Sunday, May 31, 2009


Truth to be told, now i'm kinda regret living in the city (jeremy, don't you dare smirk at me!)
i just don't like living in the city despite the fact that it's relatively more convenient than living in the suburb. or maybe i'm getting sick of city life.
the thing is, i love the atmosphere in the suburb. peaceful, quiet and laid-back.
the houses there are really nice too! some are like those english cottages. 
furthermore, most of my friends are staying in the suburb. 

bald trees =P

a random street in the suburban

path leading to my friends' house. 
lovin' the serenity!

went to their place to discuss about our coming presentation stuff.
of course, we spent the first 2 hours discussing and the rest...
playing, doing some really unproductive stuff. hahaha...
by the way, one thing bad about their place is, it's super cold! even when you stay indoor. 
and for the first time of my nearly 4 months in adelaide, i LAUGHED so hard til i experienced stomach cramp, tears also flow out, and nearly ROTFL! cuz one of them was teasing my penangite's slang and making fun out of it. it was so darn hilarious! 

the guys were in charge of the dinner that night, and it was so kind of them to invite me along. i didn't expect them to be such good cook eh! yumm~i still remember the taste of the spicy ginger chicken they cooked. And the vege, taste just like my mum' the homely feel ;) 
and the feeling of around the 8 of us having dinner together is just simply great! warm and fuzzy =)

oh ya, my friends told me that they still have one more empty room in their house, how tempting is that?! if only i could move in and live with them immediately...

p/s: why am i still slacking?! 
darn it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

When I was in MAY~~

This is going to be the last May, I , May staying in Manipal~

As what i remember, my first labour day holiday in india was on sunday; last year, i went to mysore and ooty for 4 to 5 days trip which returned at 4.30am in the morning and had classes started at 9am~!

This year, i have 2 choices!

Hampi or Kerala?!

Hampi is a World herritage area, at which The Myth was filmed (if you can remember the scene that an indian was floating in the air at the beginning of the movie.) Kerala is famous with boat house which is honored as a place you must go in your entire life. The worst part for this 2 places is that w eneed to take 12- 14 hours non ac bus if the train is not available and we don't want to take a more costly private car. DUe to the holiday and the government voting going on, we had to take a superb expensive non ac van there--meaning its going to be dusty trip!!

Kerala is a big state and we managed to go for 2-3 places only as we lack time to arrange!

The first place we went is an island--Kochin Fort. There is not many hotel as such but guest house. the guest house we stayed is described as a place in the jungle--man made jungle. The owner has a big garden which is fulled with big trees and quite messy plantations making the place looked like a 'jungle'Roof top is a restaurant with 2 cottage rooms. There is this net hagging for you to liee down and relax, calon and chess set as entertainment. So, while waiting for 10 peoples to bath, we played calon and took as many photos as we want seeing that we have too many cameara in our group already.
After the lunch (not to mention how expensive it was), we went to see the chinese fishing net.

Its extremely huge!!!! and guess, how much time we spent for the nets?!
around 2 hours!!!
We spent more than one hour for photos at the place which i was exactly standing in the photo!
too many posing kings and queens le! ;)

then, in the evening, We wasted a lot of time lookign for a cheese cake house recommended by our friends. Plus it was raining, so basically, i wasn't enjoy the day much~~
The next day, we left the island and went to allopey which has nothing but boat house!! 3 of us took the ac train, the rest of us took the general compartment---you have to squeeze yourself with the locals and god knows how bad the condition will be!! but, we actually curi curi entered the non ac sleeper class as there were not many passengers..luckily no one check tickets:D

The boat house is really very beautiful! 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a living hall and a kitchen. We can eat (we bought many snacks, soft drinks), play chor dai di, watch movie (crazy yentsen brought his laptop there) and take photos! siao eh..everyone is doing all sorts of posting with the natural wind and can imagine that you are at the beach; or you are in titanic; or superman going to fly and save people~! Who cares how childish we looked?!

the captain stopped here for us to buy seafood..thought is a market, but it was actually a house with 2 frigde outside storing some fishes and prawns. WHile waiting for our friends, photo.....
sleeping in the boat is indeed a good experience! haha...luckily i brought the mosquitoes repellent, if not, i would probably die in toxicity!!!! i tink i was the first one who woke up among our friends and its nice to enjoy the silentness and the sea...hehe...

getting out from the boat house, we have to take the train to go back to Ernakulum. this time, we were in general compartment..wah..many uncles..yer... and see the mask i prepared?! this is to protect me from swing flu, tuberculosis, or any droplet borne infections while im expericencing the real railway in can i not to see in general compartment aftter being here for 2 and a half years?!

