Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a word from my mind

suddenly...i feel like i can actually enjoying my life with lots of exams and the tension...
i know this sounds a bit rediculous...
yet, i would like to make a note that.....i feel the 'stress' has make my life contented and exciting...
i received one interesting sms yesterday
ïn how many days a 1000 pages book can be read?
writer-6 months
doctor-2 months
Lawyer-1 month
Student- on the night before the exam!!
isn't that true??;)

im not sure this is a good sign or what..you might think i have gone crazy...where got ppl like exam one?? not that i like the exam, but i will not deny to say that i enjoy the feeling of being rush to do something~.....

have a break, have a kit-kat

special edition of Kit-Kat all the way from Japan...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday,SORRY

i don't want you to feel bad,so first of all i want to say happy belated birthday,then straight away i wanna to say SORRY!!!!

sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

i utterly + genuinely + really + truthfully doesn't mean to forget your birthday.
i'm really really sorry MAY!!!HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY anyway.next time when we meet i'll promise a precious present awaiting for you!!
i'm really sorry mate.i think you understand how careless and forgetful i am,i'm sending my resentment to you,next time when you back only you punish me la....sob sob
i know i'm the worst best friend forever ;( but hehe...i'mma stick to you two forever already...hehe
remember to scold me!!then i'll feel better than now....
happy belated birthday again!!with my utterly resentment,you have a worst friend like me,heh!!sorry,blame it on me!!
take care & Peace and good luck in your exam

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's All Gone...

dang it!!!!
My beloved Polo wallet....gone
My identity card...gone
My driving license...gone
My student ID...gone
My money $$....gone
My photos...gone
My receipt collections....gone
My ring-ring card...gone
FCUK my carelessness!
FCUK the creature that sneaked my wallet away!
today couldn't get any worse....
but i would like to thank heaps to my fellow mates who helped me to get through this suck-fest!
i owe you guys big time...really appreciate it!

Monday, October 22, 2007


it has been not very pleasant week for me...things did not work out as i've expected and...i let myself DOWN.
first is some miscommunications/ misunderstandings between my parents and me,
then is the problem i faced in my studies....not to forget some "political" issues in the class....
pressure is all i got from the people around me! why they have to push me so hard? i really don't get it....
but yet, i didn't let me feeling show...i really don't want people to use that against me. i know i'm over-protective of myself, but i just couldn't help it....
take today for example, i had a really really bad day in college...for the first time i felt like crying, at that instant,
i can feel a sharp sensation at the back of my eyes and i know if i didn't manage to control myself, tears will be flowing out....and THAT would be the most humiliating moment since i attended college. obviously i don't want that to happen...
apparently i feel so useless....and totally lost all the confidence in myself, i don't know how long will this last. feel as if i'm the only underdog in class...it's really sucks when some people think that they are superior than the others, and in fact, people like me is easily intimidated. easily annoyed too.
i don't know what's wrong with me, i just feel very very very useless now... :(
my current mood is all reflected by the colour of the wordings. Grey-ish.

i'm like an over-pumped balloon which is about to burst... KA-BOOM!

hopefully this is just PMS...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


hey guys,i know it's been a long while but i don't know what to write
thing happens,but eveything seems to be shallow to me,nothing spactacular enough to let me take notes of.i was kinda dull lately,and this semester seems to be tougher than i thought it would.we're studying chemicals of life and microbiology, properties of matter,and SEJARAH is included for this semester,it's been a super duper long while i didn't get into Bahasa Melayu,and just so ya'll know my BM is under limited Shd Bhd....haihz,'fortunately' the lecturer is a Malay,Ms. Izah,i duno whether i misheard her name or not...hah
ohya,i accidentally realised that May are my friend's senior,hahah....what a coincident
i didn't practically speak today YET,just me alone in my room with the most square walls ever with my cosy bed and kinda messy room.i don't even want to step out searching for foods,lolx....i know i know,i'm just too lazy to do that...
maybe i'll try to grab my dinner later at the canteen...ahh,i'll definitely lost my appetite just to think of the food there.i seriously keep watching aime and here's an advice,don't ever watch anime if you're not really to addicted to them....lolx...kidding la,i feel like a useless wack right now,hah...
i'm looking for Mozart musics and sambil doing my report right now,about protein...i wish i could just put the fish and wrap it up and passed it up to the lecturer and said: " Nah,Protein!!"
okok,all da best to you two ya
don't forget to remember me once in awhile,Peace =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Vanity. My Sanity

