Wednesday, September 30, 2009

you're the man

she puts it this way...
"there's only one man in this world who truly loves me. that's my dad"

maybe i'll put it this way...
"there are 4 men in this world who truly love me. that's my dad, both my grandpas and probably my bro"
but i wont mind to have the fifth, sixth, geh xD

aiks, i'm missing you all again!
especially my gong gong popo...

nevermind nevermind, i'm coming back soon! :D
let's see, at most 3 months more and i'll be back! yuuuhhoo!
laksa, char koay teow, "kali" mee, koay kak, popiah, hokkien mee, loh bak, loh mee, oochien, tomyam mee, hutao bihun, papadam, lassi, satay, nasi lemak..etc..etc..ahhh~ HEAVEN! Penang is heaven for glutton like me!
even the thought of these food triggers my salivary glands already :-O~~~
OMG!! everything will become very cheap once i go back cuz i'll most probably i'll for sure divide every single price by THREE! yeah!

p/s: i love retail therapy!! xD
it's even better when the feeling of guilt isn't involve ahah!

*chuckle* dressed up to attend an old friend's birthday celebration
i'm missing the vietnamese food already >.<
(learnt to make the vietnamese spring rolls manually, we had to dip the rice paper into a bowl of hot water, then put in the ingredients, and eventually fold it up. and of course, the foldings were of various weird shapes LOL)

and it's time for journals again sigh...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!

YESH! kel, in case you don't know.......

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 is finally out!!! yes yes yes!!! :D
and i've watched it! as usual, sheldon is soooo freaking hilarious!

okay, this is just taking a break from all that journals reading.
now, let's get back to work folks xD

Monday, September 21, 2009

All too surreal

Disclaimer: this might be a post of what most of you would call as....emo post!
nonono, i'm not emo. in fact i'm no longer that kind of people who goes through the emo phase easily. of course during some "special" time, it would be exceptional then =P
anyway, just feel like typing what has been on my mind, that's all.

it makes me wonder, how many of the people that i know here, will actually remember me after i've left for good?
yes, we might have had a really great (or not so great) year hanging out and getting to know each other
we might have had been through a lot together, the ups and the downs
we might have had a lot of shared moments
the laughter, the gossips, the fun, the not-so-fun, the days and nights...etc...

but honestly, will you actually remember me once i'm gone?
not remember as in "oh ya!! that one ar...that one leh..." that kind of remember.
but remember as in you will think of me out of the blue, and wanting to know about my wellbeing and all that stuff, and keeping in touch.

sometimes, i'll imagine that by the time i head back to penang,
whenever i recall the time i spent in adelaide, somehow it will all seem hauntingly surreal. it's like having a really really long dream. though a really real one.
eventhough i know what i've been going through in adelaide is real, but the feeling of being here is not. time passes too fast until i couldn't really have time to actually feel the realness. i'm not sure whether this make sense to you guys, probably not..but this is what i felt, and have been feeling..

every single day, i meet different lots of people. some are what you call friends, most of them are what you call acquaintances, some are just plain strangers.
and more often than not, these people don't really make an impact in your life, at all.
they come, and they go...eventually
oh well, what to do...

-谢安琪 <年度之歌>

the familiar view of my house,
the familiar barking of our neighbour's annoying and smelly dogs,
the ever so familiar "little arguments" amongst my family members,
the view of my cloth-covered organ and piano...
make things real once again :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

time changes everything??

It may sound rediculous but im back to penang for holidays after a short 4 days stay in Malacca hostel.
Perhaps i expected too much about the holidays ; maybe im just being too sensitive ; i don't one seems to be excited about a gathering or a meeting or what.
i was looking forward for an old friend gathering even before i came back from india..but people'response is quite 冷淡. and so im quite sam tam today as well....
blame me for not able to contact people frequently when i was in overseas?
time makes everything changes?

anyway...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

as sweet as fructose ^^

lately i've been listening to some old songs (not those oldies back in the 50s la), but songs that were once popular in the 90s.

one of them would be "That's When I Stop Loving You" by NSync.
this song is so soo sweet and nostalgic! =)

as long as sunlight lights the sky
light of love will be found in these eyes of mine
and i will shine that light for you
you're the only one, i'll ever give this heart to

could't find the music video anywhere, even the clips found in youtube, the sound quality isn't good.
so, try listen to it by clicking here

when winter comes in summer
when there's no more forever
when lies become the truth
when this world doesn't turn anymore
when the stars all decide to stop shining
that's when i'll stop loving you. sentimental~!!

