Sunday, July 25, 2010

All u need to know about INDIA

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


People used to think that the life in Melaka will definitely better than in India. This is what I will call it as overestimate our own country living condition and standard.

For sure, at times, i will compare Melaka and India. I used to looking forward for the return to Malaysia as i thought that i can meet family and friends more frequently; a more familiar environment will not give troubles on adaptation. But, now i have to admit that its somehow not a very suitable place to study, firstly. Next, I expected too much from Melaka (or just take Malaysia).I want everything to be perfect but they never be as there is no perfection in this world.
Hence i don't get the maximum joyful whatever I do.

Every time i go back or go to KL, i need to PLAN.
Every time i plan to leave for short holiday, I hesitate.
Every time i want to make a promise, I hold back.
Every time i go back, I worry.Every time i came to Melaka, I feel tired on traveling.
Every time i feel very hungry, I eat outside my campus;
Every time i see the bill, i feel guilty and regret.

Nothing seems to be OKay...

Lets see what is in my mind for July that i want to share now..
A student's life is nothing but study, exam and play.

starting with study...the beginning 9 days of July is the last days of me in Orthopedics posting of 4th year. Simple end of posting exam but unexpected questions. I had been worrying about the consequences of not having enough exam for this posting since the beginning of it. Yes, i didn't type wrongly. I DO hope that there is an exam for me as a practice. Despite the stress, I could gain more experience when exam goes on. God knows what kind of answer i will give when my stress level increases!:)

It was a friend's birthday on 9th july.
(I don't have to mention the name le gua?!)
almost 30 of us went to celebrate for him and another 2 friends. Oh ya, One of them is my zi mui here--Carol aka Chyong Tze... Emm, many of them said that i looked different on that night. I don't know how different do i look to him but i hope that he will not feel awful and perasan lah. Seriously, that cloth belonged to my sister which she doesn't want anymore. Haha...didn't know that an old cloth could make such a difference , just because it's a dress!? lol....hopefully he will not think that i purposely go and dress up during his birthday?! sounds like I am 'fat hao'!! After the dinner, i was surrounded by a gang of girls in the hostel. Everyone was so free after the end posting. Sadly, no news and bat thing to share with them..||| Its too late to ask me:' what's happening between you and him??' or 'both of you ON already is it?" lol...SWEAT dao....:s:S:s
My conclusion of the day is: I am good in Cheating people, acting, whatever you say and in My college, in my batch, students are good in IMAGINATION!! and of course...SUPERB 'BAT'~!!!!

Last weekend is peace. Peace in mind.
Always feel comfortable and peace whenever my family is around me.

Yeah, my parents went to KL and visit my sister--she is moving to her new house!!:)
It was a tough decision for me to go there as i need to prepare for my surgery exam. Plus, i will go to Opthalmology posting starting on 12. I failed these 2 subjects during my last sem. SO, you can't blame me for being restless even before the posting starts. ITs difficult to handle these 2 tough subjects in one time. moreover,mama and papa promised to visit me on sunday too~


of course family...WISE decision..follows your heart shall never give you a wrong direction.:D
my parents don't have to travel so much and my sister don't have to drive here as well. AND we got 2 full days of hanging around!!! Yippy....the happiest thing is that i can't study on sat too as some drilling processes are on in my hostel!! WIN-WIN decision wei.....:D

we went for shopping at Ikea for my sister's new house. That day, i realized that my dad is a born shopaholic!!! lol...everything he sees, he wants to buy. everything i ask, he planned to buy for me..really EVERYTHING!! he was even interested to buy candle!! Carrying a big plastic bag...he looked exactly like a shopaholic we see in the movie.

The next day, after having breakfast with my future sister in law's family, we went to 1-U to shop for dress or evening gown for me to wear during my sister's wedding.
GUess what, MY papa chose the dress for ME!!! lovely of him...and he kept on laughing on me!!!!!! Blek~!

well, he has a special taste on fashion..most of the dresses he picked are beautiful and gorgeous!! Maybe this is what he thinks about his youngest daughter?:p

After KL trip, is it time for exam?! oh come on...ITS WORLD CUP!!!!!
haha...woke up in the midnight to watch it till 5 plus and attended class since 8 to 5 is respectable!...ain't i?! and of ocurse....SPAIN WON!!! prediction is so dad lost in all the bets with me!!:p

Back to the real life,exam!!
and you know what?! the exam is at the evening 4:30 to 6:30...after 6hours of lec from 8 to 4!! this is not yet the worst--SOme people has another exam for posting at 7am...
The exam is considered marks counted. Mid year exam. A grand one.
BUt, conducted in our lecture hall, meaning we were sitting next to each other just like how we sat in class. You can refer to your neighbours's answer anytime and discussion can be heard from the back. The guys in our gang who were sitting behind us were actually comparing our answers!!...this sounds like the exam when we were in PRIMARY school huh?!!!!

