Sunday, August 30, 2009


what a meaningful commercial... =)


be contented of what you already have,
rather than complaining about what you couldn't possess.

Friday, August 28, 2009


i've noticed that i have an ability which i'm not very proud of...
and that's, sitting in front of the laptop for HOURS doing absolutely nothing productive. seriously, i can start sitting in front of it ever since i come back from uni and only manage to get my butt off the chair when i wanna go to the toilet/cook/and finally sleep.
if there's nothing important waiting to be done, it still okay, who cares if i sit there for the whole freaking day...but the same persists even when i actually have something BETTER to do like revision and assignment to be completed. speaking of which, i have one major assignment due next week. kanasai!
maybe i should learn how my housemate does, carry her stuff from her room to the living room to do her assignment, to avoid distractionsssss =P

by the way, Colbie Caillat's new album is out!!!
i think she's getting prettier and less resemble to jennifer aniston!

one of my fav songs in this album

...oh this is not the way it should end,
it's the way it should begin~

another thing is, my hp is officially half spoilt! darn! the usb port is damaged :'(
i can't charge my phone, can't transfer files using the usb cable nor i can listen to mp3 using my precious phone while walking to the bus stand, to uni, from uni, to home, on the bus, to avoid dealing with annoying/weird people, before sleeping, during revision, cooking (sometimes)..etc..
dang! totally crush my full usage of the phone.
and basically now my phone is in a pretty much dormant state. how pathetic is that?

but desperate times call for desperate measures,
so there's always another resort...

my 16GB worth of songs.
ahh~ bliss xD

p/s: Julie and Julia's OST isn't bad too! kinda reminds me of Ratatouille's..kinda =P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


刚刚看到一个朋友的facebook status:

面对你无理的对待, 莫名的冷漠



Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Are You Now?

dedicated to whomever it may concern...

To my favorite teacher
Who told me, never give up
To my 5th grade crush
Who I thought I really loved
To the guys I missed
And the girls we kissed
Where are you now?

To my ex-best friends
Don’t know how we grew apart
To my favorite band
And sing-alongs in my car
To the face I see
In my memories
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

To my first girlfriend
I thought for sure was the one
To my last girlfriend
Sorry that I screwed it up
To the ones I loved
But didn’t show it enough
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

And I’ll never see those days again
And things will never be that way again
But that’s just how it goes
People change, but I know
I won’t forget you

To the ones who cared
And who were there from the start
To the love that left
And took a piece of my heart
To the few who’d swear
I’d never go anywhere
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Cause I’m thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am

If it wasn’t for you
I would never be who I am
If it wasn’t for you
I’d be nothing
Where are you now?

p/s: so, where are you now?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A memory....

my sister was looking for shaolin soccer videos in youtube..and i found this...
perhaps...this will delight your day...:p



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

oh my guilty pleasure..

Last night,
our post dinner consisted of....

a huge triple chocolate mousse cake!
i think the diameter of this cake got 30cm and height, 8cm.
weight at least 1kg o.O

and a bottle of wine.
we all agreed that it was the sweetest wine ever
and guess who got the lobster red face after drinking the wine? gotten high d... =P

jeng jeng jeng jeng,
it's our housemate's birthday!
happy birthday sherlynn =)

and the funniest part was we went peeping our neighbours staying opposite us, the 2 angmohs who always work out in their living room (heard that they even lift the dumbbell while waiting for their food to cook) with their blinds open widely! and we nearly get caught red handed peeping! phew...that was close~

anyway, thanks to the organiser, who always treat us eat...probably mooncake is next? heheh.
but despite being the eldest in da house, our 大家姐 is no doubt the most mischievous and hamsap one. and 大家姐 probably will be heading back to hong kong end of this year...same as me!

p/s: check out Peter Chao in youtube. jeremy, i think you'd like this kinda stuff ;P
this one literally cracks me up! and he's also the reason i stayed up late recently eventhough i've 9am class the next day hehe! can't help watch em' over and over again...siao right?
disclaimer: his site contains excessive vulgarity.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


FINALLY, I left india;
FINALLY, I come back to Malaysia;
FINALLY, I am here where i belong to!
Welcome back!^^

Saturday, August 15, 2009

play safe.

"are you in penang now?"

this is the question i got asked in msn lately.
LOL, i'm so not in penang la guys, i wish i am...
i know most of you miss me very much *wide griiiiinnn*
actually i feel kinda significant when you guys tell me ur holidays back home wasn't as fun as when i was around (i'm sure you meant it right?!) meaning that i play a quite important role in making ur holidays a FUN one =D heheh! proud nee..
anyway, blame the bad timing =(

by the way, this sem is relatively more free than previous one. as i've only have one subject that has practical. syiok? nope. instead i smell the tendency of slacking even more! i can't afford to slack like shit in my last sem man...i just can't! arrgghhh~

guess who?? =P
play safe, use Malaysian rubber. hohoho!

more free time this sem also means i've more time to...
do nothing productive.
sticking my butt on the chair, sitting in front of the pc whole day is not a good sign.
but i'm loving it =P

on a side note, i wonder when will winter officially come to an end?

p/s: feel extremely hungry now.
and the best way to overcome it, SLEEP!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the last winter

i love random shot of the sky and trees (especially bald one)

where i always find my serenity.
calm and peaceful

time really flies, it's week 3 already (practical going to start from week 3 onwards =/)
don't think i've accomplished much but wasting money day by day. sorry ya papa =P

anyway, would this be my last winter here?
spring, i'm awaiting...
summer, i'm anticipating...time to head home =D

p/s: it has been 2 years and a half.
welcome back MAY!!!
have a safe trip back home
don't forget my henna eh?! =P

march 2007.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finger crossed


' you have to come back safely, 13 days are left only!'
this was what my mum said to me earlier.
not only I want to go back but the people in Malaysia is looking forward for me as well.
she is one wants any unexpected incident to occur in this 13 days period.
13 days are going to be longer than 2 years from now onwards because they are waiting for me....

im praying hard for my friend who is in ICU right now...
one week has passed, its time for you to wake up and go back HOME!
come on! wake up and recover soon!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i don't usually do this.