Thursday, July 30, 2009

A day in Spandana

Im currently having my last posting in INDIA---COmmunity MeDicine~!

Senior used to say that having Com Med as the last posting is the best as you will have enough time to enjoy your last few days in india without worry much about your studies.

To conclude this posting : Study while traveling a.k.a lawatan sambil belajar! What im doing everyday is just visit, go to rehabilation center, water treatment plant....Its sort of summary of all the postings for me.

Well, i should be free for the entire posting since i don't have to do revision at ALL!

but, im not...

seriously, from the first day, we are given a task that is to cheer up the mentally challenged adult at Spandana which is a rehabilation center. SO, basically, we have to plan some activities for them. Then, i have to pack my boxes to ship it back. Next, i should arrange my time well to go out with my local friends, chin min and kean teong they all seeing that im leaving and they will have exam later. Also, i have to study for my final comprehensive paper which includes all the theories for 6 months...which i have not touch at all!!! THis is the most freaking part as its an open secret that the paper is not marked; as long as your attendance is enough, you will definitely proceed to Malacca!


Let's don't talk about that...back to the topic--Spandana!

From the beginning of the posting, we have only one week to practice and get ready all the activities to be carried out in Spandana. I joined...emm...Indian dance! i couldn't join other as i used almost the whole night or day in the entire one week for the dance. BUt its really fun!!

photos card board for them~

haiz...i didn't know that the cardboard was reflecting the light and can't see anything of the cardboard!!!>.<
We started our activities with games. We divided 33 of them into 5 groups. They are my group members:)

They were a bit difficult to control; they may run to other groups, so, the number of people in one group is not actually fix! Stop saying people looked stupidity or what...i know by showing this photo to you all, some of you may think that im sharing fun with you all.. IM NOT okay?! He was one of them who always come to shake my hands whenever they completed the game, its so touched that they actually remembers you and wanted to share the happiness with you!!
Break time! they have better discipline than us though~ they sat quietly and say thank you to you when yo ugive the food or drinks to them! lol...食不言!they did it!
3 French Volunteers....emm...quite lengzai d...:p

After the break is the performance time. Indian dance was the first on 'stage'
i made a mistake!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaargggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then, we have some aerobic dance and chicken dance which is basically to move our body with them!
Before we end the visit, we had the prize giving ceremony!

Everyone is the winner!!

Photo session never end in my group! after snapping tonnes of photo in the performance hall, we continue to take more after cleanning!

i couldn't belief that i can somehow fit inside this hole in the wall?!
Last but not least, sweating look after the dance!
Wait, how could i forget to take with the person in charge?^_*
oh.....i got him before we left...our group leader--Mohd Abbas! i made him flush? no was the lipsticks which is applied as a makeup for clown!

i was trying to upload more photos and the video as well...but...i haven't get all the photos from my groupmates and the video is not uploading after so many days....>.<
so......bear with me......:)

Monday, July 27, 2009


here's a quick one,
today is the first day of my last semester.
oh my god! this is my final sem of my degree already?!
i still find it a bit hard to believe....
from kindergarten to primary and secondary school, to colleges and now, last sem in uni.
(in cantonese) 欢乐的时光过得特别快 , 又是时候说拜拜啦! hahahaa, how could we ever forget this classic phrase LOL!

it's a mixture of feeling...excited cuz it's finally my last semester, yet dreadful as i don't know what's gonna happen next, after i've graduated. continue doing my honours? or what? urgh.

anyway, it's great to know that some of my friends are graduating, those studied in UK and here as well. CONGRATULATIONS! it's time to enter another phase of ya life =D

and this also means i've survived half of my study life in adelaide. yay for that!
another half more year to go and i'll be back to where i belonged. my home sweet home Penang!

p/s: feeling so sleepy now, gotta head to the bed earlier. no the-big-bang-theory-athon tonight, i guess? =P

and finally i've managed to borrow p/s i love you original soundtrack CD!
somehow, listening to the very last song always remind me of you =)

Sayonara Karkala~!

Starting from our batch, we have to go to 2 hospitals for 3rd year posting only : Kasturba hospital in Manipal itself and Karkala hospital. i think no one likes to go to Karkala as we need to travel for 45 minutes on bumpy roads!! however, all of us have to go there every 3 weeks for Paediatrics, OBG and Medicine posting. Seeing that my last posting is Community medicine, my Karkala life came to its end when i have done my OBG posting last week!

Welcome to Paed ward!
was playing with the torch light...last day mar...i had nothing to do!

my group leader--Mohd Abbas~

OBG new head of department who has just came back from malaysia for..emm...few days?!

