Thursday, December 27, 2007

thoughts - the inner me

Year 2007 is coming to an end.
i've no idea why everytime when it comes to the few days before new year, random thoughts start to mingle with my brain.
so many things that i plan to achieve for the coming year. it's because somehow i don't feel like i've achieved much throughout the year and worse still, i think i've let some people who are very close to me down. what am i going to do? what can i do to get my old self back?
i miss the old sue back in high school time.
i dislike the new designed sue once she stepped in the college's life.
i don't know what changes me, perhaps it's the abrupt switch from a care-free secondary student to a omg-when-is-the-due-date-for-assignments college student, and from that to a are-they-out-to-get-me uni student? Everything happens in a blink of the eyes...i probably need to work on my adaptation's skill.

of course, we can't always hold on to the past as the past has became our memories. It's the unknown that we have to work on. we don't know what's awaiting us and so we try our best to make it work out the way we expect.

frankly speaking, i don't really enjoy what i'm doing now. maybe it's just a short phase that people go through. will this feeling last? i don't know...
and when it comes to social life, i'm even worse. yea, i know people are different and i totally respect that fact. but, how do you really get along with those that you don't feel compatible with? i used to trust people easily, and i believe i still am.
i do agree that people change, and the changes are so constant that you won't even realise it. what can do you about it? you change or remain unchanged? yea, it's all about the survival of the fittest. sadly, i'm not always the "fittest" among them, sometimes i feel like i don't have the strength and the will to move on, and eventually lead to the thought of giving up. am i that beatable? am i that vulnerable? some people, even my family used to say i'm the toughest among my siblings, my friends too said i'm tough as nail. Deep down inside, am i THAT tough?

another question that slipped across my mind was that, do you ever take people for granted? have you ever try to patch things up and only realise it's too late? based on my previous experiences, some people have been taken me for granted and it was, of course hurtful. However, the truth is most of the people don't appreciate what they have until they lost it... why is this happening? Since the things/people are so important, why there are still people who don't seem to care? it's something that worth pondering...

HAH, i guess i started to freak out about my 2nd year (which is gonna be damn tough) that i began to do a lot of thinkings and acted weirdly. or maybe it's PMS???
anyway, no matter what, i'm gonna follow my heart rather than the brain.
after all, instinct is a precious gift God has gave to me =)

i still remember a phrase that i came across a few months back.

"life is like a grammar lesson, we find the PAST PERFECT and the PRESENT TENSE"

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Langkawi Trip - Part 2

so after soon after that we headed to the Field of Burnt Rice (Beras Terbakar) place. actually all of us thought that it would be some kind of padi fields with golden coated wheats and rice as the name applies...but who knows, guess our shock when we saw this....

then we went to the pasar malam near our hotel, of course, the pasar malam over there is about the same as we have in penang. After bought 20 sticks of satay it was time to go back hotel to take a rest after having so much activities in a day. not to mention my pathetic feet. However, from the minute we returned to the room, i felt so energetic so me and my sis started to snap snap snap pics using the camera :p

my jump nice leh? like spidey woman:p

damn lansi :p
pity our parents who had to bear with our screaming and laughing out of no where, and we kept on jumping on the bed to capture our famous jumping poses. Guess what, we even had a complaint phone call from room beside us. *paiseh*

the next day we planned to go to the crocodile farm. So we travelled by our rented car. Celaka, that day we couldn't find the farm and therefore wasted the petrol by passing the same place again and again. Asked a lot of people nearby by none of them really gave us a very detailed direction. ish...

guess what we saw on the way, bulls crossing the road and sungai bukit hantu?!

finally we reached there and the entrance fee was 10 dollars per person with MyCard. MyCard again...for anyone who plan to go to langkawi, please DO bring along your MyCard so that can get special discount ;)
and again, let the pics do the talking ba....hehe...i'm lazy, i know...

below are some gross crocodiles (espeically the third one, click to enlarge)

whoa, whoever come to langkawi to visit, this place is definitely a must!!!
The Eagle Square! From the square, you can enjoy the view of the sea, and there were ferries and boats near the jetty in the vicinity too. The sun was sooo strong that my nearly got sunburn, or i already did. My chest and face were reddened and felt so itchy =(
my face was red like an apple, it only faded the next day. However my chest still have marks of my excessive scratching.

