Saturday, June 28, 2008

Better in Time..

from this week onwards (actually should be last week), our workloads started to pile up and every single test/practicals are followed one by another...6 more weeks before finals, gosh..
how am i suppose to deal with all the hassle bussle? for me, i'm still able to cope with all the tests, but when it comes to practicals, i literally can hang my head on the wall...

for next week alone, we have 2 BTE practicals to complete. a few days back we have been busying on searching for materials and chemicals in both biotech and chemistry labs, talking about hands on huh? apart from BTE, we also have a cloning project for genetics by the following week too. this project would take us roughly 6 or more days to complete!!! just got the outline a few days ago, the way our project leader a.k.a our lecturer planned the outline is like participating the survivor show.

DAY 1: Restriction digest + ligation
DAY 2: Transformation
DAY 3: Select/ isolation of transformant and recombinant
DAY 4: Growth of transformant and recombinant (14 hours)
DAY 5: Plasmid extraction
DAY 6: Determine who has successfully isolate the plasmid

sounds like fun?
i'm smirking at myself now, sarcastically...
and not to mention i have one presentation coming up for BTE, and the topic i'm in charging is...
Regulation, Patents and Society in the application of biotechnology!!!
psshhhhh what the heck...why on earth am i being chosen to do this topic?? this is like officially the hardest topics to present of all. bah~i guess i gotta start to memorize all the acronyms from now on =(

by the way, i'm currently hooked on
Leona Lewis's Better In Time.

Hopefully it will all get better in time~
keeping my fingers crossed...

Friday, June 27, 2008


i think everyone of us must have the experience of getting lete to class..
because we are STUDENT!!

but....if the class starts at 10.30am?
difficult to get late already right?!
but...not me.....
i woke up less than 15 mins to 10.30!!!!!
i was thinking to wake up at 8 to do my journal le....
what was i doing also don't know...even my friend was thinking wht had happened to me!!!

about the drama mentioned...i was so addicted to see the acting of lam feng..maybe i like his character in the soooo lam...especially with his sightness..a.ka. yan shen....
watched N times....
i decided to ...
delete it!!! before everything goes too late!
hard decision!

to whon it may concern,
shock news...i was as shock as you were...
i have no comment about XX is my friend too...:p
zap sang...but i would like to update myself with that...its important for me to update with it!!!got it!?!!:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

losing grip...

guess i've never been feeling so damn down before...
from this morning til the night, everything just didn't seem to go the right way..
i'm losing grip...
i'm so upset until i didn't have the mood to do anything besides this way i'm hoping that i'm able to load lotsa informations into my brain so that there's no space left for other craps/bullshit or whatever you call it.
why things always don't go the way i wanted?
i'm always at the losing end no matter how hard i try...
no matter how HARD i try....

i need some times of my own
self-isolation from now on til this coming monday
no msn, no phone calls, no anything.
i just want to be alone for once.

i'm just sick of pretending...
pretend that i'm fine when everything is not...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008!

i think i can watch the Olympics!! hopefully all the sports that i want to watch won't finish early before i go back!

have you got the album of the theme songs of olympic??
should check it out...i think its worth listening...!!:D:D:D


on the night i finished my exam, my dad told me one shocking news after he confirmed that my exam is over...
my uncle has passed away..i just couldn't belief that...
i thought he misuse some words or he was mentioning my uncle's father...
the truth is...
is my uncle xiao gu zhang...
he died on last thursday, when i was giving my pharmac paper...
and my mum asked my dad not to tell me first to disturb my fact, no one tell me...
such an important incidence but.....
well...he is not old..52years old only..infact i thought he is younger than my dad but maybe he always exercise or what..he doesn't look that old.. i was very close to him...
i could describe our relationship as the words i spoke to him in his entire life is less than the amount i talk to my other uncle in one hour!!~
we are very close relatives but this news bring only shock and no more....maybe you guys can read from the newspaper too...he died at the Number 5 hill near youth park~

i think a lot after that....
why do i have the feeling of shock only?no sadness ...nothing except shock and unexpected~that's it!
I suddenly realized that if it was my other uncle that really close to me (not by genes only) passed away,i would go mad...but not to HIM...why?!
and i guess, one day, my cousins and i will become stranger..lacks communication...lacks everything that used to exist between relatives~~

