was my lab partner.
my partner in crime, camwhore buddy and clubbing kaki.
also my only female pool opponent and my motivation during exam period.
and probably the only one who appreciates my typical asian eyes =.=

how i wish i'm as ambitious and determined as you >.<
anyway. hope to see you in penang when you're coming here in jan (hopefully! cuz you said you would come to visit me! bluek!)

a few of events/outings that we attended together: MLS pubcrawl, international student farewell, biochem dinner, red square, royal adelaide show, uni of adelaide, HQ and my place (cooking together) xD i wont forget how we rushed to finish our poster for presentation just a day before too =P

the group i usually hang out with xD can never get a complete group pic...aiks..
it's very hard to have everyone gather together as most of us stay in different suburbs, and taking different subjects..etc..
more than half of them went back already.. anyway,til we meet again for our peninsular malaysia trip =D

my 老友记 Jeremy's birthday! first time tried kangaroo meat, though only a bit >.<
first time went windy point to admire the night view of adelaide xD

another birthday celebration. and cat touching session! xD

siew pei!! the eldest among ALL of us.. xD
good in cooking and baking, always asked me to eat healthily...seeing that i always skipped meal during the first semester. how nice if i really have an elder sis like her! always suggested us (new) places to makan..maybe my sudden gained of weight was partly due to her =P
left adelaide after graduated during july.. :(
p/s: i still remember that bear^^

sai lou, ah tim.
who went through a rather "major" makeover earlier this year haha! and at the moment proudly possessed his six packs xD
the karaoke king and laughing champion (always makes me distracted with his trademark laughter during lab session >.<) one of the very few rare one whom i feel totally comfortable with here...

i always LOL at our pics! especially those whacky ones... =D
i'm soooo glad that you were here with me in adelaide, besides Jeremy and Jialin, you are actually the one that i know the longest in adelaide. anyway, we'll be seeing each other again real soooooon!

Big-D. the only one that knows my brother too! xD really admire his passion in science, always can see him reading journals (even on the bus!) and thanks heaps for the lovely fusion xmas dinner! 1,2,3 super smile (where's your ultra smile?)=D
the one who makes me addicted to playing poker, and gamble for the first time (and won! hehee...) in adelaide >.<

Denise :D
hang out with her so often during the first semester until i really lost count already. my genetics bioinformatic partner! how did we ever get through those hideous bioinfo session? >.<
don't know since when, we had this routine of going marketing together after our genetics class on friday during the first semester.
both of us came out with nicknames for others...such as the notorious yong sui! nyuek!
was really bu she de her when she went back for good back in the beginning of my 2nd semester was really not used to not having her around as we used to go to uni together, and went home together too.

zhong kar yan no.2 =D
definitely one of the leng luis in the group. my biotech groupmate, we worked on our assignments together and blur together too =P
she might seem tiny, but you don't wanna mess with her cuz she knows judo! so don't judge a book by its cover..hehe! admirers 多到不行!
and one of her many weird hobbies is to poke sai lou's six packs =P

officially the youngest of all. even younger than sai lou.
nick name "aiks..." hahaha! the male poser in the group, always able to come out with spontaneous whacky poses whenever you flash the camera at him! and the only one with plenty jackets that he could change each one everyday for a week =P
the earliest one to go back malaysia. huhu...goodluck in your last semester next year!

my lesbo partner bee ai jie..
the one who helped me to cut and colour my hair...the hairdresser in the group..she's freaking good at changing guy's hairstyle. really can make an average looking guy into a really handsome + yeng one! serious!
also my revision buddy during exam period, the intensive one =P
the one who liked to tease my penangite's slang..
also the most sporty one, basketball, badminton, pingpong..etc...i miss playing with you already! if everything goes smoothly, i shall see you in a month's time =D

Josh!! the one who lives the closest to me =D
i could just walk a few steps to reach his place and knock on his room's window! sometimes it saved the need of sms-ing or calling him xP a must-have company for clubbing, he can protect you! seeing his size lol...practises kickboxing leh >.<>
had a few total random outings together, such as hungry jacks in the middle of the night after revision, minum session til the early morning with perng, lasi and bobby..etc..
the only one who called me "Ju Jian" lol, my father sometimes calls me that too!
and one more thing, don't push yourself soooo hard during gyming! hope your back is getting better after the operation.
hmm, when can i see you again Josh?!?