p/s: my housemate's so cute la, last night she purposely called to my room from her room (summore by faking a soft ghostly voice~) just to ask me go to the dining room and eat krispy kreme doughnuts with them haha!
shweet! =D

p/p/s: managed to grab a free Coopers from the biochem BBQ just now
hopefully it's not as bitter as the one my housemate got for us last time.

now please excuse me while i'm going to do the final preparation for my poster presentation thingy.

one more week til mid term break! yuuhoo!
counting down counting down....

dare to dream =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what a special day

seriously, i don't get all the hype for 090909.
almost everyone is making a big fuss out of it, like in facebook, last night people already started updating their status regarding this day. aiyoh, as if others don't know today is 090909 like that @.@

one of my friends wrote in his facebook status, i quote:
"090909? like i give a shit..same shit, different day"
hahahaha! could't agree more.

my classmate actually flew back to malaysia to attend her sister's wedding. *jealous* at least she got to go back home, even it's just for a few days.
in fact there are a whole LOT of couples tying the knot in this auspicious day.

hmmm, nothing really special about today...
i was late to my morning lecture (all because of the stupid bus!), but AT LEAST i didn't overslept this time... yeah!
when everything was over, i went to pay the biochem dinner deposit and wandered the uni for awhile. didn't feel like going back home yet. very mouliu...
didn't feel like taking bus or tram home too, so i just walked around.
LOL, don't know how but i walked to the train station. aiks, since i was there, might as well checked out the timetable and the routes to different surburbs. took some brochures and was planning which suburbs or places to go during the incoming mid term break, by train. somehow everytime i see trains here, it reminds me of the time when i was in melbourne. even being in the train station itself reminds me of melbourne flinders station. and the good news is, i'm going there again!

anyway, after exploring the train station, still didn't feel like go home yet.
ahh~ since the tram station was just nearby, so i just hopped into the tram and headed to glenelg beach. perfect! i always wanted to go there without any companion..different kind of feel ma xD maybe will try to go somewhere further next time..

since when there's this ferris wheel? o.O
or i was just being plain ignorant?

by the way, had my lunch there and got the receipt.
and when i looked it....

i was late by one second only!!! if not,
09/09/2009 12:34:56
nice combination of numbers... =D

anyway, i managed to explore some areas that i never get to explore before during my previous visits here. but it was really chilly and windy this afternoon...
that's basically how my 090909 was. "special" indeed.

what about your 090909? ;)

p/s: lalalaaa..this is one of the 2 plush toys i've won that day in RAS.
the other one is a purple dolphin.
obviously, i prefer this bearbear though it's small =)
i pet it everytime before i go to sleep leh...hehehe...

but i'm still a bit beh gam muan about not winning the big spongebob lo...hng!

p/p/s: 090909, a day where my whole family go travelling WITHOUT me!
T_____T (my sis said this emoticon looks like frog! hahaaha!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Finally..after 2 and a half years, India is officially becomes my memory.

No matter how good the place is, how much i hate it, i will not return in these few years for sure.

Is it hard to say goodbye to it?emm..i don't really think so, maybe i left in rush or maybe i had been waiting for the day to leave for a long time or maybe i have not realized how much i miss it?

Anyhow,its undeniable that i compare a lot when i come back. i expect everything to be better than in thing that is definitely better than Malaysia is that value of money: it is so sad that you cannot divide the price by 13 or 14!!>.<
Let's see how was my last day in Manipal and India---
To go back, i need to ship my stuffs 5 days beofrei left,

THe boxes that i have to send back..half dead after i carried it down from 4th floor!

After my last paper; outside my lecture hall. 'upma'--one of my favourite food. how can i not tohave it for the last time ? So, this was my last breakfast i had after my exam.
but i was too dosa too~:p

don't you think the raod is better than what i showed 2 and a half years back?


my friend was quite surprise to see this photo as she never saw this sign board fact, i saw it ACCIDENTALLY.
my beloved hostel..

the ground floor of the hostel...any idea what is this stupid ugly cage like thing for? ha! to stop the senior to go to the ground floor to ragg junior!nonsense!

the care taker a.k.a fan jian de ren! must scold to get your thingsd done!

SAY NO TO how am i supposed to get the $$ to pay leh?

The most slipppery walkway..and a good place for couples..;) certainly, you will get shocked when you see someone in the dark appears suddenly~~

at the side of t he above road, is this the most dangerous passing too fast? no! someone will rob you?NO! too much birds droppings.....the road is almost colored with white+ green . so, to pass here, you must always opne the umbrella and NEVER walk while eating!!shit...
back door of the hospital..
one of the 4 possible places for lunch.. one is hostel mess,food court,dollops, and this--snack shack~
After lunch, we went to the college to say goodbye and thanks the lecturer~身为儒家学者,尊师重道是我所遵奉的!!!wahahahaha.....
My mentor..nice but quite blur...:p
Special seminar rooms for semester 5 students~
nah..don't you think he is handsome?!?? he is the lecturer i alwasy want to show you guys..hoho...tall smart and handsome..haiz...but i won;t see him again le?!
biochem lecturer..she loves our class...she said that in front of all of us though she didn't get the best lecturer prize from us~!