we went back to Kochin for the Kathakali cultural show. its at a very big art gallery which has few theathe and martial arts training, museum and coffee shop as well as book shops.
in the museum...i was pretty worry about the chair i was sitting...a bit fragile...;p

i was given a chance to see how they make up, dressed up and prepared for the show. this man is going to wear the costume in the left of the photo below
heavy leh?! and the right hand side one is a ah pak acting as the lover of the king..oh, before that, he was demonstating all sorts of facial expression and eyes rollings following the music~ wah it was fantastic!! but don't know his eyes will poo out one day or not?!

the 2 lady..the sitting one performed solo as a mother in Kochin taking care of her baby and protect him from mosquitoes ar..ghost ar...thief named it!
group photo with the preformers..the one who was standing behind me was the one i 'make up' for him~ so funny, i was frightenned by him when he suddenly run down from stage to me...

in the ferry back to ernakulum to meet our van driver. we took almost 10 times for this photo having all our faces in!lol... look at the red mark on billy forehead, hehe..the red man was blessing for him when he ran down from stage!~ quite nice huh!?
Our last meal in Kerala--MARRYBROWN!! my friends are always very excited when they see this kind of fast food... what were i doing in the photo? hehe...acting as the Kathakali performers..jien yeen is angry with very pity and is going to cry.. (but actually, if the photo is not taken at that second, i would have laughing on the next sec already!!:D)

oh... in this month, i watched this--painted skin for 5 or 6 times already..all my friends here don't really like it but i actually fall for it, it touches me sooooo much! I couldn't tell why i like it so much at first but now, i can. I like the movie, the scene, the music, the actor and actresses, the most important is the script. i was so touched when the actor says: ' 可是,作为丈夫,我又怎么能离弃她?!' seems that i still belief, there is love which will last forever despite of death and everything! i in 20th century?!!?

Today, the last day of May,

Im very sad, im not happy....


Thursday, May 28, 2009


if not for my classmate who reminded me that today is 端午节, i also didn't know lol...

i remember before i came to adelaide, i will celebrate this day by eating lotsa zongzi. i will also have zongzi for lunch and dinner. haha, siao right? sometimes i will even help my "khai ma" to wrap the zong too =)
ahh~those were the days..

today, i totally didn't expect to see any zongzi in my house, let alone eat one. cuz i don't think adelaide sell any nice zongzi and i also very kiamsiap dunwan to buy hehehe...
so i was thinking, "urgh, this gonna be the first time i celebrate without eating a proper zongzi"
as i was making my dinner, in the midst of chopping the meats and cutting the tofu, my housemate came back. my hk housemate. 
she told me today is duan wu jie leh...i said yea, too bad no zongzi eat :(
then to my surprise, she said she bought!!! quite a few also...summore said later we all can eat together. we all! yay! 

i ended up didn't touch my dinner at all LOL! eventhough i cooked already. oh well, i can save for my next 2 meals then =P
the 4 of us were sitting together and ate the zongzi, i don't know about other ppl in our apartment, but we actually eat dinner together quite often, if so coincidently our dinner time is the same. 太温馨了啦~ hehehe... 
we talked and crapped a lot of stuff, from ghost to banana to psycho killers...hahaha! 

in conclusion, this year, i managed to eat zongzi during duan wu jie le! unbelievable...feeling happy now  (yea, little thing like this makes my day =D) 
so, how was your duan wu jie??

p/s: what's with the weather today? it was unusually cold~
while walking from medical school to MLS, the freaking strong wind just couldn't stop blowing on my face! wanna become ice d! have to rub my nose frequently to make sure it still have sensation and not NUMB! brrrrrr~

p/p/s: damn, i need MOTIVATION! where are you?

p/p/p/s: WHAT? it's 6 degrees celcius now according to msn weather? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sometimes, we read about the news of 8 years old girl is becoming mother; 12 years old child has few kids...but today, one of my friend told me that there is a 20 years old girl in OBG ward who has just delivered~

my reaction was...
err....being a mother by the age of 20??
my goodness...i didn't even have a relationship before and she is telling me i should have a baby or at least get married?!?!??? isn't it too early and immature?~ both physically and mentally?!!

back to the news..i am still don't understand how can the girls get pregnant by the age of 12 or 8?? they haven't attain menarrche,have they? so, if there is no ovulation, how can the sperm go for it and form a zygote and hence a fetus?! i always want to ask this question, but is it sounds stupid? maybe that is just a rumour?

...........maybe i should go to the ward and see the 20 years old mother first..........:S:S

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kris Allen

i'm so in love with Kris Allen's cover of "Make You Feel My Love" right now. i mean right now!

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the star appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
There's no doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on rolling sea
Down on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
 There's nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love

awww...gam dong-nya~
how sweet is that??

p/s: his another song "Falling Slowly" is my second fav too!
♪i don't know you but i want you...♪

okay, back to reality.
study study study!

p/p/s: been looking forward to July. 
a month which means a lot to me. indeed. =D

Thursday, May 21, 2009


那也是一种享受 =) 

p/s: 梁静如的“天灯”太好听了!!!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

why loves break ppl's heart?