A very cute sister. don't you think that she looked like the wizard in Snow white who gave the snow white poisonous apple? but trust me, she is the most helpful person for us to learn in OPD!

Dr. Shashikala--always have to handle the whole department herself when the other doc left for meeting..

Dr. Manjunath--head of OBG before Dr. Santeesh...well, he is a bit pon pon..but i like the way he teaches! he always tells us that we have to respect the diginity of a woman and take care of their privacy. The last advice he gave us was that : every success or failure is not permanent, you should keep on learning to be better and better! wow..i will take it with me always !

Dr. Girija--wife of manjunath..oh, OBG is full with husbands and wives! She looked elegant isn't she? maybe not in this photo...:s
Dr. Vinayaka--Paediatric lecturer who is said to be emotional all the time by the students after us..For us, we like him! he taught us really very well!!
The last person i went to take photo with is Dr. Asha--head of Paedistrics.
haha...she was quite shocked when i said that i will take the photo myself!:p:p
WIll i miss Karkala??....I would say that i will go there if only the distance is shortened or at least the roads are repaired!

~Moody days~

i shall say i have a very complicated feeling in these 2 days. Something or some ideas is running inside my mind. But, they are all negative one!!! and they are torturing me..

i had tried to do something else (any wu liao thing) to eliminate those feelings and thoughts, anything i could do in India..but it doesn't work at ALL! !

i ended up here--reading some old posts, looking at some photos, staring at the screen for a moment...the conclusion is: I don't need anything to calm myself, i just need those people that will stand by me~!

funny, isn't it!?
a page cheers me up just because that it belongs to us ..

i WANT a big hug!!
...even it is just an imagination!~

ps: how i wish i can talk to any one of you?? i belief one minute of chatting will give me its effects already....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Really Wanna Know?

It's amazing that how time winter break now left 4 more days only =(

let's have a recap what i've done so far.
  • before the break even officially started, i went to melbourne for a week (any details just refer to my previous post hehee...)
  • baked lemon cheesecake and chocolate molten cakes with friends (pics will be posted when and if i get them =P) it was a success man! considered not bad for a first timer.
  • visited the haigh's chocolate factory (it was a real disappointment, cuz the factory is really small, small until you cannot imagine...summore the person in charge made us waited for 1 hour plus)

  • switched my major from Genetics to Biochemistry, it took me very long to come out with this decision, i seek advices from A LOT of people, of course the final decision was still up to me to make. hopefully i've made the best choice. =)
  • went to the Skycity casino for the first time (i never even been to genting's one...) [no camera allowed, so no pics of the casino]
after the casino, we headed to chocolate bean and cocolat, to satisfy our chocolate craving=P

  • been to the Cleland wildlife park. the highlight of this trip was: we've missed the bus at crafers, hence results in all of us had to climb all the way to cleland. climbed the hills in COLD is sooooooo not fun! but having great companies is =D
walked and more walking...imagine the happiness when we finally arrived! damn that stupid signboards, when we arrived at the first entrance, it shows:1km to cleland park. when we reached another entrance, it shows: 800m to the main us false hope only ish!
southern hairy nosed wombat, echidna, emu, tasmanian devil, wombat, koala bear, wallaby and kangaroo.

  • ate oysters in Glenelg. and fish and chips. and ice creams! those oysters...yummm~ heaven =)

  • Went wasai for the second time, along with friends who just came back from sydney, brisbane and malaysia (so nice to have you guys back! ^_^)
loitering in chinatown while waiting for the guys to finish their haircut.
japanese food....slurp~

  • sleepover at my friends place and had my hair trimmed and my hair dyed (first time ever). not to mention had my eyebrows plucked and shaped too (OUCH!!!) which is also my first time. OMG, how many firsts i've missed out so far? believe it or not, i was all teary after all that eyebrow-plucking :') imagine the pain man~
the colour isn't obvious actually, i still look like i'm having black hair if it's not because of the sunlight. and there are some baby hair as she ter-cut some part LOL...

a few days before the hair trimming (piano-ing after went to settle my enrolment has been really long since i touched piano liao lo..)
after. this is how my new hairdo looks like when the hair is being properly combed (which i usually don't...) just for the sake of camwhoring =P
THANKS TO BEE ♥ and GRACE for doing all these for free!
  • finished The Big Bang Theory season 1. personally, this is my fav sitcom ever!! watching season 2 at the moment...
smart is the new sexay~! =D

- spring winter cleaning
- window shopping
- lepak-ing
- steamboat!

