Wednesday, April 30, 2008


ok....i give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been trying to upload the video for so many days....



Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Song To The Sun

So, what have i done so far during this break?
DRAMA-ing and MOVIE-ing of course *wink* and i feel like telling you guys about the latest japanese movie i've watched lately, it's called "Taiyou No Uta" or "A Song To The Sun" in english.
Actually i didn't intend to watch this particular movie, just happened to browse through the mysoju page and i saw this.
The movie is about a 16 years old Kaoru who is suffered from xeroderma pigmentosum, a condition where the individual cannot be exposed to sunlight or it will be fatal to that person. Therefore she sleeps during day and active at night. However everytime before she sleeps, she will observe through her room's window and peeps at a guy named Koji. Koji is like the total opposite of Kaoru as he's a surfer and is very active during the day.
Music is her passion as she will carry her guitar and go to the train station and sing her own songs.

How they know each other, that you have to find out yourself :p
and so they started to date [only at night]...hahaha! the guy who plays Koji in this movie is cute and good looking but he's way too skinny lah...the girl (YUI) who plays Kaoru is indeed sweeeeeeeet!!!

Ooooohhh-kayyyy, so i cried (a lil) during certain emotional parts of the movie, i can be quite sentimental at times yo! not only this, the japanese drama "1 Litre of Tears" is a real tear jerker too.
To watch this movie, click here

by the way, i'm now watching a hong kong series named " The Seventh Day" at a super duper slow pace...


i'm going to Pulau Pangkor next week with my family, probably on thursday (1st of May), and stay there for 2 days and we'll head down to KL and visit my grandparents. Can't wait!!! ;)

P/S: I've downloaded the whole Taiyou No Uta OST!!! a total of 27 songs!!! SUPER DUPER nice lar wei....definitely one of my favourite OST ever!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Muka Head Trip

Our SOSAM (School of Science and Mathematics) organized a trip to the Penang National Park, and our main destination in the park is the Muka Head. It was open to mostly SOSAM students which included the HSC and DSCAU (Biotech) students. It costs RM15 for each person. Actually i didn't want to join the trip as i know there will be hiking involved! well, if you know me well enough you should know that i HATE's hard to explain why but i guess it's phobia or something since i had a couple of unpleasant experiences while hiking.

But one of my friend successfully persuaded me to go, then well, i just agreed lah...

in fact, i've worried for days before the trip because i expected all the worst case scenerio that going to happen while i hike, like faint half way, sufferred from oxygen deficiency, legs cramp, puke, it's obvious that it's a PHOBIA!

That was why i prepared so many things and packed it all in my bagpack: towel, slippers, food, a small fan, sunblock, mosquito repellent, mp3 player, sweets, clothes...

We headed to the Penang National Park by an air-conditioned bus at around 9. As soon as we reached there, all of us went to registered ourselves at the main counter somewhere near the entrance. Then we started to hike...i was soooooo worried that i was gonna pass out half way or what. to my surprise, i managed to finish the whole trail!!! you know what, the whole journey to Muka Head was a freaking 2 hours!!! Hike for 2 hours!!! Man, i for a zillion years won't believe i'll make it without having any "accident".

Of course, during the journey we faced lotsa obstaclessss such as the trail was blocked by some big rocks, and the super duper steepness of the trail which required others to help you cross it.

It was truly an amazing experience and it was really exciting, i felt as if i was participating in some kind of amazing race which held in the rainforest...and practically EVERYONE was screaming in joy when we finally reached the destination! the beach was really beautiful and the scenery was WOW....perfect! =)

We had lunch as soon as we settled down after the HSC students started to play games, i didn't play ler because i was busying snapping pics and enjoy the nice scenery of Muka Head! Didn't feel like going back at all....wanna stay there for longer time. We left around 3.30pm by boats.

*sigh* want to type more but i don't think you guys will read all though, hehehe...furthermore i'm lazy and very tired now (i'm typing this post on the exact day when this trip was on ler..) , so there might be some of the facts being unorganized and confusing. But fret not, i'll tonnes of pics coming up :)
Okay, some of the pictures are not arranged according to the sequence, so please bear with me ya =p
i didn't take much pics during the hike as i was really concentrating on following the group, scared that i would be left behind..haha! most of the pics are taken after we reached the muka head beach.

the main entrance of Penang National Park

see? this was one of the obstacles...

hsc students playing games

building sand castle

Our belongingsnice view isn't it? =)

Banana Boat =)
My chinese name...hehehe..