David Choi - Won't Even Start - Official Music Video - Wong Fu Productions

After watching this video
I was wondering - why loves break ppl's heart?

But if there is no LOVE the world would be leaving with emptiness
Yet sometimes LOVE could simply tear you apart

it's always confusing to learn how to grow or growing up
so i guess LOVE is what we should learn

Monday, May 18, 2009


-my cup-
trying to be artsy fartsy =P
if only caffeine works for people like me.
if only i can stay all awake throughout the nights.
if only there's someone i can talk to when i'm down. someone close. 
if only i can rewind and fast-forward the time as i wish. 
if only you were here.

if only study STUdent DYing 

p/s: i miss you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Way Hong Kong-ians Speak English

okok, this is not the case for all the hong kong people, but based on my observation, i noticed some of them have this distinct way of english pronounciation. note distinct, it's weird. of course, there are many of them who can speak english fluently as well.

[no offence to any hong kong people who happens to read this, i'm just saying what i've been observed so far]

Maybe because i have a housemate from hong kong, so actually i started to notice the way she pronounces english words when i first heard it 3 months ago. on top of that, i have a few hong kong classmates in my course. sometimes i also over-heard the same kind of pronounciation when any random hong kong-ians speak to each other in english. oh ya, they all pronounce english in that way.

you know how they pronounce english words?
i'll give you a couple of examples. 
like "winter", they will pronounce it like "win"-"ter". get what i mean?
it's the same way how you pronounce the word "win"
only this time they plus the "ter" behind only. 
to explain in mandarin, 他们喜欢念每个字的第一个音 in 第四声. 如果那个字只有两个音, like winter, summer, autumn, melbourne, pencil, basically they will exaggerate their tone in the first half of the whole word. 
如果那个字有三个音,那他们就会念第一或二个音 in 第四声. 
eg: detection, they will pronounce as "de"-"teeeeccc"-"tion", they will exaggerate their tone in the middle of the word.  
eg: adelaide, "aaeeee-de-laide"
eg: calender, “ca-leeen-der"
okay la, maybe they don't exaggerate that much, but close to it. 
the main point is not about the exaggeration, but the TONE the way they pronounce the word.    

try to observe that if you have any friends or whoever from hk ba...hehe! see if they also have this type of pronounciation =P
again, this is just my observation. so no offence to any hong kong-ians out there ;)

p/s: finals approaching...sob sob..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Way to Go!! Kris Allen

I never know the 'Heartless' by Kanye West can be performed in this way
stunning and love love love it.
i used to wonder why Danny get voted out,now i know why.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Polymerase Chain Reaction

...also known as the PCR.

this technique is widely used in biotechnology and other science related fields. 
almost every single experiment involves the DNA will be using PCR. 

anyway, just out of boredom...
listen to this lol.....

There was a time when to amplify DNA,
You had to grow tons and tons of tiny cells.

Then along came a guy named Dr. Kary Mullis,
Said you can amplify in vitro just as well.

Just mix your template with a buffer and some primers,
Nucleotides and polymerases, too.

Denaturing, annealing, and extending.
Well it’s amazing what heating and cooling and heating will do.

PCR, when you need to detect mutations.
PCR, when you need to recombine.
PCR, when you need to find out who the daddy is.
PCR, when you need to solve a crime.

(repeat chorus)

p/s: HAHAHA, the black guy in the vid is funny la, summore kiss the thermal cycler lol...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot N' Cold

This post is not about the Hot N' Cold sang by Katy Perry. 
It's about the temperature i'm facing every single day recently. The temperature outside my room is cold, whereas the temperature in my room is rather hot, due to the hot air being blew out from the heater, which blows right on top of my head.
There are couple of times when i feel like i'm about to fall sick like that. suddenly cold, suddenly hot, loh meng meh?

Most of the time you love it, but sometimes you hate it.
anyway, some random updates i wanna share with you guys,
first, my new biochemistry demonstrator! wooooot, the first time i saw him, i was like...omg, prince william number 2! For once i was worried whether i could concentrate on my lab while having him around =P
he got a pair of sparkling blue eyes, aww~
everytime he talks to me or i ask him stuff, i can't help but stare at his eyes! Beside calling him prince william, i got another nickname for him too, it's red apple! hahaha, because his face get red rather frequent lol...prince william 2, i think i've a crush on you =P  

However, regarding my new biochemistry lecturer, he is....very funny in a sense. you can easily spot him in a crowd, because he will wear a very colourful or striking colour's shirt. for example, ORANGE, or lime green, or with many light striking colours all blend together. wahahaha! summore he will change his shirt twice in a day. the speed of his lecture is like whoa...super fast! try to daydream la, you sure cannot catch what he said for the next second.  
i have to quote one of his many cold jokes here:

"what TURN a gene ON?"


