Saturday, May 31, 2008

i'm a lazy bum =(

I'm slacking. argggghhhhh...
2 weeks of "break", note the quotation mark.
which means this is not the official sem break. just that one of our lecturer left and the new lecturer will only come next week. how joy...
mou dun dun got 2 weeks break,
the mood to study ---> GONE
the mood to finish assignments ---> GONE
the mood to do revision ---> GONE
the mood to play?? hehehe, it has always been there lahh... :p
seriously need motivation.

My bookmark, so motivative eh??

and i miss you guys too...

things will surely be different with both of you here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barbeque Night

last friday we organised a BBQ party at Jiashen's place (May, you still remember him right?) actually it was a very impromptu suggestion, as the few of us as in Kel, me, Jiashen, Alex and Weijie were chatting, erm, or i would say call conference in skype, then out of no where the idea of organising a BBQ came up just like that...random people do random things ma~

In fact, we put in quite a lot of effort in making this plan worked. From planning the date, venue, we also discussed on who were we going to invite. Talking about inviting people, i wonder why people keep on turn me down? worse still, turned me down at the very last minute...well, i have to voice up my beh syiok-ness as this wasn't the first time already.

Besides, is it only me or the guys nowadays just don't behave like one anymore? Kel, you know what i'm talking about right? after the "argument" (i won't call that a discussion though)in skype, me and kel were in charge of the food and drinks. So the both of us went to Tesco and did shopping on thursday night. Actually we planned to drop the stuff we bought to JS's place since he lives nearby, who knows that jerk went gaming! i just gotta use the term jerk to emphasize these guys for being so un-gentleman....grrrrr.... so in the end me and kel had to carry ALL the stuff our own, of course we separated up the stuff so that each of us can take home some.

before the BBQ we had a badminton session, surprisingly Yi wen joined us! i didn't expect that at all! it has been ages i haven't meet her face to face already =) she wasn't in our guest list initially but after seeing her i just have to invite her along, we have to much catch-ups to do!
I was indeed exhausted when it was time for the BBQ because i had class from 8am that day itself and summore played badminton (straight after class) for 2 hours. furthermore i had to fetch most of them and get STUCKed in a traffic jam which caused us to arrive 45 mins later...
lady luck wasn't on our side too, it rained! although not heavily, but it was thissssss close to crash our BBQ plan.

i didn't take pics when all of us were busying barbeque the food, and me myself of course was busy eating too :p these pics taken were before and after we barbeque...

Ching Ching and Kel trying hard to light up the charcoals

Kel, me, Yi Wen and Ching Ching

group pics (actually there were 3 more people joined in after that, Peiwen, one of her friend and Kim Pey)

Alex and Kel

The Primary A's (why Yi Wen wasn't in this pic i wonder...)

The Primary B's photoshoot, lol...

The aftermath...

while the girls were cleaning up the stuff, the guys did this! Chatting among themselves... *sigh* guys nowadays...

Oooopss...luckily there is still one true gentleman here! and he is none other than..

*drum roll*

Hon Kit!

He's really a TRUE gentleman....he was actually the one who successfully light up the charcoals, the one who helped to barbeque the food while the other so-called guys busy catching up with each other, the one who only started to eat after he finished barbeque-ing all the food, the one who did almost everything that night!!! Kudos for him as being the only gentleman that night!!! hahahaaa....

guess what, the barbeque started at 8 something and ended at 2am!

and the next morning we even went to our high school's canteen day, geng or not? haha!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


this is a super quick one, must watch!
Enjoy =)

arrgghhh, i'm gonna have nightmares!
he's toooooo good to be true and eh-hem, creepy!

Friday, May 23, 2008


can you imagine that i finish 250mg home made chocolate!?!?!?
wakakaka....without falling ill!!!

actually...after i had the 5th piece....
i gave almost the whole pack to my friend le....
cannot run away from the curse!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's Rated Arrrgghhhh

i just have to put this vid up, let's see the other side of rocker David Cook :)

It totally cracks me up when:
He walked into the room, switched on the light and asked: Hey Archie, you wanna hear a joke?
and why would David Archuleta rest in the dark room? seems like he was in deep thought or something, hahahaha!
at 0:20, the guy says "get the heck outta here...." LOL
and of course, when DC starts saying: it's rated Arrggggghh (with that awkward arm movement!) when he asked Jason "you like that? yea you do...", especially when he said "yea you do", his hand moves like a pondan like that, HAHAHAH!!!

When he said "you like it huh...huh..." and the big guy wanted to kick him away...ROFL

When Archie said "chhh, what the...." simply adorable~~

David Cook is so spontaneous and funny lah, it just makes me to love him more...hehehee.
by the way, next week is the final for American Idol and i really hope he will win!!! =)

The hottest Cookie ever!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Attention Bloggers

You won't believe this, especially May and Kel...
i went to check on my nuffnang account and this is what i've found:

just in case you don't know how to interpret these diagrams, the first diagram shows that at 14:00 (2pm), there were a total of 36 views on our blog...on TODAY itself.

and guess where were these readers come from???