It is very difficult to accept the fact that i had reached the age which will always have to face 'DEATH'...i hadn't attend any funeral..except Mr. Lau one...i don't know anything about death~but, from now onwards, i think i will be taught with live;old;sickness;death....

ps: the lecturer that evaluated my exam seriously came to teach us on the first lesson...!!!
whatever my friend and i predict will happens occur...really hou geh hmm leng, chou geh leng!!!
and im watching drama gu ling jin tan and tai ji...what's next!?:D


Thursday, June 19, 2008

freak alert

Ishhh, this morning i was late to class again...(though this time was only 20 mins late *grin*) the class started on 9am but guess what, i woke up at 8.45am!!! actually i woke up around 7am already, but i couldn't beat the sleepiness and continue sleeping ;p
well, as expected, the usual basement carpark was full and so was the ground floor one...
so one of the guard gestured and asked me to drive to the lower basement (what? i didn't know that this basement actually existed! aiyoh...why am i so oblivious???) seriously gotta work on my sensitivity towards the surrounding...
by the time i drove to the lower basement, i was like OMG...why so cacat one? the floor was muddy, wasn't the concrete cement type of floor, and it was kinda dark there so i had to switch on the headlight while looking for a place to park. only then, one of the guard started to switch on the light...sweat!
after i found the perfect spot and parked, i heard a familiar Sean Kingston's There's Nothin playing. ohh, my phone rang....clumsily i pulled the phone out from my sling bag and looked at the caller ID display.
it just weird to receive call from this person cuz it has been ages since this person called me on the phone after we went through a couple of not-so-pleasant + awkward situations.
this person:" hey, still sleeping? today got class you know?"
me:" uhh, yea i know, i'm coming now.."

using all my remaining energy, i made my way up to the SUPER DUPER sloppy road which lead to the college side door. one of the guard somemore asked me to walk faster because it was gonna rain (heavily) soon!!! what the heck la...

as soon as i reached the class, i was panting heavily as if i've just finished a 10km marathon! so sia suei~~i need more to do more exercises!!!
then during one of the break, sir asked me to choose one of the options from the board...
it was about the date and arrangement of tests, quizzes, and assignments thingy
and my vote was the most "crucial" one...haha, as there was a tie between the options. so in the end, i just followed my instinct and chose the first option and that is:
quiz 1 ~ 5%
test 1 ~ 10%
quiz 2 ~ 5%
test 2 ~15%
i guess it's something like that...quizzes and tests, no assignment involved!!! *hooray* i didn't choose the other option cuz there's ASSignment involved and personally, i just hate doing ASSignments. So time-consuming and it just doesnt work for people, me especially, who works last-minutely.
sorry for those who wanted to do the assignment so badly! =p
since i chose the package which comes with so many tests and quizzes, then you should be able to tell already, that means i will have quiz and test for the subsequent coming weeks...gotta study my ass off!
one coming test for this saturday ---> principles of biotechnology
7 chapters!!! well....what more can i say?
*keep your butt away from the chair, switch off this freaking PC and resume your revision*

lastly, a picture of mine which taken EXACTLY 1 year ago!!! EXACTLY!!!

change much? doesnt change much?

who cares???

