Monday, January 26, 2009

happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!:D:D
i knew that this year new year means a lot to us...
this would probably be my only proper new year and the last new year in India; Sue will be leanving after new year!
what a contrast isn't it?
it was a fun reunion dinner..though im not close to the people there..still we had steamfish, steamboat and chit but because im not that close to some of and more to polite chatting...
then we headed to picolo icecream shop to pre celebrate a friend's birthday...
really feel free to talk there as all of us are batchmates dd...:D
the most important part of the night is crackers!
lol...think we can't play so legally in malaysia later already...
my friends went to invite some chinese staying in the same apartment..they are chinese from si chuan (china)...
and i think they are drunk...too hyper...
we went to their they invited and there is Karaoke...oh no....
their house were in mess...the floor is sooooooooooooo bottle lying everywhere...
i got to eat peanut and gua zi...and some dish cooked by china people which should be quite original......blar blar...they are just CRAZY!!
Im happy what i have now...its enough for CNY celebration in india..its way too happy as i never expect to be like that...compared to last year when i have to have sandwiches as reunion dinner, study madly because University exam is at the day after...this year is merrier and happier already...:D

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday night kel and me was chatting away in msn and all of a sudden both of us were discussing about the types of guys we're into, RESPECTIVELY. actually not really discuss la, just that in the end of the super duper long conversation, we came up with 2 conclusions.

Kel is into those SKINNY + PALE + a bit nerdy guys, such as Spencer Reid in criminal minds or simply Matthew Gray Gubler.

i said he looks like a drug addict

Where as i'm into those HUNKY one like Channing Tatum (in fact i'm still can't get enough of him dancing in STEP UP!)

and kel said he looks like a sex icon in most of the pics in google search lol...

So now, both of us are wondering, what type of guy is May into?! =P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gone In 30 Mins

hmm, i don't remember where the heck i got the gut to do this, but i did.
from this

to this (i feel like a secondary school girl again!)

you know what, my mum first comment was:"this hairstyle looks a bit like the 红姨, one of the character in 家好月圆 (moonlight resonance)"
what a "compliment"

the reason i wanna pose with sunglasses cuz i still find it hard to accept the new look, hehehe.. so wanna add the yeng look to it so that it'll appear better, more pleasing to the eyes =P feel kinda weird whenever i look into the mirror though...sigh...

actually i wanted a shoulder-length hair, but don't know why the hairdresser just keep cut, cut and cut until i also "mou nyan thai". but good also la, it's more managable now =)

May, last time you always said i looked no different after i cut my hair, this time got difference le gua?!

p/s: 15 more days til i fly off to adelaide. T_________________T

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time Forgets... stop when i want it to =(

nah, i'm not getting all emo yet, although i'll be leaving in less in 3 weeks time. believe it or not, i'm not excited about leaving at all, at least the feeling hasn't really got into me yet. weird isn't it, back then i used to dream of studying overseas, and now when i'm able to, i really don't feel like leaving. yaya, i know i know, i'm very 矛盾.
had a couple of not so pleasant dreams lately, were they indicating something? do dreams reflect what has been on the mind or they are signs of what will happen in the future?
easily distracted lately too, as though my mind and body don't function together anymore, grrr..phek chek! words come from my mouth sometimes are unlogical, things that i done just don't seem right, and even the sentences i'm typing here sound awkward.

chinese new year is around the corner, and for the first time i'm NOT looking forward to it. seriously, i'm not. my mind starts to wander around when i've nothing better to do (yea, like now..) so i'll try to occupy myself by cleaning up the room, help my mum to bake new year cookies, fetch my sis or better still, train her to become a better driver haha, "stalk" others' profiles (teehee~should say that i show great interest in knowing others life ;P) and watch dramasss!

been listening to Yiruma's recently, and his music really do wonders in soothing emotions. just like one of his works, "Time Forgets..."

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Is my hair long?
im quite regret that i din't cut it shorterr during my last break.....
how long will it be when i go back in Aug next year?
long hair makes sleep difficult.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodbye & Hello

For You, Sue, who is going to Australia...
i was planning to post it later a bit..but afraid later i will be very busy..
so...i post it now lah!!
Australia seems better than Malaysia (many of you seem happy over there^^)
And this dedicated song is--- Goodbye & Hello~~^^
(was once my favourite and i still like it a lot~)
跟带给我痛苦的人(hopefully you don't have many:p)挥挥手
我告别了他们所有 跟那世界
say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye
对这世界 say hello
say hello
say hello
跟那世界 say goodbye
say goodbye
say goodbye
对这世界 say hello
say hello say hello
say hello say hello !!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


how it feels like to be 21 years old?
answer: actually i don't really feel anything except the occasional creepy thought that i'm getting older and older =P

birthday wishes started to pour in once the clock strike 12 in the midnight on the 5th of jan.
a big THANK YOU to all of you who made my 21st birthday a really memorable one. it was filled with lotsa fun and surprises, and yeah craziness too!

i need to improve on my cake-cutting skill. like seriously...hehe! (more and more pics in my facebook, lazy to upload here d since you all have facebook)

anyway, wanna start to pack the luggage already. headache!! so many things i want to bring over, so little space...sigh.
any advice or suggestions?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 Peeps!

fireworks display outside queensbay mall at the stroke of midnight! =)

p/s: you can actually hear Bosco 黄宗泽 yelling "Happy New Year.." somewhere in the vid. YEAH, he was at the countdown concert too! and i saw him (though only from afar) =p

part of the crowd..

Bosco, ngo ngoi lei~~ =p

standing at the place where the fireworks were being displayed, spacious and super windy!