By the way, do you know how i spend most of my time when i'm not doing anything productive?
it's looking at pictures taken since God know when, probably since i got my first digital camera gua. i miss spending time with my friends back in penang, i miss all those crazy stuff we did, back in college (disted and inti)
comparatively, i was happier when i was studying in disted. That was the time i met some really nice and sincere friends (not that i don't have earlier on la) if you guys are reading this, yea, it's YOU! Most of them are "spread" throughout australia lol...some of them are in uk and ONE of them is in the USA. 
i made fairly less friends in inti compared to disted, but i'm still grateful that i've got to know some people who really knows me, in and out. and they are the people who knows something's wrong even i didn't tell them. 

Speaking of high school friends, or rather my primary school friends (as most of us attended the same primary and secondary school)
we've been friends for sooooooo long, from standard 1. after so many years, we still remain friends (and that includes you jeremy...haha)
whenever i mention about my primary/high school close friends to my other college/uni friends, i feel really proud. i'm proud that i've got a number of true friends whom i knew for more than half of my life. 

i realised that as i grow older, it's relatively difficult to really find friends like that already, mostly just acquaintances. personally, i don't like being one of those "Hi Bye" type of friends, nor i want to have one (but i think i've a fair number of them), it's way too superficial and fake at times. So now, all i heard is "networking" instead of making real friend. Socialize, they call it. 
maybe i'm not born to socialize, so i find it quite hard to initiate a conversation with them, let alone trying to engage in the conversation. summore need to put up that "oh! i'm so into what you've got to say" face expression. ohh kill me. 
i still remember one of my close friend back in inti used to tell me..
"you know what, you're pretty scary. because you show whatever you're feeling right in your face."
hmm, i took it as a compliment. 

walao, how come i wrote so much about friends? the title of this post is not "FRIENDS" also. *smack forehead*
other than looking at those pictures taken with friends and family, i also look at those pics where i still have my long hair! i really miss my long, messy hair. but i don't really regret cutting it before i came here, though i looked quite geli when i first cut it short LOL!
never mind, cuz i know my hair will grow longer very soon ;)

wheee, when i still have my long hair. too many pics taken when i was in long hair. i think these pics were taken when i was about 19 yrs old until before i chop my hair. i also cannot remember d. the pics were randomly organised, not chronically ordered. the 3rd pic in the first row looks like ghost! lol...must be my sister!

it's getting longer and longer
i think i look younger in short hair wor *proud* =D as usual, i'm vain when i'm in the mood.

p/s: listening to "At The Beginning" now. you guys should know what this song reminds me of... =)

p/p/s: had my most satisfying afternoon nap ever since uni commenced!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Agra and Delhi

Tuesday 2-3-2009 -- Wednesday 3-3-2009

Where The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders in the world located.
According to our plan, when we reach agra, we will not be able to see the sunrise on taj mahal. Therefore, we will have to go to Taj in the evening and wake up early to see the sunrise before we leave to New Delhi. Who knows, the sun rises quite late that day--we were able to see the sunrise on Taj mahal at the rooftop restaurant at Shanti Lodge. Hehe…we were watching at Taj and observing the color changes on it while having breakfast leh!! Moreover, the pancake is quite okay. We were able to take photos clearly from our seats and that’s why CC and jiejie took taj’s photo every 5 min respectively till the breakfast are served. The restaurant has great Taj view but the room has terrible cigarette smell. I had asked the worker to clean the room I saw before I check in but I never expect that the worker didn’t clean the other room for us. Thus, throughout the morning, jiejie kept going in and out to have fresh air. Maybe it’s a budget hotel, it doesn’t provide and hangers or hook for us in the bathroom. SO, we have to help each other to pass the clothes piece by piece after bathing.

After washed up, we went to Agra Fort. Wow, the road blocks to enter the fort are just too many. First, the salesman selling all kind of marble box, marble taj mahal model, taj mahal’s key chain…is this Taj or agra fort? How come all the souvenirs are about Taj only?? Second, the ticket to enter the fort. Yeeyong had already message me, telling that the fort charges 250 and it’s a very old fort. Still, SE and CC would like to try to get the local price since we have other government places’ tickets in local price. At the beginning, SE was speaking properly to the counter man. Later, when he refused to recognized the reliability of the tickets, SE started to angry with him. ‘do you have more tickets? Like taj mahal one?’ ‘do you expect us to keep all tickets?!’ ‘okok, you go to office and tell’ All 3 girls are waiting outside while the 2 guys went to the office and ask. CC looked very very fierce again!