GML, is what we like to call her xD
personally i think she has the nicest voice among all of us..can become a radio DJ already hehe...a very sweet and innocent girl indeed! and she's still single yay!
such innocent girl is really hard to come by these days...hmm, must appreciate! =D
and i miss sleepovers in your room already...sigh...

grace and pw.
grace is the mother of da house! hahaha! and my fondest memory with her would be the eyebrow plucking session! i still remember it was so random and spontaneous that she asked me lay on the bed and started the torturing and yet funny experience when i went over their place for sleepover. thanks for making my thick thick eyebrows now looks like a real lady lol...and making me looks slightly prettier ahaha! xD as for pw, she's like my walking mandarin dictionary cuz her mandarin is so powerful that whenever i don't understand any chinese character i would go ask her =D
a super totoro fan, it's so easy that for her birthday you don't need to think but just get her anything related to totoro LOL!

not to forget about the girls who indirectly helped in increasing my alcohol tolerance.
i didn't really know how to drink, besides some beer before i came to adelaide. but now, bring those hard liquor/wine on babeh! hahaha :p
i'm the only one (most probably) not coming back next sad!
congratz caroline for getting scholarship for to continue her PhD, amrita and anne for getting places in genetics honours :D

oh no.. i didnt realise until i tried to dig out our pictures: though we spent quite a significant amount of time together, we didnt take much pictures together did we? >.<
anyway, you're my first official (since the first day i touched down adelaide) and closest friend in adelaide. hence you're the VIP whom i can't leave out in this post. thanks for everything!! i'm so glad to know you and really appreciate for the many things that you've done for me.
all the best and enjoy your remaining years in adelaide..
til we meet again.. =)

since we took so few pictures together, let me add in some random pics that kinda remind me of you =)
artistic M&Ms stains on a tissue, your "favourite" mushroom pizza xD, hahndorf strawberries, panda in adelaide zoo, my australia hp number, the laundry room, the little cacat-ed lantern during mooncake festival, some "gorilla's" hairy leg compared with mine, and pool :D

bobby, perng, phillip, yeewei, my housemates, eugene, wei xue (the one who taught me how to play ping pong!!) and etc.. (i can't possibly mention everyone here aikss...)
but all and all, i'm really glad to know you guys!! :)

one of the main highlights of the year would be when my family came down to australia and visit me. had the most heart warming 10 days of my life in australia <3

second last day in! and city wandering...
i'm so gonna get a maxi dress when i get back to penang!its too expensive here..(great! now i have 2 different tones of skin colour! the burnt results from the trip to great ocean road is still there!) >.<
for the first time, i felt like the distance back to my place was sooooo short! need to slow down the pace...
also for the first and the last time, i entered the Hilton hotel..hehee..

and special thanks to ming hui, bee hooi, and the prospect gang! they really helped me out a lot, which includes packing, carrying, buying me stuff, teman me here and there, and so sooo much more! i'll see you guys soon!! huggies.. xD

and last but definitely not least,
GOODBYE Adelaide!! :')

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are,
the things you never want to lose.

i would say, 2009..
is really an extraordinary year for me.
i wonder what's awaiting in 2010?

Monday, December 21, 2009

No more

damn damn damn!!

i'm LITERALLY ran out of tissue now,
and my table is fulled of tissue-made wantan leftovers..
so please, please no more crying..PLEASE!!!

p/s: i just want to sleep...
puffy eyes are killing me..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st holidays in DECEMBER

F U N !~!

I met my sister;
I met Mei Zhi;
I met YiYing;
I met Kok Eon;
I met Keant;
I met another groups of crazy fella;
I met SeeMin!

This was an ever meaningful trip so far. Fully make use of time, no rushing, met so many 'long time no see' friends!!:D

how much food i had?---i think i gain weight again.

how much shopping i did?---i got 4 clothes and tonnes of presents for others.

the golden sentence i made for the trip : ' I will show you what is medical student's stamina!'

ps: the only thing i missed is the photo..i was a bit blur and forgot to take many photos!!!!!:(

p/ps: thanks to kel and my sis..Victor sent me home that night, a guy i knew for only 2 hours.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do you happen to know someone like this?

something to share with you guys.

i came across articles about manipulative behaviors which i found rather interesting.

