Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life is short
Break the rules

Forgive quickly

Kiss passionately, Love truly

Laugh constantly

And never stop smiling
No matter how strange life is

Life is not always the party we expected to be

But as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I bid you goodbye

it has been 2 years plus since we officially started our relationship.

it was quite a tough journey then..
as i didn't really understand you well,
and we also didn't have much in common..
you thought i could read your mind, but you were being too ambiguous.
there were times when you made me stayed up all night, just to spend time with you...
tried to give up though i could't imagine how my future would be without you..
i'd probably feel like a dumbass.
you're so important to me.

but now, it's time to move on.
we're done!

no more biochemistry lectures,
no more biochemistry tutorials,
no more biochemistry pracs,
no more biochemistry presentations and assignments! =D

but i won't forget our last date, set on 18th of nov..
that's the time where you'll find out how much i had LOVED you xD

p/s: finally i've watched "Closer", a movie which recommended by a friend years ago (yes, years ago!)...and yea, Jude Law is still as hot as usual =P
the movie tagline caught my attention anyway
"if you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking"

Dan: You think love is simple. You think the heart is like a diagram.
Larry: Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist, wrapped in blood!

Larry: You don't know the first thing about love, because you don't understand compromise.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I thought ...

note: This post is not pin-pointing may and sue as well!!

I thought we're kinda friend ...
I thoguht i've been a good friend ...
I thoguht you understand ...
I thought i've knew ...
I thought i was right ...
I thoguht i've changed ...
I thought i've learnt ...
I thoguht we grew better ...
I thoguht we're both mature ...
I thought you're good enough ...
I thought i'm kinda an important friend to you ...
I thought i've done enough for being a friend ...
I thought compromis-ation involves two party ...

Apparently there is always some spaces for us to grow
but i find myself coping with it better this round: )

YET i always playing the role who compromises things
is it a good thing or a bad one?

Sometimes compromise making me weak, and it rides against my will
though my heart tells me i am WRONG, so wrong everytime when i confront myself

so we keep on learning ...
and I pray we all learn from our mistakes : )
mistakes are essential anyway
and there's always disagreement between us, i mean all of us
while comprehension makes the heart smiles~


before i continue, there's one thing i need to clarify...

KEL, i'm not referring to you, neither to MAY (anything relates to you both, i will tell directly de ma~) =P so there's no need to be paranoid ler ...
and have faith in me k? hehe...i know you always do!! =D



这完全是本人立场 =)

p/p/s: 最近突然迷上了jay chou 的<搁浅>和<轨迹>, 真是百听不厌! xD

Happy Birthday

Since noone wishes me here...
Let me syok sendiri!

Im officially 21 years old le...
or i should wait till the next monday which is my lunar birthday?!

thanks to yi ying who makes my dream comes true...i always daydreaming that one day anyone of you will come and visit me...and she did....i was so excited...time is limited ...hopefully the time can stop at the moment i saw you~
stop saying sorry dear...please...haha...
if not i will feel sorry to ask you not to say sorry to me d!!!:D

soon...we will have new photos for our waiting for it Sue~!
so im waiting for you sue~!^^


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The dreadful week

Wheeeeee!!! (and groan after that...)

finally, it's the last week of my last semester here.
hmm, we've came a loooooong way to reach this stage.
but most of us are still being dragged down by those which seem like never-ending coursework.. for me, they include a 3000words of biochemistry research topic essay,a presentation and a biotech test to get over and done with.
can't officially start my revision yet...*sigh*
why would they give us so much coursework where our internal marks only worth like 25% to 30% of the overall marks?

tension's building up, and everyone is rushing to complete their assignments, or whatever it is.
at least i'm not alone hehe... ^.^
by the way, sometimes the thought of going back so soon scares's not like i don't want to go back, but i just want to spend a little bit more time here. there are still A LOT of places i haven't explore yet for GOD's sake! one year is really not enough...
don't think i'm gonna continue honours here already, since i don't even bother to apply for it. unless i suddenly change my mind, but that would be very unlikely.
planning to continue masters, but a part of me just wanna take a break from studies for the moment. it has been years of studying, don't you feel sick of it? i know i DO.
when i'm indecisive, i let time tells.
but for now, it's time to conquer those coursework and then...the finals!
goodluck finishing all those assignments peeps! =D

p/s: a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 重色轻妹's bro! >.<

p/p/s: ahh! i've spoilt my 3rd earpiece here. GREAT!

the burst mode always remind me of my sister hahaa...xD

saja =P

now i understand why guailou-s love the sun so much..
i LOVE it too! spring is FINALLY here. for real..
and for both of you, HAVE FUN in malacca...
though it's without me! =P

