Friday, November 28, 2008

Never in my life,
i feel so helpless.

but i know it will be alright...
just a matter of time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Foolish may!

i sent 4 photos to a stranger last night!
including photos which are very personal which i din't even put it in facebook~~~
oh MY GOD!!!
stupid...what else can be used to describe me!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Annual dinner 2008

THis is my last annual dinner in manipal..
what make i went to the function is to see the lecturers' performances...but...this year is a bit dissapointing loh....
and..i din't see venkat..the lecturer i think is the most handsome in india one!

what is this?
and this? i cut my face on the night before the annual dinner! so stupid..and they are really very painful!!! to go with the bleeding red lines?!?!?!?!!?faint....

anyway, after make up (by valerie), i went...
and this is the dress you guess chosen for me..:)
Dr. Shobha K.L~ head of Microbiology

Dr. Ullas Kamath~Head of Biochemistry and he is the awarded best lecturer,voted my our batch~~:)

chen chuan was a bit blur..

Kean teong was on Indian suit
i din't upload much here...because the line is a bit sort zorr...and i have to upload one by more photos---facebook!
but, the ultimately special and personal photos will be shown here only!:D:D

after that, we celebrated yeeyong and jien yeen birthday at KMC green
poor girl...became a cat already...

last few photos before the battery exhausted!

cute cute...^^

we are in frame?!
ok...i love no comment...:D:D:D:D
more is coming after my exam....which is going to start in 3 days time...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let Me Pass!

Just finished my electone performance exam this evening *exhale deeply*
i sorta fumbled during the impro B and also my classical piece (that was a super duper long piece!), but somehow i guess i did oooo-kay for my impro A and sight reading ba. The best part was the latin piece (free selection) which i did pretty well. *roll eyes*
ahh well, hopefully i manage to score at least 75, which is the passing mark.

pleaseeeeeee? let me pass?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Malaysian food fest 2008~~

im very busy recently...
non-stop activities!!!
i forgot how i passed through my past few weeks...
but exam is in 1 week time and the activities have not end!

first, is the basketball matches..2 matches are done..though i din't play much...but at least i supported my batchmates~~

second, malaysian food fest...

hours ago, i was having food almost nonstop for err....for about 4 hours??
oh no...
this year, some of my friedns are involved in selling the food..including cheng chuan and swee en...(they are quite popular here^_*)

waiting for the time to pass...>.<
finally...its 6.30pm!
sea coconut desert by swee en!
this is the first round food..chicken rice, curry mee, mee rebus, laksa johor, satay,herbal egg, tong yun, wanton, penget pisang,spring roll, green pea soups...............never ends...

fruit spring roll..unexpectedly good... you guys know that swee en is good in cooking?

if you miss chen chuan? he was busy selling...haha..the way he sells the food...oh no....really very funny...superb polite and the words he used were all very formal and proper too!
in between swee en and chen chuan (second from right) was the one who gave me papaya during my birthday! the left most is the one who is sitting besides fact all of us sit qquite near to each other!
yeeyong (any idea on her after she kept the long hair?) elsa and jien yeen
im not sure whether you guys can recognise him or not?
suddenly become very tall and thin...chin kak!!

i really hate this not removable!?!?
too full already...cannot sleep....>.<
volleyball match next morning..~~~haiz haiz....
more competition and matches coming up...
annual dinner on coming friday~
stay tunned for more...
but i think have to wait for me to finish my dearest block 3 exam first (=you guys final exam)le...
its on 25th!!!

good night!^^

Friday, November 14, 2008

Next Time

time passes really fast when you just want it to stand still for once.
time waits for no one, that's why i race against time and make the most of it.
but it takes two to make it in this case...
cuz i know there isn't much 'next time' left here, i just wanna fully use the time remains.
it scares the hell outta me to realise how time flies during this period, it literally scares me!

i don't want to appear as desperate which i'm not sure whether i am now, but too bad, i think...i am.

please be fair.

p/s: i wonder how many next time do we have?

Monday, November 10, 2008

MSP presentation

Mentor-student project--MSP!
this is the first medical-related project done in INDIA!
MY project is on myopia...
don't know whether you have realized one thing or not?---many chinese wear spectacles!!
that's why we had myopia as our project title~~

my group members...

actually all of us wear spectacles...just that he 'ai sui'
sue~in case you miss him?:p

Thursday, November 6, 2008


You guys probably won't believe this, but i actually brought my sis to club yesterday night!
well, wasn't fully my idea though, just to clarify myself before getting the bad sis award haha! as our parents were out to somewhere and we were left to do things over own. VERY OWN. yay right?
It was ladies night so the admissions were free to all the ladies.
The first club we went was MOIS. The moment i stepped inside, i was like what the hell? seems like everyone in the island was in the club. It was damn crowded! totally jam packed with people! There wasn't even a proper place for us to chill, not until i spot the so called perfect spot ---> the bar! Ordered vodka for dunno how many rounds cuz the drinks were also free that night.
This is also the first time ever of all my visit to club that i didn't step on the dancefloor because i need to jaga my sis who happened to be the first timer "clubber"? hahaha...

MOIS main entrance

some cool 42Below Vodka ads

the first bar, it was very crowded when we first walked in

the private bar which i call the perfect spot =)

sigh, i was like 5,6 meters away from the dancefloor.

they were having this sexy dance competition. hmm, very sexy meh? haha, she didn't win lor. it's nothing compared to last time we went to GLO one, dance til take off the clothes...who00!

you know? it was soooo hard to take a proper pic inside the club using my flashless hp camera.

so after MOIS, we also went in FAME (the former GLO) and Slippery Senoritas (SS).


SS (i heard it's a gay club?)

P/S: i bumped into one of the 4inx (hint hint!) in MOIS, but she pretend not to see me =/

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy birthday to our dearest naima!
Since you're going to USA soon, i don't want to give you any surprise already. hng, who ask you wanna pit dai me... :p
i wonder when will you welcome me to your new 7 rooms mia mansion??? hehehe...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is the month I've been anticipating.
will things turn out to be better? or...?
hmmm, i don't know.

I once heard someone said

"Don't hope,
you'll never get disappointed that way"

but somehow, there are still hopes and expectations.

It's too early to judge
and i'm keeping my fingers crossed again :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MY FACE!!!!!

Im playing basketball recently~
1st practice, i got a bruise on my arm
2nd, i broke my crystal
3rd, fine...
4th, the ball hit my face!!

my spec is gone...see??
so painful....what if the sccratch become a scar later??