It is very hard to know if one is a manipulative person. There are people who talk and act like very nice people and we cannot distinguish between their manipulative behaviors and their natural ways. People who want to manipulate others are often very nice people especially at the start. You would only come to know a manipulative person with your constant interaction.

- pretend to be incompetent, play the victim, act helpless, or admit too often that he or she is stupid.
- say “promise me” or act overly concerned.
- blame others for their problems.
- often act ignored, forgotten, hurt, wounded, unloved, or uncared for.
act angry or throw temper tantrums.
- often
act depressed or suicidal.
- constantly repeating the question or request over and over again…in slightly different ways
- if that person doesn’t get his/her way, they make you out to look or feel like the bad guy

To get their way, manipulators will often make you feel good so that they can then ask you to do something that they want.

ahem..the statements speak for themselves
so i guess i'll leave it there...

p/s: i heart Daughtry's No Surprise so so much! <3
makes me feel like learning the electric guitar only! so yeng..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back for good

two more weeks, and i'll be back to my lovely pulau pinang! =D

hmmm. actually i'm having mixed feeling about having to go back that soon. yea, i know this is just a phase i'm going through (just like my previous stupid dilemma, but i'm really glad it's all over now, no longer linger on things that are not meant to be)
just when i started to have some really close friends here, and pooooof! suddenly, we have to part. alright alright, i know there are things called facebook, msn and phones...but still, there are some of them whom i will hardly HARDLY meet again.

september, royal adelaide show
(a few people missing here...oopss..)

p/s: my application for honours has been accepted.
but i didnt accept it.
applied just in case my dad kena lok hap choi...obviously he didn't >.<

p/p/s: Plants vs. Zombies! this game is sooooo good!!
thanks for making me spending most of my waking hours just playing you!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The chain reaction

the australia girls choir singing christmas songs in adelaide airport.

i've loss count how many times i've been going to the airport in December alone.
friends leaving one by one...
while i'm still waiting for my turn...

most of us were tearing while he was leaving, especially when it comes to hugging and bidding goodbye at the same time
like mh said, it's like a chain reaction
when one started the crying, it followed by one and another ='(

be strong! we miss you already!
i'll definitely miss your literally HA-HA-HA-HA laughter.

p/s: his advice to guys who want to have six packs, laugh like him! use 丹田 to laugh. xD

NIghtmare of the day

As usual, i went to hospital in the morning, clerking case from the patient.

but something unusual occurred today.

The uncle wanted to kiss me...!!!

so so so disgusting to see the lips and the face!!!!!
yer...some more he was pulling me towards him!!!!
my face was only 6cm away from his lips?!!!??!?!
wahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!??
was kinda unable to sleep in the evening just now leh!!!!!

PLEASE LAH UNCLE!! you can be my grandpa lah!!!

yam chin!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Saw this on the net some times ago...



03.上了大学才知道,手机是有事的时候用的,并不是为了交流感情。(so true la this point!)

































p/s: i'm tired, mentally and physically...
everyone seems to start packing, i must too >.< no more excuses

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living with hope

Everyone is giving me hope...
but you never give me..!

should i continue to dream??

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

can i not say goodbye this time?

i do admit that i'm more to the sentimental kind of person (eventhough i might, MIGHT look tough from the outside at times..)

i tend to get all emotional when it comes to bidding goodbye.
and it's december already.
a month that i've been waiting for....
a month that friends are leaving one by one...
a month that makes me recall things...realize stuff...

it's not easy.
it's not easy to say goodbye to you when i don't even know when will we meet again.
it's not easy to hold back the emotion when everything seems unusually overwhelming at the moment.
it's not easy to bid the final goodbye, looking straight at your face without having the urge to tear...

sometimes i feel like...
leaving without saying goodbye, is actually better in some way.

saying goodbye is never an easy thing,
but you never said that you'd stay forever...
- Love Will Leave You Back

p/s: things happen for a reason.
i don't know the reason,
but you happened.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Definite HOLIDAYS!

Anyone please definite holidays for me?!

or maybe we can do some calculations first:
3 days of holidays = 72 hours
no evening class on thursday= extra 11 hours
no suitable bus available on sunday= have to spend the last 18 hours in melaka

so in total, how many hours are left for me to spend in Penang?!