There are nothing for us to do. And due to we have nothing to do, we worry them more. What if they quarrel with the officer and the officer beat them? What if they don’t allow them to come out? All what if ends when we saw them coming out safely. From their expression, we knew that they failed. Haiz…what to do? Whether they allow us to buy in local price or not, we have to go since we are here already. Then, they started their story in the office: the officer said that the tickets we showed is not in Uttar Pradesh state; you are Karnataka students, not Uttar Pradesh! ‘So, do you mean that im a Karnataka’s student but not an Indian student? Rajasthan is in India, Uttar Pradesh is not in India?!” and when the officer is unable to explain anymore, he just run off and ask others to reject them.! @Q##%T$^#%#@\

The third road block is the security check. Few guards are waiting at the entrance but they basically didn’t touch the foreigners. The side and outer part of the fort are actually damaged already: no maintenance, and many peoples wrote something disgusting and rude words on the wall. Walking to another side, the real structure and palace in the fort is seen.
The main tower in this fort is for Shah Jahan to look at the Taj, after he is overthrown by his son Aurangzeb. According to what we heard is that Aurangzeb stayed in the fort and the Shah Jahan is jailed in the tower; according to what yentsen understood, the whole fort is the prison for Shah Jahan, meaning he can walk to anywhere in the fort and he also can see the Taj. It is actually not difficult to runaway from the fort as the river surrounding it (护城河) is dry and not really deep. Also, from the explanation we heard, the Taj is special not only because it’s made by marble but also its design and architecture. Taj looked closer to us at A though the exact distance from A is further than that from B. Besides that, there is a very big garden which looked like the place for diva to dance; rooms for the women, rooms for the 大臣 to work, a hall for the king to meet the 大臣 and a praying place for the ladies to pray. Even the weather is hot, the marbles are still maintaining the coolness. So, as long as you keeps on walking on it, you feel less heat.

Coming out from the fort is the time for us to show our best to run away from all the salesmen and boys. You will really surprise that why they can decrease the price so fast even you don’t speak anything; and the way they sell the goods. They will just put on your hand without holding it or supporting it! That’s crazy and it was really a difficult time to get through all of them in the hot afternoon. Also, we were not able to talk to yen tsen they all even we meet! Some followed us to the auto stand too--one boy followed us to auto and said that the taj key chains are 10 for 5. Ei…meaning one keychain is only 2rupee? That’s cheap! After 打眼色with CC, we decided to buy it together. Ha! Guess what happened when we want to pay? ‘10 DOLLARS!’ “you are mad! Auto, go!’ From that moment onwards, we know that’s the trick to con others in Agra--confusing you with rupee and dollars! 岂有此理!
After having so much of non-veg in the previous days, shouldn’t we go for some vegetarian food? According to LP, most of the places that sounds nice to me is vegetarian restaurant, coincidently and hence I decided to go to veg restaurants in Agra. We went to Zorba the Buddha for lunch which is described as a popular place for healthy soups, salads, and indulgent ice cream. The food is nice but the portion is way small for us to share and the serving is too slow--they took one hour to prepare our food, I guess? While we were paying, the boss started to explain to us that his workers are on leave so he has to do everything himself and hence we have to wait for such a long time.

Maybe due to the hot weather, SE feels headache and has to take medicine already. So, we have to go back for him to rest first before we go to Taj for sunsets. Who knows, we entered a shop and stayed there till 4 something--we bought the modal for Taj mahal and for myself, I bought a hair pin.

By 5pm, we went to the east gate of Taj Mahal as we were told that the South gate is closed already. On the way to Taj, one kid came and talk to us in fluent English. As we are closer to Taj, more kids come and chitchatting with us--they actually want us to go to their shops after visiting Taj! Intelligent aren’t they? Everyone knows that no matter what we say, we have to pay 750 for the entrance fee where the local pays 20 ONLY! Such a big difference is worth for us to keep trying to get the local ticket. But, failed!
I was the only one who able to carry the bag to the Taj as I told the security guard that I need LP; most of the things are left in the locker but not the cameras--wc brought her camera with her too! We take our own sweet time there and take as many photos as possible since this is the only thing we can do after paying 750 besides getting a closer look or touching the marble tomb or you can say, the memorial for Mumtaz Mahal--wife of Shan Jahan who dies for giving birth to the 14th child. it’s a symmetrical building which you need to walk from the south, west, and east gate to the second inner gate to see it. In front of the building, there was a long rectangular shape pool where the shadow of the taj falls on it.

It is not easy to take photos of Taj too--you need to compete with the people who pays for 20 only for certain angle to capture the photos. Then, to enter the Taj, you need to either cover your shoes with the plastic bag provided or remove our shoes. There is only 2 tombs in the Taj: the bigger one is for Mumtaz where the smaller one is for Shan Jahan. No light is on in the Taj and no photos are allowed too.