United State, Malaysia, Australia, Romania, Canada, Indonesia, India, Cyprus, France and Israel

the funniest part is our blog is not even famous like kennysia (help him to promote his blog lah, hahaha, as if he needs any :p) therefore i only expect readers from Malaysia, India, US, Australia and the UK as we have friends from these countries.

but Romania? Cyprus? Israel? definitely i don't have any friends from there, so what about you both? hahaha...

actually i do prefer that some of the readers would have at least leave a message or something in the Cbox loh, why have to be so secretive right?

P/S: maybe we should set this blog as private one...what do you think guys? last time there were also viewers from Vietnam, Myanmar...

四川汶川 地震

i do not know whether you girls do notice about this 'big news' lately.
honestly, i do not know why but i just did.i mean i do feel heavy-hearted indeed.
this one is happening in China,then i started to think of my far-far-far-far-far relatives who i never know and never will know. My granma and some close-relatives visited them before
(p.s. : they're really exist) and my mum wouldn't let me to since i was just bout 9-year-old on that time.

every time when i read through the disaster happening is somewhere else,i do not get as dull as this one,and this earthquake shakes me too and reminds me that i am still a Chinese and where my root really came from.
and i start checking out what was happening and it's really downhearted
the number of corps keep on increasing gradually almost every single day.
some of the villages are totally disappear in the map after the earthquake.
中国国务院总理 温家宝 impressed me with what he has been doing.but there is some people said that this is what he should and would do and it's just a politic manifest...yet i sincerely think he is coolest granpa in China.

He told the rescue troops 'even there's only 1% chance, we all should put 100% effort in saving life'

there are alotsa touching stories happening right now
you could check through this website:'s in mandarin)


千里返乡爬山14小时救出父母 救救我 我不要这条腿了

these is just some of the sub headlines
alright that's all for today

Thursday, May 15, 2008











Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Damn it, really celaka!
the moral of this true story is....
if it's not necessary, don't ever use your pendrive in any of the college's pc! @#(*&%($*##!@!
okay, so how can i solve this? i don't see any "heal" button here....*sobz*
laugh lah laugh lah, i've already considered myself as "computerily illiterate"
current mood: i don't even have a mood now, mood-less =(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


on sunday, we went back to mysore to see the lighting before we came back to manipal..

we went to Royal orchid Hotel which is a 5 or 7 stars hotel to have our lunch....

hehe....300 rupee person plus tax and the driver's one!

Botanical garden...all the orang tempatan were looking at our posing and imitate it after that!
pop star coming...

the palace i was mentioning
main building...
wasting time...??:p
after all...the trip is fine...natural and the cold climate refreshed us!!
yup...but i got diarrhoea a bit on the last day...and MOLESTED!
damn....celaka.....sei ba gong.....
the syok part is that i was able to complete my 2 presentations after i came back to nice....!!:D

ps: should i play basketball...?!


let's have a vote on ME!








Monday, May 12, 2008

Ooty Trip

after we went to the tippu fort, we went to the St something church...err...this one...
i don't really remember the name as i think, in fact all of us who had been to Goa thinks that the church is just ma ma only...Goa's one is better and more amazing if compared to this mins was spent there only....for photos..
this is the tippu fort...posting at the entrance!
we were quite rush when we were in zoo and tippu fort as we spent too much time in chanmudie hill and we wanted to go to Bindavan Garden for the musical fountain at 7pm!
but....come on the musical fountain is that small only...and the pattern my god....songs...oh no!!
but...surprisingly,all the indian ppl are crazy about that...shouted like hell as Lee Hom is coming for concert like that...apalah!!!
and....poor me...i got fei li --molest by ppl....T_T!!!!
i will chop the fellow's hand...but...i was protecting my camera and bag...tak sempat to catch the person....
chin kak!!!
this is the place in which we can view the ooty city...highest point in south india!quite liang feng xixi but i don't understand why they dont allow us to enter the garden!

taken in rose garden after we went to Coonor...
i borrowed my camera to my friend and he took more than 100 roses....we were freezing cold at that time...get colder because have to wait for him to take all the roses he wanted to take...really SWT!!!
the statue in chanmudii hill....baibai
mysore city
in mysore zoo~~i love giraff!!!!!sooo cute..
the monkey has red pehk pehk:)
went for boating before we went to Coonor on the 3rd day
thanks for weihan and dato so that we can enjoy the boating without pedaling~~
Temple in chanmudii hill~
what were we doing?! shoot bird bird?!
have a guess leh...?;)

the photos are a bit messed


那, 我还能做些什么?

p/s: 请不要对号入座