The best Dr.Hola...HIs notes is the best ever!!! easy to understand, easy to memorize yet its complete!

Dean waiting hall..

My first Anatomy table lecturer..he is the known lecturer who gains a lot of weight after his marriage!
my favourite!! i never expect that i can have it before i left~ you know, the uncle/ boss went back to his homwtown for a long long timetime le...didn't have it for more than 6 months..haha...having it again is the best farewell present from india for me!! much i had? 14...:p

The biggest field..if i graduate in india, the convo will be held air one...syok?quite special d.....
the grocery store above the stage of the field.

After having my pani puri, i went to sell my kettle and settle the 'important things'.
then, i went to the temple to thank the god for His blessing for 2 and a half years~
then we went to buy earrings for the last time!!

we always go to apple because it is opposite swee en and chen chuan's, the earrings are very nice and cheap!! oh..too cheap of the proof is that my friend can buy about or more than 6 pairs though she doesn't has the holes....:s
after that, i should actually go to have dinner with my friends and their parents as well who came to visit them. BUt, because i insisted that i want to do this mahendi, my friend and i canceled the dinner with them.
However, we need to have dinner seeing that we won't be able to sleep early tonight~ haha, baskin robin became our first choice~ having nice ice cream with a much cheaper rate for the last time worth everything~~i just can't belief that the boss remembers what i like?
'M'dam, no mint chocolate today?'
really pai seh nia..:p
After having small alfonso and my jumbo scoop of mint choc, i went to the main MAHE building to take photos again.

The main building that usually used as an advertisement or we may say that its used to cheat people like us so that we belief that our college is soooo beautiful which is not really true, honestly~
Maybe it was raining season, it rains suddenly, so we have to go to the food court to avoid getting ourselves becoming wet~
The rain didn't stop us from continuing taking photos. we went to the library when the rain is not that heavy.
Luckily when we went there, it was around 8. Most of the people has gone for dinner, not many people is left. This is the place that i usually sit. SOme of my batch mates are very clever. long as i say im in the library, this is the place they will come to look for me~:)
THis signboard is specially for the local indian. you have no idea how incredible are they that they actually love to sit on the floor or walking nonstop to study.
This is the seat that i usually sit to have a cup NO WAY!
a cup of MILK or hot chocolate lah...
The coolest thing in the library---the lift..
used to scan us whenever you enter or leave the library building. BUT, it will ring no matter who comes in. Idiot! no one knows the exact function of this machine~~
After we finish taking photos, i went to say goodbye to my ex ex ex roomate--Priyanka.SAYONARA...!!:(
Then, i went to meet kean teong and my batch mate that was in the hospital due to an accident. when i came back to the room, it was nearly 12 already. and i haven't PACK!....not even had a shower! well, i thought i can pack pretty fast but i never expect the books are so heavy. 5 to 6 books plus the clothes exceded the weight that i can sustain...meaning its more than 30kg already..
what to do? repack was around 2am when i was done with everything. Next, should i sleep? i need to get up by 5 since i have to leave by 6! its fine if i don't sleep but if im too tiring, isn't the chance to get H1N1 infection becomes greater? Hehe...i set 7 alarms and ask another 2 friends to wake me up...geng ?! hahaha....
well, i was able to wake up. but before i reach chennai, i was all the way sleeping and eating in the plane only. Seeing that this is the last city we are staying in india,we went to have a look around after confirming the flight tic.
Though i had 2 sets of breakfast in the plane, i still feel hungry in the afternoon. WHo cares how much i spend for my lunch? papa asked me not to bring the rupee back...;)
--Tandoorri chicken---
Mint chocolate from Barista (like coffee bean). the mall is the best i have seen in india so wonder chennai is always considered as very modern and rich city~
Then, to make use of our time, we visited a chuch
and ask the driver keeps turning around the city to have a look...i fell asleep at last...:p
ITS time to leave!!
2 layers of mask...suffocating...:s
Luckily i was in a new plane! the seat is bigger, the plane is higher and everyone has a screen in front of their seats respectively. i was trying my best to have the food served, is just too bad...>.<
With shi san before we left KLIA respectively. haha..she went to tidy up, i went to change to the punjabi suit.
I said that i will wear punjabi suit with mahendi on my hand and pin the flower on plat hair on the day i return from india forever. I did it! lol..though many people kept looking at me...shy shy shy....