p/s: last sem of my degree here i come... ;)

Best friends..^^

once in a life time,

you find a friend;

who touches not only your heart

but also your soul

once in a life time,

you discover someone

who stands besides you,

but not over you.

once in a life time,

if you are lucky,

you find someone

as i have found you.

very special people,

we can be ourselves with, talk with

laugh with, hope with and believes with.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Academic Award Ceremony for second year at 17-07-2009

There are odd number and even number batches in my college. Usually, odd number's students are cleverer, more hardworking, more 'geng'. As compared to them, even number batch like us--batch 20 prefers to enjoy and have a less stressful life. For them, they would be attending only 2 Supremo ball but 3 Annual dinner, so, all of their awards will be given during the annual day. Due to different timing for intakes, we will be in malacca by the time of Annual day. Therefore, a special function just for us was held last friday in the only hotel in Manipal--Valley View Hotel!

Since im going on stage, and this is going to be the last formal function in india, i don't want to be least i must try something SPECIAL like this..

Tattooing..?~but excuse me, anyone heard from me that i will ever do tattoing? NO!
this is done by indian traditional herbal ink(things like that)--Mahendi. remembered i bought one for you all during my first holiday back home? that should be used like this....NICE?!^_*

i said that if im going on stage, i will wear saree..i will never break it! taken when i was ready to go...
i got 2 awards--- 2 years of 100% attendance and a distinction in pharmacology..


i missed the 100% attendance prize!!! i was late as we couldn't get an auto, was waiting for 10 minutes for friends kept perli us...:' can attend for more than 1000 days, ___hours, ___ minutes, ___ seconds of classes but wasn't able to reach in time to get the award'...sarcastic isn't it?!

Luckily, i still have one more..:p

The distinction has no doubt worth for 420 rupee for me to pay for wearing the saree, get the mahendi done and for the hairstyle as well!

i was quite worried to 'pohk'--fall down when i walk, especially walking up guys know lah...i seldom wear skirt or dress. Plus, i didn't go on stage for a long time already?! Walking in front of everyone with a long saree cloth is definitely a challenge to me!!!

It was such a relief when i walked back safely without a mistake, perhaps the only mistake was i don't know which camera i should be looking at?!?? yer.....>.<

Ha! one more thing...when one of the guest of the event gave his speech, he was actually praising me for wearing saree~~' i saw a chinese girl wearing saree tonight! that's a very good sign~!" that also can!:)

Since i didn't take many photos on stage at the beginning of the evening, i should replace it though the guests have left?!

Finally, chen chuan attended one function! because he is one of the 100 % honored student too!^^ so chun...have to ask him so many times for just 1 photo!!:s
see the guy besides me.. I HOPE ALL OF YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IS ME!?

He is Venkat! nah...the guy i mentioned long time back but wasn't able to show his pic to all of so-called most handsome lec in my college..maybe you will not agree with me with this pic..but just want to give you guys an idea...will take more proper photos with him later!!^_*

after we are chased our from the Chatya hall, we continued to take photo in the lobby USUAL!:D
A princess is walking down....hahahaha....:p

oh...i was tired in posing but not waicheng...gossip girls pose i guess...:p

this pose is suitable for my mahendi right?

we were challenging michelle Yeoh in OO7?..

...guess yee yong is shot down by me le...see how pale was her face?!
before we entered the 'best place' to take photo in most of the places...
rest room!
i like the fold of the skirt!^^ the lady tied very nicely for me...
we went back around 12, before the curfiew~
i felt very angry suddenly when i came to know that someone broke in my room because they have the so called 'chief warden's permission'!! never respect people privary and consumers' right d!! ask them yark si lah!!:( someone want me to pay the broke in fees... its just like a thief asked you to pay for his axe which is broken down because your lock is too hard for it!
though new roomate was there, she can't stop me from taking a photo using this mirror before i sell it out! let's me give you guys a clue who is she..
she is an American~~oh swine FLU!!!
and i don't know what's going on, i have richer and richer roomate!! she is incredible rich..
almost forgot about these 2 'papers'....certificates~
they were used as a paper fan (chen chuan was non stop fanning using it!), umbrella (the rain was too heavy when i came back even though i was in auto, so use it to cover my body and face a bit bit...)
working so hard, went to class even i wasn't feeling well just to get a fan or umbrella?!
ha....i must be crazy......................
ps: i got 2 posting results in these 2 was the lowest in my group T_T; another one...chiu..80m is considered as no 9 lowest in my group!? lol...third year is my laziest year ever now...i think....:)