Monday, March 24, 2008


before i reveal my recent obsession (besides Jason...), i wonder is that time actually pass faster when you are doing your revision? because for my case, IT IS!!! i'm mentally worn out now as i revised 2 chapters of genetics in a day. *exhale deeply* so i decided to post something here to sort of relax myself =)

about my obsession....
she's a singer, a mix japanese-italian-american singer.
she's down to earth and gorgeous.
she's charismatic.
she's a pianist.
she's so cool and real in her own way.
she's so freaking talented that i wish i could be like her someday *dreaming*

she is Angela Aki.

i could go on and on just to show how amazing she is...but it doesn't mean a thing if you haven't really listen to her songs.
i accidentally stumbled across this video of her in youtube and since then i'm so addicted to her and listen to her songs every single day. [check out the playlist at the sidebar...] among all her songs, Home, Love Is Over Now, Music, Rain, Kiss Me Goodbye, One Melody and Blue Shade (not in the playlist at the sidebar) are those few that top my own mp3 playlist.

Home by Angela Aki. She sings live so well!!!

Music by Angela Aki. Watch the ending of the song and you'll be amazed (at least i am...) she's so cool!

start supporting true talent and not some singer with no apparent talent and worse still, lips-synch.

the other reason why i like her so much is because her style which is easily distinguished from all the popular singers nowadays (the messy hair, the glasses, clad in t-shirt and jeans...)

i go with this kind of fashion sense too if you've noticed!!! hehehe... =p
just that i don't have sharp features and not as talented as her =(

p/s: May, how's everything so far? hopefully everything goes well for you both...oh yea, Kel, i actually dreamt about you choosing architecture course after this semester a few days ago! was that a sign or what???

when you couldn't get what you wanted, it's time to start appreciate what you've got.

this has been my msn personal message lately, just wanna share this random thought of mine with you guys. have a great week ahead =]

Friday, March 21, 2008

idol Rocks

Oh my God,oh my God
Sue,i really don't know how to choose right now
David Archuleta gave me goose bumps and Jason Castro is soooooo charming and he took my breath away!!!!
Gosh!!Jason is soooo sweet and charming and charming and charming and charming and.......
David is soooo cute and cute and cute and cute....!!
i really don't know who should win this cycle juat hope both of them get as far as they could,perhaps final two?hehe
i'm so in love with them!This week idol rocks!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

BFF :)

just in case you don't know what the abbrev. BFF is, it means Best Friends Forever :)
this would be the last....
the last outing with her...(the next time would be around August..)
before she leaves to india again =(

so despite having microbe test this coming friday, which means i gotta work my arse off to prepare for it, i didn't care so much and went out with her! hahaahaha...yea, you've guessed it, the "her" i'm mentioning is the rebellious May lah :p

it was tuesday afternoon, but prior to the outing i was actually having classes in the morning til noon. the last lecture was biochemistry and the lecturer dismissed us earlier as we managed to finish the syllabus in time, guess what? i was actually the first person to PECUT out of the class once the lecturer said "that's it for today..."!!! see lah, how excited was i and how was i sooo looking forward to meet you May???

we didn't really have a plan initially, but we ended up watching Rule #1 in the evening. after we bought the tickets there was still an hour to go until the showtime, so we went to search for something to fill our almost-empty stomachs. only after a while we decided to go to A&W and ordered....WAFFLES, floats and ONION RINGS!!! *yum yum*
don't know why we still want to buy popcorns and drinks to the movie...
hahahha, remember? both of us were so tortured to finish up the popcorns!? and also don't forget the popcorn-related incident which always happen whenever May is around.... LOL!

the movie wasn't bad though, but the xiao mei meis in front of us were damn annoying you know? scream and scream out of nowhere and.....erm, they were just plain annoying la.
soon after the movie finished we headed to padini and looking for something worthy to buy.

cool huh? but she didn't buy the cap :p

i can't believe i did it again! i couldn't resist all the discounts and offer....70%, 50%....
in the end, i ended up buying these:

"fun lok geh si guong goh tak dat pit fai, yao hai si hao gong bai bai lak"
it was time to go back and while i was fetching her home, i realized we haven't take any pic of us together....therefore upon reaching her home...

wei, i'm not prepare yet lah...don't be so aggressive...!