Monday, October 19, 2009

Something's pulling us apart

People DO change (for the worse)
another true yet sad...sad fact :(

last night i was looking through my msn chat history, and actually read some of them.
particularly conversation between me and...
erm, let's call this person "xxx"

me and xxx used to have so many things to talk about in msn, and in real life too, face-to-face.
eventhough we saw each other quite often, the topic we had can said to be endless. when we were together, we talked, we laughed, we played pranks at each others, we told each other stuff...etc..still in msn, we still can chat like we've never seen each other for ages!

however, i've suddenly came to realise..
these days me and xxx have lesser and lesser things to talk or share with each other..
it hit me.
i hate to admit that we're drifting apart.
i've no idea since when, but it's happening...
i always think that being busy is an excuse, a really lame one.
you MAKE time for people and things that you treasure and love


now, the distance
the awkwardness
the memories
and most of all, the feeling of losing a real good friend...


p/s: perhaps any form of relationship that succumbed to the pressure of time, distance, and some God-know-what factors...
wasn't that genuine after all.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Melacca one day trip^^

Next week, i will be going for my second posting! That means, im in Melacca for 5 weeks already!
to be frank, i think i had tried many different types of food in melacca already! India makes me crave for food wherever i go..and the habit doesn't change after im back!!
However, melacca is not penang! choices of food are not much! if all of us are free and able to go here and there for meals, i can say that we will finish trying all the food in malacca in 6 months time!
For this deepavali holidays, im not going to hunt for food anymore. THe baba museum and A famosa draw my interest more and so, this evening, i went for a one day trip in Malacca!^^THe first place we went was the baba and nyonya heritage museum.

its incredible! and i got to know that more than 10 years of my life, i was staying in a 'museum'.my grandma's house and my dad's shop has some similar features with the baba house!!!! will be great if i can take photo inside!
got to contact melacan to tell us how to go to the next destination--
Guan-yin temple--the oldest temple in melacca!
Next, we went to another museum about melacca history. Many drawings and photos are inside the museum except this..who is he??
a Tradisional malay house~
saja posing..:p

old fasion trishaw?

after that, we went to christ sad that we couldn't enter it as it closes too early already...i thought church should open for the whole day d?!

clock tower? nope...don't know what statue is that...not stated pun~~:sYeah...A famosa!
I never realized that A famosa is so near to Pahlawan Mall. i been there for sooooo many times and parked so near to A famosa yet i never seen it!
i thought it should be very big..who knows only the main gate is left?! yer...
hehe...i think jian fa or justin can take better than this??;)

i just love this..!:D
Though Jonker street is very famous, it doesn't worth for going too often. Hence, we went to a nearby restaurant recommended by my sister and her bf---' Coconut house'! this is Italian meat ball.
yummy yummy~~^^
Pizza baked using charcoal~ the fish is a bit tooo salty loh...
Julie's kiss cookies~
OUr last destination of the trip is EYE on Malaysia that was moved from KL to Malacca! that was moonlight..:p
acrophobia loh....
before my camera 收工! was fun walking around using your LEGS! but i need yokoyoko now legs ahaven't rest since 10am le as i borrowed my friend's bicycle for a ride!
poor legs...;)

Happy Deepavali!! hehe..
especially for those who is in India now, like Dorothy..:) enjoy..
ps: i miss the fireworks in india...The fireworks are awesome!

Good night~!^^

Chocolate:) yummy..

To those who LOVE CHOCOLATE!!^^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today, Dr. Xanvier said a golden sentence of the day--no one can define perfection. Perfection depends to every single individual.

isn't that very true?
we always want to be perfect but maybe we are already perfect in someway?
how to be more perfect??

I think some of you had already knew that im involved in a stupid complicated emotion with myself~~
i doesn't want to admit that im falling for someone, recently, but the fact is, I am.
i promise i will not keep this feeling long as its disturbing me to study and to concentrate!!
It was me who wanted to know the reason why i keep on thinking on him..but now im really regret to know the answer as i really can't take it!!!

yet, i am curious about what he is thinking now?
Am i a perfect girl?


ps: i wish i can faxie in a violance way without being sent to psychiatry ward!

p/ps: i really beh tong Dr. Xanvier..keep on comparing us with IMU..if you like IMU so much, don't come here lah ban!!!

p/p/ps: im facing problem to get patient's sexual history! will you ever tell a medical student how often you masterbaht? are you having disinhibition on your libido!? did you have any sexual intercourse with prostitute? shit to ask in Mandarin? my ethics is restricting my questions to the patients!