I guess, they forgot that i failed the paper last sem which they didn't.
still, they kept saying:' May and yee yong sure know how to answer one.."
GUYZ...there is one thing called STRESS in this world!? do you all ever realized that how much tension you were putting on me?! I was very upset when i saw the questions..none of it im confident with. With your words, I feel ashamed. Because you eyed on my paper, i feel uneasy as you saw my weaknesses..!!! T_T

I went for swimming after that, hoping that the water could calm myself. but the water was just too dirty...'i know i didn't do well...but i studied what i could, what i learned....WHAT ELSE should i do to improve???' helpless feeling raised.....

" you need distraction! so that you will not think and look back at your exam now!"

THus, i was in the cinema last night. Thanks to the senior.
Yeah....Perfect storyline for me and the movie has successfully deviate me from thinking about the exam. The idea is so right that it hits everyone weak point: we love to dream. IN dream, we are the world!!! and if that could happen in my life, i would have confused to choose to live in reality or in the dreams...

Following that, is another insomnia night...the total hours i slept for these 3 days equals to the hours i slept during weekend....WTH!!!

Hopefully....tonight....I will have a SWEET dream..............^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Working O.T doesn't mean that you're being hardworking,
it simply means that you're not being efficient.

(i'm FORCED to stay over time again..phekchek-ness..)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay, it started off with a dead man lying on the road just a few feet away from my house in the early morning when i was about to drive to work, can actually spot the body from my house.. hmmm, i don't know what happened, but i guess my nosy neighbors will update my mum anyway.

Then one of the air con switch in the office spoilt, which means i worked under a rather warm condition. oh bummer. then in the evening which is now, the glaring sun is piercing through the window, mind you, it's CURTAIN-less window. >.<

i'm having slight headache now, not only because of the glaring sun, but also the business plan i'm currently working on. sudden change of topic which means we have to redo the things over again. and i'm pretty much stucked because there are not much evidence and information available on the net. besides, i've office work to do and my supervisor expects me to complete it by this week (but i dun really bother about it, so i take my own sweeeeet time) =P

gosh, if i continue to work under such condition, spending long hours sitting and staring at the computer, seriously i'm gonna look older than my actual age. not to mention gaining a few more pounds perhaps??! darn, I DON'T WANT I DON'T WANT!

p/s: a few of my colleagues gonna switch to USM's office, abandon me =( huhu..

random picture i came across while slacking..

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a short short update:

After started my placement, now only i truly wish that there is more than 24 hours a day.
especially for the moment i have to juggle between my workload (which is quite heavy for a new trainee) and also the preparation for the upcoming biotech business plan competition in KL, which will be held in less than 3 weeks time. i feel as if i don't really contribute much for the preparation that i kinda feel bad about it >.<

hmmm.. but looking at the bright side, i could learn a lot from all these challenges, if i'm able to overcome them, it indicates that i'm capable of doing more than i could ever imagine. so yea, 先苦后甜吧! =)

p/s: will Star Pisces nice? hehehe.. i shall see later this evening xD
a very rare chance to relax after such a hectic week, hope it'll be an enjoyable one! til then~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Third Day

today is only my third day here doing my placement, and i'm already slacking in my workplace.

using the glaring sun as excuse to move our laptop and desktop to the living hall (there are no curtain in the room la wei..damn cham)
online using my boss's desktop, facebook-ing and msn while i'm supposed to "work", talking and laughing with my only friend here..ohhh, shu xian, look what you've done >.<
and guess what's my sitting position,
sitting on the floor leaning backward to the sofa! typing using the keyboard that is placing on my lap haha..imagine how literally "laid back" i am right now hahaha~

hmmm, today supposed to be holiday (in pg), but we dont get the change to enjoy it =(
no wonder this morning the traffic was so smooth..

okok, that's all for now..
how random is this post xD
better get back to a little bit of serious work before i get caught or something. hehee...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Step

just finished my 3 months classroom based training..

these 3 months passed way too fast, perhaps it was the sometimes hectic schedule, and of course with the presence of my special someone

gonna start my 3-month placement from next monday onwards..
again, not really know what to expect, but hope it's something good to start with seeing the fact that i never really work before.

p/s: i'll miss you dearly, had the most amazing and occupied 3 months..
til we meet again!