65 hours!


yet, i need to spend 16 hours to travel!!!!!

what a miserable holidays?!
is tooooo short to go back home; too long if i ain't go anywhere!!

im just too tired..
how i wish when i wake up in the morning tomorrow, i can see mama's face, or hear papa's voice, or touch jiejie's hands?!

for the whole day after i came back to melaka from penang, i CAN'T BREATHE!!

Why, why now?

Only for the BOTH of you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

it has been awhile

since i last shopped >.<

damn. i'm so vain! hoho...
anyway, retail therapy never fail me! =D
hmmm...i'm waiting for boxing day, then i can shop like mad!
meanwhile, gotta save some $$ for melbourne first..hehee...

oh man...while shopping, bumped into someone i'm so not wanted to see! omg, wanna cuci mata liao... what a disgusting pimp nyuekk!
by the way, stupid weather forecast! it's getting more and more inaccurate, stated it would rain...but never rain...
but you can't fool me, you fooled jeremy! ahaha!

yay! finally i've been to of the placesss i wanted to go before i leave. so..roseworthy, checked =D it was supposed to be today, but then the friend who supposed to bring me there suddenly has his flight booked. so it was a kinda rush plan, so only got to reach there around evening, can't take much pictures as it was getting dark...sayangnya! if not i could even go touch the pigs or horse riding...=(
the journey took about 50mins by train...cooked our own dinner at the student dining area where we curi most of the materials from some roseworthy students evil xD
only reached back to city during midnight...then the guys wanna drink after that. since one of them leaving soon, so i just decided to join la since i've nothing better to do also. speaking of which, that night was really unlucky, almost every pub was closed. walked til the legs also we decided to buy a botol of whatever it is, something whisky and had it in the house.
and it was the first time in adelaide i lepak until 5ish...@.@

p/s: recently got to know some insider news that makes me feel very 痛快...
lei dou yao gam yat la....muahahaha! 真是大快人心! =D

aiks....this post is so jumbled up..
but anyway, i must appreciate my time left here!
til then..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


River Torrens.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its so true......haiz....


















Let's listen to this---love it recently...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


i know i know...i'm relatively very outdated =P

i tend to get addicted to songs (especially chinese songs) which others have been listening months or even years ago...
this time, i'm so hooked on this one!
伯乐 by Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 =D
actually i don't really like him as a singer, cuz his facial expression (especially the mouth) looks weird when he sings!
but this song is really nice, and i really like the lyrics too! do you know the composer is a malaysian? xD

HAHAHAHA! this mv kinda reminds me of js and kev, they used to ask me to rate others too! really siao! sometimes we even exchanged pics of others in msn just for rating... lol so wuliao..
i still remember 1.5! xDD

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

你给过我的 他们是做不到的
那时候的幸福是真的 虽然过去了

释怀教育著仇恨 和平劝著天下人
故事发生了便住下了 不管好的坏的
你让我成长了 就算是痛得值得

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

爱你的那一个 伤你的那一个
放弃了这一个 然后等待著下一个

离开时别忘了 看看眼前的人
流泪记住了 还是微笑祝福著

can't help listen to this song over and over again while doing revision...
so gonna play this someday ;)

p/s: STAY FOCUS! 5 more days to freedom.
and bye bachelor degree! =D

places i'm planning to go, things i'm planning to do...stay out of my mind just for these few days will y'all? ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


after so long, i still cannot get enough of this.
Ne-yo's song + the whole choreograph = perfect! xD
ohh..and the last part when the both of them doing the "wave" nice laa!
"girl, i don't wanna go to bed mad at you..
and i don't want you to go to bed mad at me~"

btw, i'm waiting...waiting....and waiting...
for my first paper (while others already started theirs and one of my friends even finished his ALREADY! urgh...) oh well, looking on the bright side, i've more time to slack study! =S
hmm, must start practising to sleep and wake up early dee. MUST!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Why do i feel like this?

why do i feel like a pregnant lady whenever exams are near?

i have cravings for certain food.
i experience dizziness out of nowhere.
i literally feel like puking when i stare at the notes/past year papers for a period of time
pain here pain there...
not to mention mood swing and get pissed at petty stuff.