Then once again, we headed to the town centre and have dinner. Soon after we went back to hotel and only found that there was a carolling going on. :)
ohhh....the festive spirit, i love it! FaLaLaLaLa~~

before entering the lobby...

haha, the caroller who gave us sweets stands out whereas the others seem blurred

i don't know what happened to the lightning, but listen to the always get me in the mood =)

The third day, the day we going back to penang.
felt as if there were still so many places that i wanted to visit...sigh.

around 12.30 in the afternoon we returned the car, BUT the time of departure was 5.15pm! which means we have about 5 hours to loiter around. with our own LEGS!
luckily i found a bowling centre, so we planned to go bowling after lunch. and stay there until 4.30pm.
Had lunch at Kenny Roger's...there weren't much choices apart from KFC, Starbucks, and some malay stalls...

as you can see, they use waja or sentra as cabs...cuz this place is duty free, which means you buy cars or any imported goods at lower price

the ferry we rode wasn't the one that brought us here on the first day, this one was a steam-powered ferry, so the noise coming from the back engines was....OMG! even my mp3 player can't help this time.
and worse still, the upper open aired deck was awful! totally different from the previous ferry's. Let the pics prove how bad it is....

but undeniably, the sunset was nice =)

~the end~

Langkawi Trip - Part 1

hmm, i should stop procrastinate and start blog about my 3 days 2 nights stay at Langkawi. actually the main purpose that we visited langkawi is because my poor sis has been selected for the nasional service thingy and her camp is situated somewhere, which i already forgot the name in langkawi. So my parents wanna kill 2 birds with one stone, they wanna go and search for the camp site and also take us to go travel around instead of sitting at home watching tv the whole day. The last time i went to langkawi is like......10 years ago!

we travelled there by ferry, well i would say that this is the first time i travel by ferry [note: not those kind that we take from penang to butterworth, it's smaller and air-conditioned, and the speed is faster] the whole journey took almost 3 hours as the ferry stopped at Pulau Payar to drop some of the passengers who go snorkelling and all the water sports.

on the way to the ferry

views from my seat

the truth is that there wasn't many chinese passengers, mostly caucasians, malays and indians....haihz...

views from my seats again...

no offence but the malays/indians were driving me nuts throughout the whole journey, especially the kids. they were like sufferred from sugar overdose, and made noises and ran
around almost every single minutes! Grrrrrr! some of them even grabbed my hair accidentally, more than once...celaka! luckily i had my mp3 player with me all the time so that i can blast the music to myself whenever those over-active kids annoyed me again.

the view from my seat

then one hour before we reached langkawi, i went up to the upper division of the ferry which is open-aired. that place was really nice and you can enjoy the whole seaview and breezy wind. Snapped a lot of pics but most of them you can actually see that my hair was "flying" all over the place, looked exactly like siao po...LOL!

enjoying every single moment of it... :)

okay, the first thing when we reached langkawi was to rent a car to make our adventure-seeking easier. We rented a grey iswara which costs us RM160. Tell you what, the iswara was so cacat! first, the right passenger door cannot be open from the inside, if you all are observant enough, i LOVE and most of the time sit at the right passenger seat (behind the driver). Therefore, everytime i wanted to open the door, i will ask my dad to open for me from the outside. Haha, i felt like i was some kind of "tua liap lang" :p then the steerring wheel was like a stone! damn hard to steer man...dunno how much calories you will lose after a few turns... third, the mileage meter won't work at all! fourth, the petrol meter also sot sot dei, sometimes it showed three quarter fulled, sometimes it showed EMPTY! gila...

soooo, after filling the petrol, we headed to our hotel, Eagle Bay hotel...yea, it sounds so 5-star right? you're so's a 2-star hotel only i supposed. but overall the facilities and the room weren't as bad as i thought. After settling down our stuff in the room, we decided to go to the town centre, Kuah to have lunch. There were a lot of duty free shops that offer a lot of cheap goods. But most people will take this opportunity to buy LOTSA chocolates and i'm definitely one of them =) the liquors and cigarattes also selling cheap.

and then we went to the famous cable-car ride, which i also forgotten the name of that area. but it doesnt matter, what matters is the view from the top of the mountains. It was sooooo breathtaking!!!!! it only costs 15 dollars per adult with MyCard, if without MyCard it's 25 dollars per adult. what the....i nearly fainted when i saw the LOOOONG, how long we have to wait?! but the sight from the top proved that the wait is worthwhile... :)
while waiting....

well, i'm not going to write much here, let the following pics do all the talkings....

in the cable car...

actually there were 2 stops. the first stop we were brought to 652.5 meters above sea level and the second stop we were brought to 710 meters above sea level.

nice views... (ohh..i wish i could post all the pics here...but limited space..)

the hanging bridge, you can actually feel the bridge is shaking lightly when you walked across it....

behind us was the breast-like mountains...HAHA!!

after returned to the ground level...hehe..

actually we planned to go to the Seven Wells Waterfall after this, but our legs were so ache that we just can't walk anymore...stupid legs!
so we went back to have dinner at Kuah town, the dinner costs around a freaking 70 dollars! damn expensive!

~to be continued~