Dirty old man

It's not unusual for any random stranger to strike a random conversation with you in adelaide. especially when you're waiting for bus or tram, sometimes when you're in the bus or tram.

but really wtf!!! @.@

i was wandering in rundle after my class in the afternoon, then when i finally decided to go back by tram, god know i did a very HUGE mistake! i missed the tram by a few secs which made me have to wait for the next one, in a very windy and cold weather! i checked my phone and there were 2 unread sms-es. while replying the msg, a man approached me all of a sudden! i think he's around 40s to 50s? don't bother la, in short he's an old man! dirty old man!
guess how this dirty old man started the conversation?
he praised me by saying i look very beautiful la, and started to call me sweetie la. OMG!
bla bla bla...and i noticed he was standing closer and closer to me while continue all those craps. he asked me which tram i was going to take, then i said to victoria square.
when i saw a tram finally coming, i was like sooooo freaking relieved! this dirty old man summore requested a hug from me! i was like WTF?! he brieftly hugged from the side, luckily didn't touch my front body, if not i'll scream man!

you think the story ends here? NO!
when the tram stopped, i kept pressing the door button, but the door just wouldn't open..only to realize that fucking tram was the "special" one. means no picking up of passengers!
i felt like hanging myself right at that instance!
that dirty old man came up and sweetie me again. this time things got even more sickening.
he stood so close to me as if he was gonna kiss my cheek! sometimes even put his dirty hand on my back. i kept facing the other side without looking at him, while trying to keep a distance from him, but he somehow stood closer and closer, then he started his craps again la...
he even asked if he can follow me home!!!! walao eh, can he be anymore desperate and disgusting? he also asked if i got boyfriend or not, of course i said yes. he started to crap again by saying he's jealous of my boyfriend la, my boyfriend is lucky to have me la...
"actually i was about to ask you're really beautiful~~"
wtf! the tone together with the perverted look ar, i don't know how to describe already. doesn't he own a mirror or something? find someone your age please la...

when he saw another tram coming, then he also gave up hitting on me.
"it's nice meeting you sweetie, what's ur name? i'm robert."
rob lei geh sei yan thao!

even after i boarded the tram, i still can feel the chill all over my body.
damn! wasn't that sick and disgusting?

p/s: to all the girls and ladies out there, please beware of dirty old men! you should know what exactly they want from you.

p/p/s: this is what i read from the horoscope section in a magazine today,'ll attract the sort of guy you thought was way out of your league or perhaps he's little older.

correction: he's not little older...he's old enough to be my dad!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Favorites


p/s: 爱情里的 “我的最爱” 和电脑里的 “我的最爱” (My Favorites)一样,
喜欢就 keep,不喜欢就 delete.

载自 <我的最爱>
L for Love, L for Lies.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009








Monday, October 5, 2009

Love is not all around

a scene from the movie love is not all around.
i'm so addicted to this song! though it's simple, yet captivating. this is the short piano version of his song "无能为力". ohhh so nice~
and stephy's sooo pretty! ;)

it's the last day of holidays already.
haihz, really fun lok geh si gan goh dak dat pit fai, yao hai si hao gong bai bai...

exams on the 18th and 20th of november.
not much time left, better work hard man...better work hard!
then after that, i'll say hello to melbourne again =D
after melbourne, hello to my dearest PENANG! ^^

p/s: don't know what's freaking wrong with my stomach, sometimes out of nowhere i'll get this excruciating pain...there were a few times recently where i got awaken by the pain from sleep :( hopefully it's nothing serious..

Friday, October 2, 2009

LIfe in Malacca

I think most of you had realized that the column at the right hand site doesn't have India-Karnataka time anymore! YES, it will not exist in our blog again as it is meaningless to all of us now as Im no longer in INDIA now~!

Im currently continuing my studies in Malacca.
A historical city like Penang. Yes it is!

There are many similarities between these 2 states
example, the old building, the nyonya style of food, hokkien language (though it is different from us)...etc.

Malacca is not big..but im quite satisfied with my hostel room now.. sister came to visit me 2 weeks after i came to malacca!^^
so happy~~!!

talking about hokkien..
for sure, understanding hokkien gives me advantages while clerking case from the patient.

WHY WHY WHY?! in the PSYCHIATRY department now, as my first posting in Malaysia.
Psychiatry is a completely different field if compared to other posting. It emphasizes more on chatting with the patient rather than examination. Most of the time, the diagnosis is made based on the 'stories' of the patient instead of the examination. i need to be in the hospital for a long time though the seniors are having exam and we are not allowed to enter wards for this week. Im lucky, so that i will have more time to see different kind of patient, am i right!?

On monday, i was very satisfied with the case presentation section as i understand the case presented. unlike in india, we were told to sit at the side doing nothing and understand nothing about the conversation.