2 more weeks man, 2 more weeks..
please, please hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
self reminder: stop thinking nonsense and other craps, just focus on your bloody lecture notes and those past year papers.

by the way, it's kinda pathetic that nowadays the person who makes me laugh the most is a fictional character.

and he's none other than SHELDON COOPER!
seriously i'm sooooo into him right now =D

whenever i feel like i can't take it anymore...
the big bang theory is my saviour!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Expectations vs Outcomes

Everyone understands that the higher an expectation, the more the disappointment.
in addition to that, an expectation also does affect the outcome of an event.
the more you expect, the more stressful your life will be.
but, is a stressful life always ended up with a bad outcome?
it depends~~

sometimes, i think that the tension is actually why i can do as expected..and at most of the time, i enjoy the outcome~
people may think that its unnecessary to aim so high,
but i have just realized that i don't really mind how much the stress i experienced as long as i have what i expected.
as long as the outcome is satisfactory, i don't mind how tough the process is.

for this moment, these are what i realized.

maybe im just too rebellious..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


things are always unfair, or we always make things unfair.
i'm sorry for not playing fair, and i'm sorry for the unfair-ness

it's always the best solution to stay where we are when you don't wanna things to change

sadly, things keep changing as we make them change

I do not expect you to understand and i dun really hope you do

there's always things that keep us from moving forward

there's always things that keep us struggle for so long that we don't even remember what was it already

there's always things that keep us from changing to the bad and to the good

there's always things that keep us alert in the future

there's always things that keep us afraid all the time

there's always things that keep us sad after the sunny bright day

but dear friend, i wish we can make things change, to the better

no matter what is it


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life is short
Break the rules

Forgive quickly

Kiss passionately, Love truly

Laugh constantly

And never stop smiling
No matter how strange life is

Life is not always the party we expected to be

But as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I bid you goodbye

it has been 2 years plus since we officially started our relationship.

it was quite a tough journey then..
as i didn't really understand you well,
and we also didn't have much in common..
you thought i could read your mind, but you were being too ambiguous.
there were times when you made me stayed up all night, just to spend time with you...
tried to give up though i could't imagine how my future would be without you..
i'd probably feel like a dumbass.
you're so important to me.

but now, it's time to move on.
we're done!

no more biochemistry lectures,
no more biochemistry tutorials,
no more biochemistry pracs,
no more biochemistry presentations and assignments! =D

but i won't forget our last date, set on 18th of nov..
that's the time where you'll find out how much i had LOVED you xD

p/s: finally i've watched "Closer", a movie which recommended by a friend years ago (yes, years ago!)...and yea, Jude Law is still as hot as usual =P
the movie tagline caught my attention anyway
"if you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking"

Dan: You think love is simple. You think the heart is like a diagram.
Larry: Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist, wrapped in blood!

Larry: You don't know the first thing about love, because you don't understand compromise.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I thought ...

note: This post is not pin-pointing may and sue as well!!

I thought we're kinda friend ...
I thoguht i've been a good friend ...
I thoguht you understand ...
I thought i've knew ...
I thought i was right ...
I thoguht i've changed ...
I thought i've learnt ...
I thoguht we grew better ...
I thoguht we're both mature ...
I thought you're good enough ...
I thought i'm kinda an important friend to you ...
I thought i've done enough for being a friend ...
I thought compromis-ation involves two party ...

Apparently there is always some spaces for us to grow
but i find myself coping with it better this round: )

YET i always playing the role who compromises things
is it a good thing or a bad one?

Sometimes compromise making me weak, and it rides against my will
though my heart tells me i am WRONG, so wrong everytime when i confront myself

so we keep on learning ...
and I pray we all learn from our mistakes : )
mistakes are essential anyway
and there's always disagreement between us, i mean all of us
while comprehension makes the heart smiles~


before i continue, there's one thing i need to clarify...

KEL, i'm not referring to you, neither to MAY (anything relates to you both, i will tell directly de ma~) =P so there's no need to be paranoid ler ...
and have faith in me k? hehe...i know you always do!! =D



这完全是本人立场 =)

p/p/s: 最近突然迷上了jay chou 的<搁浅>和<轨迹>, 真是百听不厌! xD