As we walked around the Taj and take photos, we met Armar and his elder brother. I wasn’t very happy when the guard started to ask us to leave by 6.30pm as they will close at 7pm. (if that night is a full moon night, then Taj will be opened for a longer period as It looked different under moonlight, sunrise and sunsets.) I am rebellious, that’s why I kept on self capture as I leave~吹我不 jiok!

Once we came out, all the children come to us. They called other kids as ‘cockroach’ and started selling you and trying to ask you to enter their shops. Jiejie, SE and CC wanted to buy the key chain and stone elephant. As they were choosing inside the shop, WC and I are disturbed so badly! When we were waiting outside, many kids keep on selling their key chains in the cheapest price (1 rupee each) with such 诚恳和痛心的表情,they are just like telling us if we don‘t buy theirs, you are going to loss the best thing ever in the world!; When we go inside the shop, the child will keep on talking to you. I have to admit that their owner train them perfectly (their hands have a burnt mark.) Whatever your eyes look at, they will just bring the thing to you and start selling. One kid is mad. He wanted to exchange something from our country.
‘we are traveling, do you think we will bring unnecessary things?’
‘how about your watch?’
‘my watch?’
“how much?’
‘10 thousand~’
‘do you know how much is this? This is 16 thousand!’
What is that? A set of cups which I stared at it for 10 sec just now.
‘can I see?’ ‘nope! Given by father, no one can touch it!!’
‘oh sorry, no problem~’
When jiejie gets disturbed too later, we requested the boss to ask his kids to shut up because I seriously having headache in the shop now! This makes me wonders, if his son didn’t overthrown him and he built one more black color taj mahal just opposite the white one, will I fall sick just because of the kids promote too much on their products?

When we stepped out from the shop, its was over 7.30 and all other shops are surprisingly closed already. So, silently, we walked to the Shankara Vegis restaurant for dinner. The impact of the kids was so big that I started feeling cold and unwell. Therefore, I ordered a fresh orange juice and shares noodles and some dishes as usual. But the orange is not FRESH! It tastes like the overripe orange which is exposed under sun for a long time. We complained to the boss softly but the boss were just shouting loudly that the juice is fine and the orange taste is like that originally! We don’t want other knows that he is serving something bad but he just simply shout it out, trying to convince people that we are crapping with louder volume? Fine, Im lazy to quarrel with you..I need a rest..whatever!!!!!!!!! We slept quite early after dinner as some of us are feeling unwell already and we need to stay healthy as far as possible so that we will not ruin our Manali trip!!

Wednesday 4-3-2009
Capital city in India!

From Agra cantonments railway station to New Delhi railway station takes 4 hours only and our next train to Amritsar is at 8pm, but its at old Delhi. India is very big; to be its capital city, the city itself has to be big too; India has second highest population after china; so in capital city, the population will be high too. High population gives rise to jobless; to avoid being jobless, the most common job you can get is driving an auto, I think? There was too many taxi and auto drivers waiting at the railway station. They were trying their best just to stop us from going to the prepaid auto stand. Even, when CC and SE were paying, some of the auto man are still talking to them. The worst part is that there are people cut quere! CC and SE had to block them using their bags, especially CC, he has to push all the idiots away with his skinny body so that SE can proceed with the prepaid stuffs. Maybe prepaid taxi booth gives them too little amount since the auto man keeps asking for more pay. The auto system in Delhi is different from Bangalore: you have to search for the auto who is willing to accept your prepaid ticket in delhi whereas in B’lore, you have to take the first in line.