My interest on psychistry grows on tuesday.
The patient couldn't understand or i should say she is unable to answer the interviewers' questions.
Q-what is your name?
A-zetty.....(after a while)...fatimah....Zahir?!???!
Q- how many children do you have?
A- one is 23, one is 22, one is 19.......
she never answered '6'
she is having schizophrenia! During the interview, as i wasn't the case presenter, i was quite relax in watching how they get the informations from the lady. On the other hand, i was quite worry as i don't know how to pass the exam later if i got this kind of psychiatry case!!

wednesday was a crazy day!
i woke up at around 6 to get ready to go to Muar hospital which takes one hour to reach there. As we don't know where should we go, we were walking here and there, from isolated area to main building and from there back to isolated area again~my friend and i were allowed to enter operation theathe by chance. but it doesn't seem to be a good sign after all...i got scolded by nurses!!! on earth i know the door is for us to enter OT after changing? i went to a wrong way after changing the sterille, the nurse bang into the changing room and scolded us daomei! i DONT KNOW the structures of the hospital mar!!!!
it was such a relief after we left the OT and changing room as well!!
Next, everything becomes interesting when the patient is chatting with the psychiatry doc in Mandarin or hokkien!! all the patient that came to my doctor's cllinic speaks mandarin! pity the other 2 group members as they are non chinese~! last, we chinese have advantage over malays!!!!:D:D:D
As we went to Muar and the bus started his return journey late, we arrived 3 minutes to 2pm whcih is the time for our theory class!!
excuse me!? this is my third day of class! must it be so pity and stress!? one cup of milo have to give me energy from 6 till 3:30?! siao eh!!!! T_T so unhealthy...thanks class finished by 3:30 that day!

Thursday wasn't as relax as we thought,even though we were back to malacca hospital~
we were the only group that went to hospital everyday even in the evening till 5pm! others have their classes finished by 1pm!!! In that evening, there was only 2 people sitting outside the clinics. the younger male is very obvious that he may have some illness; the lady that was sitting beside him looked ok...but a bit scary as she always stare at one point. 阴声鬼气的!
i swear that i was just joking when i said maybe both of them are patient! they are! the son is toooo quiet and the mum is tooooo hyperactive and protective towards his son. it was a pity case. the grandma is having schizophrenia but is under control as she takes medicine regularly and she is able to work and take care of her daughter and grandson; she stays with 2 daughter in which both are hyperactive and aggressive! one of the daughter was the patient sitting with her son. her husband died few months after the child birth and since his death, she went mad! Imagine, if a kid is grown up in a home that has 3 mad women, can he be alright?! so, the grandson becomes quiet and he may has autism or depression. A family with all the members having psychiatry problems...though it maybe due to genetic, isn't it too unfair to them? shouldn't we be thankful that we aren't one of them?!
i was mentally much on thursday because of the aggressiveness of the mother...she scared all of us who understand MANDARIN!!!

Compared to thursday, the patient we saw on friday seems to be a bit funny and less stressful. he was drug overdosed and he has illusion. when he asked for lighter to light his 'cigarette', you just need to hold a pen in your hand, move your hands nearer to the cigarette and make a sound of 'tick' to indicate the fire has come out and lighten the cigarette. He enjoyed so much on smoking..he can tell you that the smokes is coming out and he is very comfortable! hell... also, he creates story--> comfabulations! whatever you tell him in this second, he will use some point to create a story to answer your next question!

Mid-autumn festival...
this year is even worse than last year. Last year, i was in india and so i cannot celebrate with my family. we were very exciting and looking forward for this year festival. YES, im in Malaysia now, but im not in penang! and a weekend is not enough for me to go back home. i ended up 'celebrating' my poor festival in the college. My friend organized a small gathering and tanglung procession at the taman for fun. I don't know what's wrong with Malacan: the streets were soooooo QUIET! no one was celebrating!!!! and someone who maybe our lecturer scolded us from the house (that next to college and hostel) for making noise and disturbing his sleep! guess what? it was only 10:30!!!! please lah..being a chinese, its already a shameness for not appreciating a traditional day. how could you scold us for celebrating it? our attitute towards traidition should be encouraged but not the other wise!!!
Last but the least....
finally...we were able to meet at the last few hours before i left to malacca during raya break!!
it was a tiring day for both of why do we have to waste the time to go out instead of i go to kel's house..lying on her bed.. chit chatting...sharing everything....JUST LIKE USUAL!kel's sister new pet! tortured by us for the whole evening!

as round as it!

whose teeth?!?!! ^___*

tempting moment isn't it?! fai de come back lah sue!!!!!!