hah, my break for microbe revision is sooooooo long until i can post this up! geng ma?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

life s*cks sometimes

Well, life does suck sometimes.
my life is like totally heading downward like a stream toward a stupid ocean.
everythings seem to be out of control,
well,i do like animals,honestly...i like them when they are far far away in a cage of Africa while i'm watching them through a unbelievably square television.
hmm,today when i was rushing to my class at around 5.26pm probably and my class starts at 5.30pm. apparently i'm freaking late for the class.
i was alone,and when i passed through this path beside my hostel, i saw a black cat ,it looks like begginf for symphaty.
my first thought was like,'sh*t'
and the cat was like intented to LICK my freaking toes!
of course i was freak out.i took at least 5 to 8 min to get rid of the cat to rush to my class.
i like those fluffy pets, yea...those in the pet shop and being separated by huge glass,yea.
and my final exam is approaching and i still haven't start my revision,ishhh.time fly faster than whatever thing you could think of.
and i feel moody with a bunch of 'friends'
i frequently get some not-so-big-deal-arguments with some of my friends,just because of some disagreements.
and my mood has been switch off since those stacks of assignments dominated half of my to-do-list!
and i bet the internet connection of mine is the worst or slowest you could find in the world.
leave me some quote sue!!
anyway,take care.perhaps tomorrow would be another better day.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just Be Yourself

To be who are you
is to be enough.
To share who you are
is to share enough.
To do what you love
is to do enough.
There is no race to win
and nothing to be proven,
only dreams to be nurtured,
a self to be expressed,
and love to be shared.
Never doubt your worth,
and always know,
without any doubt,
that you are TRULY VALUED.
- D.Newman

besides Jason Castro, Ramiele Malubay is my other fav contestant in AI. check out her latest song, In My Life (studio version)
p/s: practical labs are killing me!!!
by the way, next monday we're officially starting our lectures in the new building =)
i'm kinda excited to be honest, hehehehe...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


4 timetables, the pink coloured is the latest one

okay people, my timetable has changed 4 times in the past 3 months...sounds good??? anyway, we're REALLY moving to the new campus this weekends, it's time to bid farewell to our not-so-lovely old campus. but compared both old and new campus, i prefer old one because the new campus seems very....err....dull?! especially the interior design, looks like some kind of primary school except for the fact that this one has lifts. and 95% of the building is WHITE in colour. DUH~~ is it that white paints cost cheaper?

one problem will still remain unsolved after moving to this new building would be... the students will be "fighting" for the parking lot!!! i'm one of the pathetic student lor....especially people like me only reach college at the very last minute, then somemore have to waste time finding a place to park. i've experienced that countless time, it was damn frustrating!

if you're wondering why am i still blogging now since final is approaching? hehe, it's because i just finished a chapter of biochemistry within 2 hours =) that would be make me feel less guilty since i'm online now. so i chose to do something productive ---> blog?! but don't get me wrong eh, i only blog ONLY if i feel like and have the right mood to do so :p

a lil' surprise for you guys....

please allow me to slot in one particular picture here, and that is.....(don't blink~~)



APA KHABAR? (i got the tudung from my sis when she came back from NS)
cantik tak? hahahahaha....

p/s: i just watched Jason Castro's latest performance If I Fell in YouTube, not his best but still love him anyway...
Kel, i realised that Jason Castro actually sounds like Jason Mraz!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough

now, let me feed your eyes with

my JASON CASTRO a.k.a the
eye-candy screen display (as though he's singing to me, lalala~)

guess what, i've so many pictures of him in my pc right now...wait a sec, let me count....about 30 of them (and still "growing")! hahaha! yea, i know i'm insane, i'm too old for all this stupid crush huh? but who cares, as long as it makes me happy :D
a must-do whenever i'm online ---------> listen to his "Daydream", "Want To Be Your Everything" and "Hallelujah". these songs will be repeated until i lost count. Sorry kel, but i'm still prefer Jason over David, hehe :p


early this afternoon when i was attending my microbe lecture, yea, it was bored as usual....zzzzzzz, so i started to scribble on sulin's note and then i looked at the calender.

hmmm....april 14th. the date for our final i counted the date left for us to get prepare for this BIG day...

33 days!!!! FYI, we have a total of 39 chapters, include biochem, genetics and microbe to study. Damn. Even if i revise 1 chapter per day it's not enough too. but but but, luckily i already revise some of the chapters during the previous test and am pretty know what's going on lah.... hence the calculations:

39-15 (5 for each subject) = 24

errrr...alright? which means i'm not suppose to blog already...?

by the way, during microbe lecture, our lecturer called some of us as barophile [microorganism which grows best in high pressure environment] but for my case it means i study best under pressure!

call me a BAROPHILE ;)

Random Blog Random Life

hey girls,it's been are you girls doing?=)

yea,i have a huge decision to make.but i don't seem to know which one is the best for me.

well,when your dreams crash into reality what will you do?

pathetically and non-surprisingly i seriously have Decidophobia which mean fear of making decisions.or maybe it's not that serious but though i do have difficulty in making may and sue know...ishh.

these kinda problem involve alotsa sub-problems,hah.