Delhi is just too big to estimate the time to reach one place from the other. Since we will be coming to Delhi again on Monday, we shouldn’t rush for places which are far from the railway station. But not the lotus temple as it is the main place that we wanted to go and it closes on Monday. It’s named as lotus temple not because of lotus carries the meaning of purity but is due to the shape of the temple is in Lotus flower shape. It’s a ‘Bahai’ worship in which they belief that the connection between God and human are connected through the messenger like Jesus, Buddha. We heard that its always crowded and some of batch mates were not able to visit it after lining up for the whole day. So, I had asked Zarrin whether she can bring us in seeing that she volunteers in the temple. Unexpectedly, before we sms her, she met us in the garden and that‘s why we don‘t have to carry our backpack while visiting but put them in the office! Oh gosh..after staying in India for 2 years, its so hard for me to belief that the garden is located in INDIA. The garden is very big, green, full with different types of flowering plantation. Also, the toilet is so high-tech--automatic hand wash!! Imagine, a temple (which usually will not spend much on the unnecessary exterior look and the facilities) has such a gorgeous design of lotus flower with its museum, hostels, high-tech facilities and a ‘normal’ garden in INDIA! Could you imagine how surprised we are?! She brought us to leave our footwear, put our bag packs in the office, explains here and there and get the permission for us to enter the museum which presents the history of the founder (Bahai), his teaching and his believes, photos of the worship in another countries (there are only 7 worship in the world but everyone is very big and unique ) and books in different language, including Malay! There, we met Abbas again and another malay group (widatul and dayana).
Though we have time to go to another place, shouldn’t we go for lunch first? We wanted to go to the McDonalds that we saw on the way to Lotus Temple. Its so near but the Auto just don’t want to cut down his price. One auto marked us and he was actually spying what we talked to other auto man. Stupid, if you want us to take your auto, don’t be so greedy and increase the rate so much! Will you earn money by just scolding at other auto man who gives a lower rate?? The McDonalds is in IP max which is a cinema complex. It is not big but with AC, its more than enough for us to stay till 6 pm since it was already 4 when we reached! Burgers, fries, soft drinks….I never expected that CC love McDonalds so much; jiejie feels so happy to have coca cola (哇!真的很爽~我很久没有喝了!终于明白你们为什么看到mcD 会这么兴奋,我只来印度2个星期,都有点想念mcD了!!)。Maybe I will as excited as they do if that is a KFC! I have a little bit of diarrhea after that, unfortunately! Immediately, I took medicine from SE, in the hope that it will stop as soon as possible.
Delhi is so big and there should be many auto available but its not so: most of them don’t want to go so far; some of them want a higher pay; some don’t understand English. We realized that the bigger the city is, the more the difference in their standard--we had more communication problem in Delhi if compared to Udaipur or Jaisalmer! Finally, we simply took 2 which were considered as ‘expensive’ one as there was traffic jam and we afraid that we will miss the train. But, could we confirm that they know where are we going? Nope! Only one guy in the bus station can translate for us, not even those who were properly dressed up one. SWEAT! Along the way, we need to remain alert-- we need to know where is another auto goes, try to recall whether we pass some places that we saw in the morning or not. We lost each other few times and we need to wave our hands out from the auto to call them in the high ways! I can say that if we didn’t realize about the vehicle coming from behind, we may in risk of getting our hands broken!
We had actually more than enough time to reach the station but because the stupid auto went to pump petrol and that took us around half an hour!??!! Therefore, we were almost running to the station, who cares to pay extra to them!? The cruel fact is that the train is delayed. We are clueless whether the platform is correct or not; when will the train arrived? The only thing we can blindly follow is follow the Punjab people as we are going to their world! At the beginning, I was able to walk here and there though there was many people and many luggage! But later, due to the medicine I took, im getting tired and exhausted. I couldn’t open my eyes anymore, feeling cold, not feeling to do anything, even when CC told me there is a ’mickey mouse’ around me, I didn’t care about it too! On the other hand, jiejie was very excited asking CC about the train system in India, take the photos of the general compartment and discuss how could the Indian jump up to the train at the very last minute when the train is already started its journey. Slowly, everyone gets sleepy. The train arrived around midnight (which should arrived at 9!) and before I sleep, I finally realized that the Punjab wears the ready made turban. Their hair is not as long as what I heard--they never cut their hair. Accompanied by 2 Punjab, we go to Amritsar.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


yesterday,i went for the X-men:wolverine movie. it wasn't as fantastic as i heard it is. Yet without any doubt, Hugh Jackman is so hot tat he's hughly muscular,lol.i bet sue like him.

yet i fell for the one who is totally contrast with what sue, pale and handsome,haha --- cyclops.his name is Tim Pocock

Anyway,then later i met up with my friend's friend's friend.well,it's complicated. they are kinda older. and of course i kept quiet for their conversation, listening him bragging himself a lil. i'm kinda felt i'm the very outcast. then later,he ask a girl that am i a teacher,i was lke i really look like a teacher?he laughed at me having my internship in hospital. i did not drive there yesterday bc it's the very crowded weekend, he laughed at me again. WHAT-THE!i think he's around 30-yr-old, rich fella....ishh,forget it.i'm happy he just get to invade my life for 15 minutes.


Monday 2-3-2009
Jodhpur--western Jajasthan
Also know as ‘Blue City’

This is the second time we come back to Jodhpur- the first time, we came at night and leave; this time, we reach in the morning where all the shops and markets are still closed. The hotel we booked is Shivam paying guest house. As the name indicates, it’s run by a family and because we reached there in the early morning, there is no rooms for us to check in. So, we went to the rooftop restaurant again to watch the sunrise, the wall of Meherangard Majestic Fort and Chittar palace in fog. Besides that, its where I stopped ordering tomato soup in the trip--I could say it’s the worst ever? No tomato taste; but the MSG only!