Studio pic....LOL!
on our way back...

~BYE BYE Muka Head~ =]

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i wanna explode already people! move aside!

things happened too fast, i wasn't able to recover myself...
first thing first, i felt quite confident and actually could answer almost all of the questions in biochemistry exam, and i walked out from the exam room with SMILE =)
note this, it happened in the morning.
since i had another test (genetics) in the afternoon, and due to the fact that i had 4 hours break in between these 2 exams, i went home, freshened up and did my last revision.

fast forward to the moment when i received the *damn* genetics papers....
all the questions were so damn freaking long, like some kind of short stories. And i mean ALL of the questions!!! there were 4 structure questions which each of them was sub-divided into several questions. lastly, 2 essays questions and choose 1. bet me, you will be spending AT LEAST 15 minutes on reading EACH of the question alone just to figure what was it all about.

my heart was practically racing like mad the moment i saw the damn paper, and then i started to panic!!!
*breathe in breathe out* calm down, i told myself....just calm down....
i think i could passed out anytime during the exam...the pressure was just to much for a human being to bear. AHHHHHHH~!!! i can't even imagine myself screwed the paper up as i've been putting so much effort on it. it isn't even fair!
did i ever tell you the exam was only 2 hours?

now, i don't even have the urge to do anything besides staring at the screen and typing this post.
but i guess this is the only way to release my frustration, without hurting other people! and i mean physically!

if today it wasn't because of the biochem i took this morning and genetics in the afternoon, i won't feel this bad. if you happen to take 2 papers in a day, so naturally you will be comparing the BOTH papers too! so for my case, the worst and the best (relatively) all happened on the same day!

this is suppose to be a happy day cuz finally the exams are over, but why i still being left soooooo helpless and frustrated (plus a little bit of anger!)

one more thing that makes me even sadder is that....
one more friend will be leaving me...
you guys, i mean May and Kel, you guys should know who she is...
why all my friends (close one) have to leave me alone with those people i don't feel compatible with?

i'm miserable
i'm pathetic
i'm frustrated
i'm depressed
i'm everything negative....

GENETICS! i used to love you soooooo much to the extend that i intended to take you as my major, but now...

P/S: i need a shoulder to lean on :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary Trip

If you have read my previous post, i mentioned that i have many holidays in my second year...
and unexpectedly,due to the UTSAV event,4days holidays were given last I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO MYSHORE!!! was too late when we knew,instead of going to myshore..we went to jungle---A wild life sanctuary!
our Group and the Ms Jungle...she can spot the animals accurately and quickly!!
amazing lady!!
sunset seen in the jungle...
11.4.08---the animals that sighted by us...more by the lady:D
view from seaside-sunset~
with the elephant...what is the xiang ya called?!
fed the elephant sweets...he eats only SWEET!
oh...luckily he din't tend to eat me!! or maybe im not sweet enough?!!?!
River Tern,also known as sea crowd!

so comfortable...the chair fits every parts of your body...and you can enjoy the scenery there...every minute,every second..........oh........

Pratimcole--silver feather,red leg birds...
after one nice if i can stay longer...
from the window of my room..

the outer view of the 'Hotel'?
guess...he is drinking water or bathing?!

the cage bus that cost us 180 rupee....we have to sit inside the bus to go to see tiger....
they don't belief us as medical of paying 30 as locals,we have to pay 180 as foreign!!!!!!!!!!6 fold!!!!!ba dan!

sloth bear
lion...sleeping like pig!
Peocock...we actually tried to make it open its feather with umbrella and shan zi...but...failed.....looked stupid....
went up a small hill to see the museum....and the museum is not even just a place for couples to.....haiz....even malaysian couple also do the same thing as local!
and because of the kuali..the car we took...i got a 'oo cheh' on my head....
because kept on hitting the same point to the car window....
Actually...the trip should be 700 hundred only...but because its under government...and we are the first group of malaysian been there...we paid in foreign fare...that is 6 folds again....and the fare becomes.....4350!!
chop my vegetable head........:(
the place is really very comfortable....make you totally forget that you are in india and keep you away from the dust in air and the studies....peaceful life....
can't they make it CHEAPER!?!