Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Bit Here And There in Adelaide

whoa, time passes super fast in adelaide, at least i think so. it has been 3 weeks plus since i touched down here. i'm pretty much adapted to the weather and people here, but there's still room for improvement of course heee! and i get less homesick now...
classes will be started on this monday, seriously i can't wait to resume my study life again, as i've been study-less for around half a year prior to this. urgh, hope my brain is still able to function well =P

i only have 2 subjects this sem, which are molecular and structural biology III (biochem3000) and genes, genomes and molecular evolution III (genetics3111). although it's only 2 subjects, but it's the practical sessions that use up most of the time. 5 hours for biochem pracs and 4 for genetics...phfff.
one thing i realised abt the students in faculty of science, especially the white guys, they are certainly not nerds! most of them look like those surfer dudes, quite yeng also. muahahaha!

i know i've been slacking in blogging most of the things aren't up to date at all. AT ALL. LOL.
well, let me recall what i've did so far...

been having movie nights for a couple of times here in the village, the common area has to be booked if we were to watch movie there. so far i've watched the transformer, shutter, the curious case of benjamin button and underworld 3 there. basically that are only 3 things we can do in the common area, watch movies, pool and pingpong. oh ya, there's also a tv there which can be used to play Xbox.

hmm, basically after the Glenelg trip, we had a BBQ lunch in our village, which was the usual sausages and soft drink thingy again. the purpose of this outing was let us to know the residents in the village lor. the new and the old one.
that following week was just attending orientation and stuff, nothing interesting.
we went to Victor Harbor on the friday and it was...err, tiring? on the way to Victor Harbor we stopped by the Urimbirra Park and yea, i saw kangaroos and koala bears! whoooo~

50 cents for the animal food...

Short beaked Echidna!

-one of 2 eggs laying mammals, the other being the platypus, use their snout and long tongues to lick up termintes and ants

feeding kangaroos

koala bears~
kangaroos shitsssss everywhere!
Victor Harbour

then 2 days after that, had a trip to Port Adelaide and the dolphin cruise. oh boy, i should have listen to my senior, it was indeed quite...boring! the dolphin cruise was like 1 hour and 45 mins long and i've only got to get a glimpse of the dolphins for like...5 seconds?? urgh! not to mention that the sun was extremely bright and hot that day too, i got sunburnt after all =(
bad...bad experience...maybe we chose the wrong timing to go.
Port Adelaide market..

O' week started on the 23rd, and only then it feels like the real orientation cuz it involved not only the international students, but also the locals. the orientation here was sooooo much fun and cool compared to those back in malaysia. they had lotsa interesting programs and activities to suit different people. me of course, cannot miss out the fun also la..
Saw Jeremy during the faculty of science welcome session (something like that), after that both of us went to the BBQ again (specially for science students)
hehehee, then the fun began soon after that, we went for freebies hunting! actually it seemed like i was the one hunt for freebies la, he only accompanied me =P
one of the freebies was actually a condom lol..i also managed to grab a pack of tampons when he renewed his AUU membership HAHA!
condom and tampons =P

yesterday night was the opening for Adelaide Fringe Festival. actually i don't really sure what is it about, but it looks like this festival is a hype here. since i'm here in adelaide, might as well go and see what's it about.
was actually planning to go there by tram, too bad the tram was tooooooo crowded so we decided to walk there. sigh.

oh no...only then i realised actually adelaide can be quite a happening place also! despite having countless of nearly life-less nights here which causing me thinking that people here are sooooo...un-happening lol. for the first time i saw CROWDS in adelaide city, summore at night! it feels like a fun fair to me though...but back in malaysia usually people don't really drink alcohols in fun fair. but here, literally every single soul drinks.
for the very first time, traffic jam in the city..
for the first time, crowds in the city

too boring d, let's front of the state library

basically did nothing there except for some photo capturing, camwhoring and observed how those drunkards behave. i remember one of the drunkard actually jumped in front of a moving car and shouted:"STOPPPPP!" and then followed by "SHIIIITTTTT!" summore with some funny hands gesture. hahahahaha! laugh my ass off nia!

p/s: meet up with Eelin a few times since she came back. it was really fun hanging out with her =D thanks for her, now i've more collections of camwhoring don't forget our new taglines! "you skinny little thing" lol...
first Billy Baxter's with you
first Boost juice with you

Sunday, February 22, 2009


IM RELIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

update some news lai....

after 4 days of torturing....morning practical evening viva...night study for tomorrow....
i can go for trip le...

my sis is here too....
see what she brought for me?

kui kah peh...
toh dao kuih...
bah gua....
bah hu piah.....
.......list goes on...............:D:D:D:D:D


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rundle Lantern

purposely went to rundle street and watch this during valentine's day....

p/s: i gave up uploading the pics. hah! this clip will do good =)


MMMC first year book has been released....done by my senior batch (mostly)~~

and what do people commenton your friend--me??

