Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You have no idea.

All of people to judge, why you have to judge me..

All of people whom i thought will judge me, why you..

You've known me since the day I've born, you should know me better than anyone else in the world. but sadly, NO..i can confirm that, you never know me.
Am i so bad in your eyes?
Am i so cheap in your eyes?
Am i always not good enough for you?

Why? WHY!!!
why you always have to PIN-POINT me? as if what I did never seem good enough for YOU and only YOU?
you put me down, thrashed me all around,
Why the fark you said those words to me?
it hurts me deeply. i don't think i will forgive you anytime soon.
mind you, this is not the FIRST time you do this to me.

This explains why i never tell my stuff to you, and you hardly know anything about me. Shame on you, shame on you.
For God's sake, i'm 23 years old.
You can't expect to always lock me in you cage and not making decision for my own.
You can't expect me to live in your OWN expectation. You're not me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things Happen


甚至于,我傻到每一天都在 countdown 着那一天的来临

只能怪我们的timing 不对
还不是得勉强着笑容,说:没关系,never mind.. things happen..


p/s: things happen.. but can we make a change?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello Hello,

It has been awhile since i last update myself

Hmm... So far I have a GREAT life, as God has promised me!!

Some might know and some might not know I am now teaching in a private school. I have grown and learnt alot so far, but I am still learning and growing =)

The school for me is a wonderful place to work. The bosses have been great so far. They all VIP in some other companies, and I am blessed to have them as my boss. Because they really are wise people with a great heart.

My students!! hahaha... the one make me smile and make me frown all the time. Some are sweet, some are a little bit worry, haha. But I do have great moments with them. Some walked with me while be put our hands on each other shoulders, some praise for me, some cheers when they know I am with them in their group.

However, there are sad part too. Some they do not know how to respect, some they are not being respect, some they are drew away from the things on earth, some they are drew away because of their families issues. It is sad to see things on earth could be so hurtful to a person or a family.

Let me give you an Example, just like relationship. Nowadays people are living in a life of I DO NOT CARE!! and I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!

These attitudes might be okay for sometime, but it is definitely NOT OK for most of the time. If a family grew up with this kind of attitude, the child would have a lot of attitude problems. I saw a lot of cases in school where the students problems are mostly come from the family problems. Sometimes we might think our simple little deeds are nothing, but it reflects yourself.

There is one child who has anger controlling problems, he does not know how to manage his anger or temper. He even hit the teacher when he does not like the teacher's order. Later on, the teachers found out that he actually HAS A VERY ANGRY FATHER at home who will hit his mother when he is not happy. The school has kinda 'tame' him down, I think the parents divorced later on and he is now a great and smartest kid in class.

There is much more cases to share, but it's too long to share. I just want to say don't fall for the things on earth. And make everything you do and say counts =)

Have a great day, God bless =)