Sunday, May 30, 2010

don't like this

I dont like annoyance thingy!
But why do they like me?
Give me a break......


Saturday, May 29, 2010

it's your turn.

And it's your turn!

your turn to pursue your studies overseas...
first it was may, then me, now YOU =)

wishing you well,
and most importantly, have fun!
see you in a few months time ^^

remember this song? ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


slow down,

take a thorough look...
you'll realize how much you've missed out all these while by not paying enough attention to the tiny minute things around you.

it's time to slow down
and enjoy =)

p/s: if only we have preservatives for positive emotions xD

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Out of the blue.

[wanted to post this last night, but due to sucky internet connection, so yea.. >.<]

out of the blue, i read back some previous posts in the blog.
and then it makes me realized that how emotional i could be at times, i'm not saying that i'm not as emotional as before (maybe i am, maybe i'm not?)

anyway, after putting into some thoughts, i think I've grown up in some way, which is good.
given the same shitty situation back then, i might get pissed/angry/disappointed/or whatsoever..
but for now, i would probably react in a different kind of way.
instead of blurting out words that i might regret of saying, i choose to stay silent.
instead of accusing others for disappoint me, i choose to look at my own self and reflect.
instead of finding faults at others, i prefer self evaluation.

people were not born to please us.
we are responsible for our own happiness, isn't it so? =S

things really happen for a reason, no matter it's bad or good.
in the end, you'll get something, at least something in return.
Be it a lesson, experience, a-slap-in-the-face that wakes you up, anything...

p/s: how i wish i have selective memory loss.