Friday, February 29, 2008

29th February 2008

Don't you think this day is just so special?
February 29th happens once in ever four years, which makes today a leap day...
to know more about this special day, CLICK HERE

this also marks the last day of the 2nd month of the year...
how much have you achieved so far?

here the latest pic of us by the way,

threesome =)

...that's all for now and i'm off to class...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Would You?

what if all of a sudden ALL my friends desert me?
what if they no longer need me?
would YOU ever be the one who walk out on me?

It makes me wonder:

am i THAT negligible?

Friday, February 22, 2008's a scandal...

alright, if you have been following the entertainment news lately, you would probably know that the sex scandal involving edison chen and some other actresses.

i found this on youtube, don't worry, it doesn't contain explicit're safe to watch, hehe...(it's only funny when you understand mandarin~)
a MUST-WATCH if you like mou liu stuff...hahaha!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

kevjumba rocks

KEVJUMBA has his own official website y'all!

i know it might sounds like a spam,yet visit!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


hey girls,i do feel guilty for being "disappointed" for such a long time and i apology.
well,i got a fresh yet bloodcurdling task today!!
i received a call from Pei Wen this morning and
she practically asked me to do a huge favor.

she wants me to represent her sis and give tuition for 2 hours!!
oh Gosh!!

the subject is Chinese i guess,because she said just need to give them han yu pin yin!

as you all know,my chinese is just unbelievably AVERAGE!!
i'll keep you girls up-to-date later see how things go.

i might be the most clumsy and shockingly gawkish teacher ever!!
take care

Sunday, February 17, 2008

are you ready to STEP UP?

YAY! finally....
STEP UP 2 The Streets is coming up this thursday! hopefully this sequal will be better than STEP UP! but Channing is no longer the main character... =(
check out the trailer:

Chase is hot ehh?

apple bottom jeans, boot with the fur...
one of the soundtracks, "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain

now, i wonder who am i going to watch this movie with??
*can't wait*

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Valentines =)

this post is specially for you, MAY~
My date for this valentine's day was kel and i was hers :p
actually at first we felt quite awkward, because we were so scared that people will look at us in one kind...
alright, so we dated at gurney plaza and had lunch at secret recipe. and guess what we ordered???

"Valentine's Special Set"...sounds lovely isn't it?
but the funny part was, when kel was placing the order to the waiter, he was like so....don't know how to say, erm....YEA, he was stunned!! he paused for quite a while before he was able to mumble a light "okayy..." HAHAHAHA~
then the first thing being served on our table was the apple sparkling juice...and kel did something hilarious!!!
i was drinking the juice and suddenly she asked me why my straw can bend one but her's can't?
only then she realized she had placed the straw upside down!!! maybe this might sound not funny at all, but we laughed like mad you know?? ;)

the straw...

our valentines :p

our valentine's set finally these are some photos we purposely took for you to see:

my kebab chicken

kel's cheese macaroni

super delicious spring rolls

tiramisu cakes (yummy!)

after that we went window shopping and went into MPH to camwhore, but we ended up buying these...instead of roses and chocolates :p

some bookmarks and small note books...

to fully use the time, we decided to go to east india and tried on some clothes...

yooo~kel looks gorgeous in that top but i look as if i'm pregnant + fat + "aeroplane"..or was it the angle problem??

then we walked into somerset bay to kill some time, and kel told me that the promoters were guessing our age! she overheard that they guessed we are 20....hohoho...phew, luckily...!!!

p/s: me and kel have came up with a new term called "Rafflesia"....HAHAHA!
you guess what are we referring to??? will reveal you the answer when you come back :p
(kel, i just can't help but LOL whenever i think of the moment when we were in popular and i pointed to a book cover that has Rafflesia's image on it!!!) WAHAHAHAHA!!! *qi xin jor*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love-hate relationship?

Just when i thought everything is going to be fine, something turned around and started to change... or should i say return back to it's usual state as in getting more and more dramatic and getting on my nerves? i hate it when people start labelling me with name that doesnt even make sense to me...and making up stories that make you drop your freaking jaw.
worse still, being hypocritical.

(just wanna let out the beh-syiokness in me...don't worry people, i don't bite)
anyhow, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and i shall end this post with some love instead of hatred...
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone and have a lovely day with...
your loved one =)

May, first valentine in india....haha, should be a special one for you huh :p
beware of random oo lang(s) that going to approach you ar!!! and kel are going out tomorrow...after all, who said that Valentine's Day is only meant for lovers?? *bluek*

Friday, February 8, 2008

a birthday shoutout to


you're finally 21 =)
some facts about her
~very down to earth

~a true DOG LOVER. in fact, she owns more than 10 dogs!
~a super leehom fan
~most of her attires are in black, brown and white colour
~she has very nice hand-writing
~she is not a good singer...hahaha!
~she is still single! need i say more?

you always been the supportive one despite what i'm going through...
you're always the one who stay when the others walk out on me...
you have always been a very good listener and of course, a close friend of mine...
soon after our 2nd year end i know you'll be heading to UK instead of Australia to further your studies, but i truly hope that our friendship remains and never will end!

the latest pic we took together :)

May all your wishes come true and all the best in your futur-undertaking...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is supposed to be mine! GRRrrrrr....

my aunt bought this online and planned to give them to my grandma, but the size doesnt fit her...and it doesnt fit mine too!!!
in the end, guess who's the lucky one to bring home this pair of flat ballerina shoes??
MY MOMMY lah...
Chinese New Year is around the corner, and i bet i'll gain at least 2 kg during this festive season..a time where i can be pampered with lotsa delicacies, snacks, alcoholic drinks, etc without actually feeling guilty!

among all of them, i love bakkwa the most!!!
how can you resist something as delicious and addictive as bakkwa?? *drool*
whoever invented the bakkwa should be awarded a nobel prize lah....hehehe...
i'm not allowed to start eating bakkwa until chinese new year loh, so pitiful... =(

my dad received some hampers lately and this one caught my attention....

so holiao this hamper...(relatively) contains fish maws, mushrooms, red dates, american ginseng, bird nests, chicken essence and one alcoholic beverage. YEAH!

anyway, wishing you all a very happy CHINESE NEW YEAR! May the year of rat brings you lotsa luck and prosperity =)