After the breakfast, we went to Jaswant Palace. Its actually a milky white marble memorial which is a better place for the city as well as the fort’s views. Away from the hubbub city, its not only peace but also quiet. Even we are barefooted, walking on marble stones is still comfortable besides that we need to be careful on bird droppings on the floor. Besides the palace, there is a lake which seems supplying the water to the people staying for the palace or near the palace. Then, we walked to the fort which is sprawled across a 125m high hill, 2 km from the Jaswant palace. Though they are on the hill, there doesn’t have many trees and hence we have to suffer from 12 noon sunlight!

The exterior of the palace looked very modern: entrance is very big and the roads are wide; a café at the side, ticket counter for local is separated from foreign one as there are many packages for the foreigners, providing the headset for explanation as they visit later; and also a sign showing ‘escalator’. Sai hmm sai ar? Escalator!! After we bought the local ticket, we started visiting. The first thing we saw is the bomb holes on the wall. As the fort is at the hill, we can actually see the meaning of Blue City--all the wall of the houses are painted blue. So, from the fort, we can see different levels of blue colors all over the city. Then, we went to see the defense walls where there are holes for the gun and a stage to spot the enemy.
We didn’t enter the garden as we can view it from the stage itself and also, its full with normal trees, not flowers! Next, we have to walk to the palace and museum. Along the way, we are very careful in taking photos as we didn’t pay for camera till we reach the museum and the guard is helping us to take photos--camera is free to bring it in!

The palace is very very new and certainly, renovation has just done. Varies type of cars for King, queen, prince and princess are shown, different types of weapon, the living hall, the bed rooms, the hall where the kings meet others are presented. 鬼斧神工 is again used to describe the carving on the building. There is also a palace’s souvenir shop at the exit. Wow, the things there are just too expensive!! CC even went to tell a lady not to buy the auto model as she has to pay 200 plus for a 30 model. Maybe its because of the weather, or we had been walking up and down hill for a long time at 12 noon or we are very hungry already, everyone especially jiejie looked uncomfortable. I’m quite worry about that so I suggested to go for lunch since non of us will buy anything there. Before we leave the fort, we saw some politician or head of air force army coming out from the door where the ‘escalator’ sign is pointed to. Now, we understand why the escalator is necessary, for not exhausting yourself!
Omelets shops is the place we are going next, a roadside stalls selling different types of omelets and 1000 eggs are going to be sold per day. Before we left the hotel, I had already ask the manager about this shop’s location and he also told me which one is the real one--the ah pak one is the real one while the young guy one is the imitation. Seriously, he cooks the eggs very nice! The taste of different orders are dissimilar yet the taste of egg is not lost. Thumbs up for the meal and we spent 300 plus for eggs only!?!! Next, we went to have a look in the market and give up the original plan of going to Chittar palace. HOT, HOT, and VERY HOT are my summarized comment about Jodhpur because of the evening. The heat is coming in every direction and there is no way for you to cold down, not even having cold drinks under shade or having a 5 stars fruit juice. But, as we were having juice, a guy came and asked whether we are interested for tea. We followed him and he started to tell his history and the feedbacks from the customers from all over the world after buying his tea and the famous spices in Jodhpur (spice is the 土产). According to him, after we drink his tea, we will say ‘ulalah’ but the tea is actually Ilachi tea which has a superb strong and bad smell for most of us!! So sorry but we are not interested now and we seriously need to leave already!

Our room is very big--A unique design room with 2 queen size beds. But, we never expect that the room is so poorly ventilated and sleeping inside is definitely a suffering as you will feel like you are inside a oven! It’s cooler when you open the door and walk outside along the corridor! I realized this when I went to tell the manager that the water supply in bathroom is stopped suddenly while WC is taking her shower. Poor her, cannot come out! As our train is at 8 pm, we left around 6 for dinner at Kalinga restaurant. Who knows before we leave, jiejie vomit. I don’t understand why she feel so embarrassed about this? Its normal that her body cannot get used to the food and water in India seeing that she has been here for one week only. Even we, who had been staying for 2 years are worrying about food poisoning, or having some vomiting or diarrhea when we travel too! We didn’t order much for dinner but soups only as we know we will sleep as soon as we are in the train later. Sadly, jiejie vomit again and so have to force her to take medicine. HA! SE is testing my knowledge about drug and pharmacology. He expected me to know the usage and side effects of the drugs? Fine, expected I will be mentally challenged by him but it is a surprise that I actually can remember some of the drugs’ side effects. J
(if I am not mistaken, we have a A1 couch for the train to Agra. Meaning there are 4 beds in a room in the train so you are separated from other noises and people. Poor cc, has to stay with others again; poor wc, cannot sleep because have to chit chatting with SE since he doesn‘t feel sleepy easily; me? Sleep like pig~~^^)