Disclamer: This entry contains SUPER VAIN pics...the author will not be responsible for any loss that occurred upon the reader during entry-viewing :p

I was super duper vain yesterday....lolz.
why? hahaha...the reason is because i've learnt the way to edit photos from my friend...using Photoshop. Believe it or not, it took me more than half an hour to edit such pic...
the end products are out of my expectation anyway...hahah...
to all the "pro" photo-editors out there, please bear with my skills right now as i'm still a beginner :p

TA-DAHhh....people...there goes my photoshop skills:

hmm....i'm officially a cam-whore :p

p/s: i shrunk the pics as small as possible...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kodak EasyShare M753

YAY..after 4 months, finally bought a brand new digital camera.
And now, i proudly present you the Kodak EasyShare M753.
One of the features of this digital camera, which is also the main point that i've fell in love with it is......the Digital Image Stabilization, which means no matter how shaky your hands are, the blurness of the resulting image will be reduced...a lot ;)
this babe costs me, oops...it was my dad RM680. Expensive? hmmm...not quite...cuz we got free 2GB memory card, a mini tripod, a protection case and a voucher [free album].

did i mention that the promoter is so darn cute?! but it would be dangerous to post his pics right here (yea, i curi curi took his pic, SUE me :p)....who knows someday someone who knows him might read about this? *shiver*

hehe....may you should know right? said i sap yut gai choy pulak :p

we always like to say that there are some differences between the front and back bench ppl in our class....
here it is...
we celebrate friend's birthday at 'blue water'
not food court....:p
we care if more than 30 ppl are attending!?
ask the waiters to fix it lah!!!:)
we went there to celebrate kent and soon yiu's birthday(same day)
and before that for lena's birthday...
(most of the photos are on kent and soon yiu's birthday one!)
celebration for kent and soon yiu's birthday~

Lena's birthday

see the effect? the restaurant is blue in colour!
that's why....
love the blue blue effect!

the photo is just too normal...:p but..at least its clearer lah...hehe...

drunk ppl?? after having dinner...

with F4.....guess who is zai zai and jerry??

qian yi.....:D

one of the couple in our class...
we call Kok--GOD of anatomy...as noone gets higher marks than him in any tests or exams!!! topper lol....


part of the group photos lah....the other group was drinking though....:p
mineral water? forget about it?!

oh....so cute!

err....the way i was sitting is a bit ...emmm...;)

jien yeen and elsa...before we started our meals~

roll number 94 and 93!


kent---birthday boy!

may, datuk, soon yiu...
haiz....drunk already lah...obviously....

the cake is the best in manipal!!!!!
i like chocolate cake.....big news hor?!

ok...i ordered long island ice tea...
a cocktail which got strong vodka's smell...
dunno how much vodka i drank that night...:p

valerie....imagine she is a degree holder already1?!?!?

vegetarian....not sure he drank or not loh...

before the party lah...
still very ching seng!!!

tasteless beer!

FISH!!!!!!!!!do you know how delicioud it was?!!?!?!
ikan bakar leh!!!

they called this "shoot" or something like that..
have to eat salt and lemon before and after drinking it...weird!
thank you kent for teaching us and treating us the drink lah...:D
wah...you guys didn't see how kent pay his credit card...
his action is just can be described using one word----YEnG!!!!
wah....still remember...so yao yeng!!!
haha...but obviously he always do that action one lah!!

a small tiger behind all the girls...photogenic guy!!!haiz...swt!
ok....i thought i was drunk...but look at the photos....my face hadnt turn red....
haha...not bad ya....
good try for vodka...
but the effects after taking the alcohol is ---allergic:p
haiz....nvm...will get through it!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yesterday (thursday), i went back to my lovely high school with my fellow coursemates and lecturers...
the main purpose we went there was of course, to promote this biotech course...hahaha...but there were along with some demonstrations which involved every single one of us, including the lecturers...
The demostration that i was in charge of is the DNA extraction, it sounds interesting huh? hehe...yea, it IS!
but instead of using the human sample, we used the onions.