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My first block exam of my second year has finished!!!!!
YEAH!!!! and yup...ARHHHHHHH!!!
I am sooooooo sui and bad luck...during this period...(or its considered as good already!?:)i wonder!)
this block means a lots to me as i failed my first block in my first year and i played a lot during this 12 weeks time..spent a lot and so i think i should at least give a at least a not bad result to my parents to proof that i do STUDY, not only enjoying my life here! was fine...i hope so...except MICROBIOLOGY!!

i seriously wanted to F*** it ....i don't know why i want to use this word to describe my condition..but ...yup, 2 days back,this is the only word i felt to be suitable to describe me!!
Microb should be the subject i studied the most yet, the portion is almost unable to be completed...i left 2 parts in my practical which are less likely to be asked as my head was like going to explode..severe a bit fever...what the......
i totally lost my confident in answering the essay paper...unlike pathology and phamacology, i kept on questioning myself in the answer i had wriiten down...qi you ci li..thought i will fail the paper again...and the worst part will be the practical!!!!!
my headache was sooooo severe that i couldn't think properly or even write correctly...and i was in the second group--meaning my prac exam start after 3pm! i had been stayed awake from 3.30 am to tahan?!!!!

GRAM's Staining!! arghhh......

i was examined by a lecturer who seems very strict and i actually didn't want her to give me viva but...she examined at the end...
got bombarded by her questions and the worst part is that she wanted to look for me because of my journal~~

people....those who has passed microb,help me...
i mean BOTH OF YOU!

1) what is the classification of Gram's staining?
2) what are the significance of Gram's staining? (except differentiate positive and negative; bacteria and yeast)

There are more than 134 people giving their journal to be corrected...
i dunno how on earth she got to know i copy my friend's one...
i have no idea how stress will i be in her class when she teaches me later!!!!!!
92!93! <--92 is my friend; 93 is me....easy to call and ask question isn't it?!!?


why must something bad happen every half year im here?

1st--i lost my P
2nd--my laptop got infected
now!--there is a 'defect' in my handphone--you won't be able to hear what im saying...
i bought 2 phones here last year...and just started to bring one phone and the problems come...

HOW TO SURVIVE without HANDPHONE!!!?!?!?!?!

my roomate sent me one msg that day...very funny! let's see...

TOP 9 reasons why i want to become a doctor


2) I failed in MATHS

3) I like to stay in school FOREVER

4) Nobody can read my handwritting

5) My dad has extra money lying around
6) I've enjoyed my life enough i think
7) I can't live without TENSION!!!

8) I want to pay for my sins

9) I don't want to get MARRY before 30~

i personally would like to change the 5th on into...
5) i want to get a permanent black eyes.....

measure 1.5 cm from lower border of eyes..
i wonder if i didn't sleep one more hour just now..what will the measurement be?!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Love me without fear,
Trust me without questioning,
Need me without demanding,
Want me without restrictions,
Accept me without change,
Desire me without inhibitions,
For a love so free..
will never fly away...
-Dick Sutphen-

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

You can try to pull me down, sabotage or even manipulate me,
but remember,
what goes around comes around!


a quick one:
finally my line return to normal after went gaga a few days i miss you cyber world!
and guess what, as the ever famous "last-minuter", i have to miss out tonight's international night in my coll...*sobz* as i've to rush and complete my assignment and report.
DUH~my bad

oh yea, our new genetics lecturer came today...haha! he looks soooooo young la wei (looks around the same age as my bro!), not the geeky type of lecturer, not the uber cool one either =p err, no pic of him yet of's just the FIRST day, hehehe...will upload his pic when i've got the chance lol!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Guess Who???

Listen at your own risk!!!

really LMAO!

New Fav

i've found my new Favorite,hehe
he's cool, fun and more cool
he is JAcK JOHNson
he's now officially in my fav list already.i love his songs!it's really relaxing and finely performed by JacK.simple but not crude nor him

Sunday, June 8, 2008


who i HATE?
i HATE my sister!! you all so-called 'piu har piu har'!!!

she makes my life so miserable!!
makes my mum crazy for her!
yet, she did nothing about that!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


remember this lovely face?!