Yet,there is still question awaiting to solve.

give me some advice,interest or reality?

alright,sue..haha,i like JASON too.he's so sweet,and of course David Archuleta is cute as well.

anyway i think Danny is fun too,hah.

don't worry sue my love life is as blank as yours,but i'm not so sure bout dearest May!

lol,hmm...these day are just nothing more than ordinary too,i miss you both =)

this semester we're studying forensic's kinda complicated especially forensic,the method in purifying or identifying cocaine or whatever drugs are KILLING.the procedures, names and functions...bla bla's easier said than done, i think filming the CSI programme is much more easier,or not maybe...whatever.but they look cooler than my lecturer thou, forensic biology lec is fine,he graduated from Japan Uni,he's ok,

BUT,my forensic chemistry lec looks like another sibling of DOREAMON.i cannot tahan his hand-writing,it makes my head turns upside down.then only i realise he might have some spelling problems so he perform those "doctor's" hand-writing.

alright,i'll catch up with ya'll later,

loves =)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Me and Jason Castro. LOL...

it has been a week since i last saw you guys...
and i miss you two already :(
i heard you guys had fun at kl right?! why 'til now i still can't see any pics about the trip? MAY!!??
alright, i know you are probably super duper busy since you came back from india and there must be lotsa people who wanna spend some quality time with you too. as for Kel, i know her line sucks big time over there and is quite tensed up this sem...and she has a BIG decision to make...
Kel, just wanna let you know that no matter what your decision is, i'll always support you! =)

i'm living a can't-be-more-average life...not much happening here, so don't expect to see me blog about how great my social life is, or perhaps my lovelife? hahahaha...and if there is one colour to describe my current lifestyle, i guess it would be WHITE. hmm, maybe with a few black tiny dots?! anyhow, it's surely not as colourful as the rainbow. eventhough i've tried to make it interesting, i mostly end up sitting on the couch with my legs place on the table, eating some tit-bits, watching soap drama alone. shoot, now i sound like i don't have a life. *roll eyes*

and guess what, i'm still as sloppy as usual [my mum likes to use this adjective to describe me! seriously!!!]
my clothes are all over the place in my room, a few days before there were cobwebs near the ceiling there, yucksss... but my mum really cannot tahan already so she was soooo kind enough to help me clean it :p
nowadays, whenever she steps in my room, the first sentence that would ever come out from her mouth is...."please take a look at your room, it's sooooooooo messy and dirty, can you clean the mess up?" along with a disgusted face. i'm sorry mum, hahahaha, but i'm used to this kind of study environment. even if i clean up the room, trust me people, within 1 week it will be back to it's usual state!
not to mention i have food in my room too, especially biscuits on my computer desk for days, helping me to survive when i'm burning the midnight oil a.k.a rushing assignments and stuff.

for now, i'm planning to finish topic 6 of the microbiology and topic 7 of biochemistry during this weekend. but can i make it in time? hahaha....we'll see! *fingers crossed*
oh yea, my sis coming back this tuesday...hurray! i haven't see her for a month already....hope she has become slimmer lah :p

actually i still have a lot in my mind that i want to share here, somehow i just can't seem to put them in words. well, maybe it's not the time yet...
maybe next time...

taken using webcam, hence the poor quality.

anyway, did i tell you guys i'm so in love with Jason Castro now?? he's soooo talented and cute i tell you!!!

with those dreamy looking eyes and that killer smile....i'd tap that :p

nice right his dreads?? say nice, or else i'll....i'll...make you regret about it, muahaha!

i can listen to this FOREVER! <3

alright, i better get going and see who/ which party won in the election. hmmm, since when i'm so concerned about all these political issues?????

Monday, March 3, 2008

Vanity Strikes Us

Let the pictures do the talking shall we?
LOVE this the most!!! so colourful =)

2 white, 1 green...

2 white, 1 red...

2 black, 1 peach...

Mama with her girls...LOL!

k, let's end this post with a more "normal" and less vain pic...

we're like so......CUTE huh?!