Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 2010


Memorable day for my family--my sister's 26th birthday ; the day when she becomes Mrs Lock legally.....:-)

emm...feels weird....
Still remember i wasn't very like my sis's bf when we first met..remember, i used to complaint this and that about him to you guyz....high expectation and being very strict and not friendly to him.... as time goes, i become feelingless...don't like him, don't hate him....

and then, I started to treat him as my friend without realization....
then, i helped him to prepare his wedding's stuffs....It sounds weird when i recalled that i actually did that!!

I was having dilemma whether i should skip class and attend her ROM for like about 2 weeks.
should i go? shouldn't i go?? had been haunting me for 2 weeks till the afternoon of tuesday!! maybe i need the help of rose to decide?? The decision was made as simple as such: there is no return if you miss a moment with the loves one especially family.. The happiness of being together to witness a marriage ceremony of only sister is priceless...

recalling the faces of my papa, mama and my sis...they are actually very very happy to see me there though they kept nagging me for skipping class...even her bf...opps......~!!

SOmehow, i accepted the 'brother-in-law' (correct?!@@)
when it started?? i don't know...
but as long as Sis is happy!! the moment i find him bully my sis...........wo yao ta hao kan!!!XD

Huggiez to my beloved friends and family..!!~ the most important people in my life...^_^
ps: my room is fulled with love now!!:D

Monday, October 11, 2010

After All the Busiesss

It's time to get back reality =)

May and Sue might get really surprise that I posted something here, lol

I am now officially unemployed, hahaha.. And it's kinda freaks me out in the early of this stage as I need to write resume!!!!! And I was like finding excuses from doing it, hahha... I've started it few hours ago and up till now, all I got in my resume is just my name, address, mobile and e-mail... hahha

Bore fills me while I am watching shows and playing games randomly for the WHOLE day in Belfast, and then I started to think my life should have something more than that, lol. Feel like moving on my life =)

However, I am kinda clueless where to go and what to do. What my future boss gonna be? Where am I going to stay? What kinda suffocating jobs that I'm gonna get? What kinda restless days I am going to get myself into?

People are always unsatisfiable like me, lol. I know, we're not going to happy with whatever we get. But I am still grateful for all the graces =)

Even though I do not have a clear vision in my future, but I really do have faith in God =)

Peace out =P

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How come?

I'm being such a cry baby lately...

it's has only been the first day here but i'm hoping to go back already..

perhaps starting the first day with some unfortunate events make me homesick, been missing him like crazy and having the urge to go back so badly.

eventhough it's only for 2 months, i never feel so lonely here and ironically i'm here with another 7 people, compared to last time when i went over to adelaide alone, i didnt feel so much lonely back then.

i never feel anything like this before, even my mum wanted to off the skype just now i still purposely like dragging the conversation to be longer.

i need to be strong!
i must be strong!
maybe it's time to sleep, will probably feel better tomorrow~