Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grandma's words......

Do you ever realized that my heart is broken..??
I tried to forget...but when i listen to this song, I can't help but feel down...

why must you be so unfair??
all of us are your grandchildren...i don't mind you treat others better but at least you don't take me as nothing!!!
Who am I to you??
Other ppl grand daughter or your own granddaughter with the surname of O.Y?!

I know you like to show off, so i keep quiet....
I know you like them more than I, so let it be...

BUt can you please stop saying words or do something that may hurt me?!?!

I wanted to recall whichever things that considered a good memory between you and me..unfortunately, I realized you never been sincere to me..

you smiled at me, because others are looking at us! not because of you are happy to see me~
you praised me, because people say im good! not because of you are proud of me~
you talk to me, because i will help you to do something! not because of you miss me~

Last saturday, you made me understand that no matter what i do, I will never be the one that you will love or care! So, i decided, I shouldn't include you as one that i should make proud of...

whatever you do, you are just acting; whatever you say, they are just the script.
But my life isn't a movie of your production!!!