:)who will forget?
Its me, May!!
didn't see me for a long time le leh?? quite upset as noone answered my call few days back...
pity pity...
first, i would like to make a statement that:
No one should touch my body, that is dissect my body, do forensic stuff after im dead!!!
maybe i will not specialize into forensic medicine anymore as i feel very upset seeing all the bodies being cut off after death...and my lec told me that we should clarify that before death! should be a professional to do that but the procedure of dissecting the body is just not the way i can manage with my morality..
Doctor VS Murderer
from all the suspect,if one of them is a doctor...never never think that the doc is never a murderer!
he is able and has the most ability and knowledge to kill in a skill that the person may be looked die due to commit suicide!
we have to learn all things about this gosh...interesting but you will realize that to be a good or a bad just the matter how you carry things and how you think..一念之差will be the most suitable word i would use to describe! my lec told me some cases that she involved during her, a First year medical student commited suicide by stabing herself with a knife!
she counted properly the location of the heart using her anatomy knowledge and killed! FIRST YEAR only man!!! Luckily im in second year le...:S
the other case was a homiside case..the lawyer was trying to give some excuses and cause of death, hoping that that may mislead people from child abuse case. but with the knowledge, my lec actually explained the possibilities of each excuse he gave and confirmed with the honour that it is a child abuse case! it sounds interesting to have a class like that, yeah, i enjoyed it~but when i think of the dead body...they are so pity...i would be thinking why am i have to cover my body so much during live as i will be seen by so many people after im dead?!
i start wondering....
Science, should i stucked my life to it?
am i suitable to take science? you know...i like those myth which does not has the basis of science...and just like what my mum and death is seperated by 1 step only,beyond the will be in the other 'WORLD'! how long you will live is fixed~is it true?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i guess i just miss all of it.

i guess i just miss you girls.
my fresh semester so far is just another humdrum day to cope up with.
everything is just awfully dry right here.
as you all know,the freaking unbelievable connection simply driving me with innumerable ARGHHH!!
Ordinary is a very sensible way to live out your life,yet with a few peak of excitement of life would be perfectise it better innit.
i just miss everything we did already.
I guess i just miss May so much that i dreamt about her last night
that dream was just too sweet that i almost refuse to wake up and get my a$$ to class.
i dreamt that i met you at last and i gave you a real real long and huge hug at the first sight.i can't pull myself off.i guess i just really miss you.
I guess i just really miss Sue that everytime my head went blank
i'll think about what we've done in my previous semester break.
time flew faster than every breeze that we could barely feel it is actually caressing our face with loves and graces.
I guess i just miss Linda as well,i dreamt about her long time ago that i accidentally met her in somewhere in my dream which is covered with comfortable snow where i was so thrill.
i'm pretty naive to believe the tale that people once said that- what happened in your dream might come true one day.However,that is just stupid enough,therefore i decided to write this to let you all know what i dreamt last night after all.
Hence,i kept it to myself.Then few days ago,jun happened to sms me and said she dreamt something bad happened to linda,gently,i told her i guess she just misses her so much as well.
Life is short and fast.still i'm very glad and proud that you girls have drew a few chapters in my journal.but i kindly invite you girls continue to scribble it whatever it is.
love ya

of labs, demos and trips...

Just finished compiled all the college pics in a folder, so i would like to share some of the pics with y'all =)
p/s: all the pics were taken last year (2007), except for the Lam Wah Ee's.

demo at PCGHS

visit to BBraun Company and Factory

Pathology Labs at Lam Wah Ee Hospital

Demos at Chung Ling High School

hehe, that's me, demostrating on electrophoresis

Extracted Onion's DNA

Trip to Balik Pulau fish farm

Celebrating one of our lec's bday

Me, before rat dissection

Demos at Botanical Garden (Penang Floral Festival 2007)

before demo during IICP open day

all-black day, all the students are wearing black :p

Demo at Union High School

Before demonstration at Chio Min High School in Kedah

Last but definitely not least,

boring labs + test tube holders