'May is a charming girl who is friendly and approachable. very tall. basketball player of batch 20. A very nice girl to know.'


what do you think?


well tall..i agree...

very embarass about the next i didn't play much also...

nice to know me...?? doubtful.......


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Glenelg Beach

haha, dunno why i just lose the zest of blogging since i came to adelaide. but anyway, here's a lilttle something i wanna share with you guys. i went to Glenelg beach yesterday and i think it was the first time i travelled outside of the city to the suburb. Me and a couple of friends went there by tram. luckily yesterday the weather wasn't really cold like previous days. anyway, here are some pics taken...

is it kancil? or a daihatsu?

the tram

Glenelg Beach

Beach House
Some dried seaweeds...?


the 5 of us =)

Cute ming hui ran towards the seagulls...haha!

Sunset beautiful!

had the very famous fish and chips in adelaide for dinner...
After the dinner, we headed back home by tram again, the weather turned cold again....was literally shivering while walking back home, AGAIN! the sudden change of temperature, no wonder sick for so many days still can't recover la...
p/s: LOVING the blue blue sky in adelaide! most of the time the skies are cloudless...
p/p/s: i wonder is it that the ppl in adelaide don't use a bolster when they sleep?? i was searching for one for so many days still cannot find, in the end i settled with a tri pillow instead =P
i miss my bolster back home....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey people, i'm in adelaide for 5 days now. still adapting to the new weather, surrounding and the people. Things weren't go really well for the first day but it's definitely getting better and better now. since i've got internet connection in my room and some new friends, not to mention international one too =)
lotsa pics being taken but i'll find time to upload soon la, hopefully...and cuz we have the internet quota thing here so i've got to be careful not to exceed it.

and ya, i've never been getting around to places by buses and trams so much in my entire life until i got here. it's great that they have free bus and tram services here, that's a lot of money i can save up in a year. however, the food here is kinda expensive though, i still remember the first meal i had here was roasted pork rice, something like that which cost me 7.50Aud! do the maths yourself...and it's really expensive. one thing i like it here is that the fruits are cheap, really cheap during certain period. i just got myself a packet of strawberries (around 20 of them) from the central market for only 1Aud! hehehe...

been to the uni orientation for 2 days already, and still getting used to walk around the campus and hopefully am able to remember all the buildings and their locations without the guidance of the uni map when lecture commences next month. haven't enrol yet but will do so next week after the information session by the faculty of sciences.

i can sense that more and more exciting and interesting events are waiting for me soon...there are some trips specially organised for the international students. gotta charge my camera batt and of course, recharge myself so that i've max energy to enjoy the fun and meeting more and more new people!
the people here are soooooo friendly until it kinda freaks me out sometimes lol...
totally...i mean TOTALLY cannot be compared to the people back in msia. i mean generally la.

p/s: the weather is getting colder now and now i've got sorethroat and slight flu =(
my throat is sore to the extend that when i wanna videocall with my family i can't even talk properly, end up typing anyway. sigh.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Love is like an antique vase, it’s hard to find but easy to break…..

Love will die if held too tightly,
Love will fly if held too lightly.
Friendship often ends in love,
But love in friends never end.

You may only be one person to the world,
But you may also be the world to one person..

To love is nothing…
To be loved is something…
To love and be loved is everything.

Anticipation is sweet…
When you are sure of the outcome…
Don’t marry a person you can live with…..
Marry someone you cannot live without..

Kindness in words creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
Kindness in giving creates love.

One word that frees us of the weight and pain in life…..

To love and win is the best thing,
To love and lose the next Best


今天你做了甚么 明天你要做甚么
要往前走还是往后 要往左还是往右
我的路每一步该怎么走 有谁在等候
一路向前走来到十字路口 Wo
不管你是哪一个 哪个都阻挡不得
我用自己的选择 让我发光发热
不满意我又如何 为甚么要听你的
我行我素的风格 就是忠于我选择

系个宗教 定个书包
令你安全 觉得可靠
冇人敢考 冇人敢教
你一生 你去调教
从前的懵懂可笑 未来的没人知道
等待拥抱还是寻找 要咆哮还是祷告
只有我最清楚我的需要 不用指教
不管你是哪一个 哪个都阻挡不得
我用自己的选择 让我发光发热
不满意我又如何 为甚么要听你的
我行我素的风格 就是忠于我选择
不管你是哪一个 哪个都阻挡不得
我用自己的选择 让我发光发热
不满意我又如何 为甚么要听你的
我行我素的风格 就是忠于我选择

p/s: Happy Birthday Linda! We all miss you very very very much!!! hope you're doing well wherever you are right now =)