Hmm...guess i was the most enthusiastic during this demo. lolz....
after all this is my high school right...somehow the feeling is different compared to other schools.
gosh, how much has chung hwa changed since we've graduated....they even have 3 LCD screens in the auditorium which i think it's a total waste :p
and they also have a LCD screen in front of the office (guess what's the function...)
TA-DAH....to advertise the colleges, institutions....i was like....HUH?

Ok, back to the demo. I was demonstrating to some groups of students (form 3), and they were so "cute" la..
keep asking me stuff like :" can we eat DNA ar?"..."yer...DNA like that one ar..."..."can i keep the DNA?"
"can you give me the DNA?" lmao.
well, at least they were interested at what was i doing....*grin*
i was like explaining non stop, and nearly lose my voice at the end of the day, so you can roughly imagine how much i've talked during the demo.

The Auditorium

me, cutting the onions

me, demonstrating..

Ming Hui (Glowing Chocolates), Yee Lin (Down The Drain),
Naeka (DNA Modelling), Bee and PeiLing (DIY pH Indicator)

hey guys, still remember the "suan suan" we used to eat in the canteen?
i ate that during our lunch break, but they changed the seller already, but the "suan suan" is quite nice. =)
i bet none of my classmates know every little bit in Chung Hwa means so much to me!!!

Went back to college, and started the photo session...haha, my all time favourite part :p

A not-so-formal and not-so-complete group pic...(lazy to upload the formal one...ehee)

with micropipettes, with the autoclave, with the deionised water dispenser, with the UV hood...(hope i got all the names right...haha~) yet again, i'm not able to post all the pictures...due to time factor..hehez...

It's not perfect without a cam-whore pic :p

p/s: note the shirt, kel...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

~~World-heart day walkathon~~

told you guys before...i went fro walkathon...
haha...this is the late post!
but...everything is still in my mind!!
My very FIRST walkathon in INDIA and my life as well!

the hall where they give briefing or things like that....we didn't enter the hall actually....
don't want to suffocate inside!!
too many ppl leh....

everybody is in RED~~
well...at least pink lah...haha...theme color!

Group photo of the batch 20 participants!
the malays are so yeng!
they were fasting yet, they came for the walk!

on the way...beautiful scene...seen from a modern building..
'modern' in comparison with the buildings in maniapl lah...!!ok@!?

can see the railway?!

on the bridge...
jien yeen,elsa,marine,kahling, liong and me!

'pass the flame'
remember there is a song named 'pass the flame' too?
they were actually adding oil into the ombor along the way to the destination....
what is the ombor called ?!
we were wondering how is he going to hold the ombor but actually the ombor is cold...not hot AT ALL!!!

when we reach the hospital--destination,
the volunteers will give us FOOD and DRINKS!
group photos of part of batch 20 participants and volunteers!
see an indian guy in between us?
he is our physiology lecturer...who is like short fat short that kind of lecturer!
got it!?hehe...^^
went to have breakfast after that....
this is upma...
i LOVE it!!!!
its sooooooo nice!!!!!
wahahaha...dunno malaysia got this or not!!
it is seriously worth taste it and love it as well!!

on the way back to hostel!
see what i bought?!

After all...it was a great day for me in manipal....so happy to have the walk...
i thought i will feel tired after that but surprisingly i didn't!!
didn't even take a nap after that...
its proven that after exercing, i will have a more energetic body and clear mind to study!!
see those ppl in the photos!?
stupid idiots....
push here and there just to grab a T-shirt!
so playful and irresponsible!
yak shit lah idiots!!
if you happened to know that some of them are future doctor,
you will rather not to see a doc!!

ps: have to use red colour lah.....:p