Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bogo Sipeoyo


i know i've not been updating this blog ever since the first post in korea >.<
but now here i am, typing this last post from korea before i head back to malaysia.

2 months passed just like that, but memories have been created and stored.
from not knowing anything about korea to knowing at least something now hehehe..
things have been great throughout the stay here. i'll miss the culture, the people, the FOOD (especially samgyeopsal and those typical korean food), the freedom, the SHOPPING heaven..etc..
i'm glad that i'll be back to meet my loved ones soon and after this, i know my life won't be the same again (even though i might rot at home for a little while haha =P)

stay tuned for updates..
and dun give up on our blog LOL..

annyeonghaseyo! ^^